Roman Reigns and John Cena are set to throw down at SummerSlam with the WWE Universal Title on the line. Reigns sees Cena, even though that is against the 16x World Champion’s catchphrase. That doesn’t mean The Tribal Chief believes that Cena can run with him on WWE’s big stages.

While talking to the Pat McAfee show, Roman Reigns dug into Cena. He said that the Peacemaker star is “levels below” him in the pro wrestling game. That should come as no real surprise, because Reigns previously stated that nobody is on his level.

“Man, like anybody at the top of their game or in an elevated position, I think there’s a polarizing effect. There’s a lot of good things John Cena has done… obviously Make-A-Wish, he’s a very charitable guy, but when it comes to our profession of sports entertainment, he’s levels below me in this game. You know what I mean? Entertainment is story-telling, right? I’m the greatest story-teller of our generation, of our time.

“He’s a big name, he’s a big star, he’s a movie star now. But he, like so many other greats, they camouflage themselves. They disguise themselves. You see me every Friday night, I have to dull this shit down. You know what I mean? I come out there in some sweatpants and some J’s. I don’t have to throw on the crazy colors, wear wristbands all over my body. I don’t have to make myself something that I’m not.”


Reigns went on to drag Cena a little bit by saying that they used his name to sell tickets for The Suicide Squad, a tactic that didn’t work too well. In fact, The Suicide Squad didn’t perform as some expected in the box office, but it did big business on HBO Max.

John Cena’s name is guaranteed money at this juncture, and that is what Roman Reigns sees him as. It is a smart move to bring Cena in, but the Tribal Chief doesn’t seem worried about losing his title in Allegiant Stadium.

“So, you know, there are a lot of different things about John that I think we can all connect to, within the good things he does. But for me, if he would’ve just come here to promote his movie, ‘Suicide Squad, yah! It’s a good movie! Go watch it!’ … You can open the show, you can pep up the crowd, do that and then I’ll stay in the main even where I belong, and I’ll close the show, and we’ll be done.

“But he’s smart, you know what I’m saying? He’s smart. If I was him and I’m promoting a movie and I want to get that buzz, what do you do? You go to the Island of Relevancy, you go to The Tribal Chief, and you try to find the biggest thing cooking right now, and that’s me. So, he’s trying to use my name to promote his movies. So, [Suicide Squad director] James Gunn, you’re welcome.”

Roman Reigns is also the odds-on favorite to retain his title at the biggest party of the summer. You can click here for complete list of current betting odds. We’ll have to see how things pan out on August 21st, but Roman Reigns is certainly talking a big game right now.

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