It’s Friday night, and you know what that means. Tonight is the debut of AEW’s all new show, AEW Rampage, and Ringside News has you covered with live results.

Start time for Rampage is scheduled for 10:00 PM EST Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight’s Rampage debut takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the debut of the new show is set to feature a very exciting card.

Tonight’s show is headlined by a match between Kenny Omega and Christian Cage for Omega’s Impact World Championship just weeks before the two will face off again at AEW’s upcoming All Out PPV for the AEW World Championship.


Tonight’s Rampage will also see two other championship matches as Pittsburgh native and AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D defends her title against Red Velvet.

AEW TNT Champion Miro will defend his title against Fuego Del Sol in a match where if Fuego Del Sol wins he will also receive an AEW contract.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.

Rampage begins live for the first time ever in Pittsburgh with our commentary team of Excalibur, Mark Henry, Taz and Chris Jericho.

Impact World Championship

Kenny Omega VS Christian Cage

The first ever AEW Rampage match begins with a stare down between the two. Omega backs Christian into a corner but Christian reverses it. Christian puts Omega in a headlock, Omega gets out but Christian hits a shoulder tackle. Christian flips off Omega from the corner and Omega goes for a lock up but kicks Christian in the stomach. Omega ducks a lariat and hits a chop. Omega lifts Christian for the One Winged Angel but Christian escapes and goes for the Kill switch. Omega escapes and slides out of the ring. Omega runs back into the ring and drops Christian with a kick. Christian powers up to put Omega in the corner. Omega counters with an Irish Whip and back elbow into the corner. Christian avoids a baseball slide and gets into the ring to hit a baseball slide kick of his own. Christian goes to the top rope and Don Callis causes distraction and Omega shoves Christian off the ropes to the floor.

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Our Impact World championship continues with Christian hitting punches before Omega answers with a shot of his own. Christian hits a snap suplex. Omega rakes the eyes of Christian to back Christian into the corner. Omega puts Christian on the top rope and Omega goes up top but Christian blocks the superplex and Christian slams Omega to the mat with a powerbomb off the corner. Christian hits a series of punches in the corner as the crowd chants. Christian Stands on Omega’s back using the ropes. Christian hits a back elbow of the top rope and covers for two. Christian tries the kill switch but Omega counters with an elbow. Omega hits a moonsault and covers for two. Christian escapes a suplex to hit a reverse DDT and covers for two. Christian goes for a spear but Omega counters with a knee strike. Omega plants Christian with a powerbomb and hits a V-trigger and Omega covers for two. Christian fights out of the One Winged Angel and hits a sunset flip, Omega rolls through and tries a V-Trigger but hits the ring post. Christian hits a spear and covers for two. Omega hits a snap dragon suplex and picks up Christian and hits a second snap dragon suplex. Christian rolls outside to avoid a V-Trigger Christian goes up top and hits a frog splash and gets a two count.. Don Callis causes a distraction to allow Omega to hit a low blow. The Young Bucks come out to slip a steel chair to Omega as Callis continues to distract the ref. Christian reverses to hit the kill switch on the chair and covers Omega for the three count.

Winner and new Impact World Champion: Christian Cage

Jurassic Express come out to celebrate with Christian Cage as Christian Cage holds up the Impact World Championship.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Mark Henry interviewing Christian Cage. Christian says that he said he is going to take Omega’s titles. Christian admits Omega is one of the best he’s ever stepped in the ring with. Christian says Omega knows Christian can beat him, and that he will beat Omega again at All Out.

TNT Championship

Miro VS Fuego Del Sol

Miro tries to attack Fuego before the bell but Fuego counter with a tornado DDT. The bell rings and Fuego hits a second DDT. Miro is knocked out of the ring and the ref begins to count him out. Miro runs back into the ring and Fuego hits a third DDT and covers for a two count. Fuego goes up top but Miro catches him in air and hits a Samoan drop. Miro stomps the mat and hits the big kick. Miro locks in the Game Over and immediately gets the submission.

Winner: Miro

After the bell, Miro tears up Fuego Del Sol’s would be contract.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Fuego Del Sol finally getting up from the mat as Sammy Guevara comes out to the ring. Guevara is accompanied by Tony Khan who hands something to Guevara. Guevara says tells Fuego that sometimes there is victory in defeat. Guevara says that the people love Fuego Del Sol. Guevara says a lot of guys in the back love him too, Guevara says that Fuego Del Sol is officially All Elite and hands a contract to Fuego. Guevara and Fuego Del Sol stand tall as the crowd cheers loudly.

Sting and Darby Allin are seen up high in the rafters. A video is played showing Allin saying that there is only one way to prove yourself, by being in AEW, even if you are the best in the world.

Mark Henry interviews Red Velvet and Britt Baker and Baker says that Red Velvet ruined nothing for Baker and that it “it never rains in Brittsburgh”

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AEW Women’s World Championship

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. VS Red Velvet

Our first ever Rampage main event begins with a lock up. Red Velvet goes for the final slice but Baker escapes. Red Velvet gets put in a chin lock but escapes and puts Baker in an armbar. Baker shoves Red Velvet away and Red Velvet gets a roll up for two. Red Velvet gets a wrist lock but hesitates to stomp on Baker’s injured wrist allowing Baker to roll away. Baker hits a knee to the stomach and Red Velvet dodges a corner splash and starts to attack Baker’s injured wrist. Baker hits an elbow to the head but gets caught with a drop kick after Baker springs off the ropes.

*Commercial break*

Our main event continues live with Baker hitting a knee in the corner. Red Velvet reverses an Irish whip to hit a neck breaker. Baker ducks a big spin kick, Baker goes for a lariat but Red Velvet counters. Red Velvet mises a kick and Baker hits a swinging neck breaker. Baker gets a crucifix pin and rolls through for a lock jaw but her injured hand prevents her from locking it in. Red Velvet removes the glove protecting Baker’s injured hand. Baker takes advantage of a distraction from Rebel to roll up Red Velvet for a two count. the referee ejects Rebel and Red Velvet hits a super kick and a moonsault and covers for two. Baker hits a curb stomp and covers for two. Red Velvet tries to lock Baker in the Lock Jaw. Baker fight out and rolls through to lock in her own Lock Jaw submission but Red Velvet smashes Baker’s hand to break it. Baker rolls over to the other side of Red Velvet and uses her good hand to lock in the Lock Jaw and get the submission.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

After the bell Baker slams Red Velvet to the mat. As Baker continues the attack Kris Statlander runs in to make the save but she is met by a returning Jamie Hayter who gives Baker the numbers advantage and allows Baker to hit one final curb stomp as Rampage goes off the air.

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