CM Punk is an incredibly popular name in pro wrestling and his star continues climbing despite a six-year absence from the ring. Punk is set to make his AEW debut as Ringside News exclusively reported that he signed with the company. He will also be in Chicago for one of the company’s shows. Fans will also get to see different side of CM Punk as Ricky Rabies on the Starz show Heels. Punk’s name is on tons of merchandise, but he’s not selling his gear.

During an interview with Wrestle Zone, CM Punk revealed that he still has all of his pro wrestling gear. The idea of selling his trunks was always “strange” to him. He equated it to selling his underwear. It doesn’t matter how much fan boys on the internet might offer, because Phil Brooks isn’t selling his gear.

“I just never sold any of my gear, because I think that’s strange. I wore trunks which are essentially underwear. Like, I’m not selling my Speedo to some weirdo fan boy on the internet. I don’t care how much money they’re offering, because I just feel weird about that.”

“I have everything from my career. I may or may not have a few things of Ricky Rabies, I don’t know. I’ll just say allegedly, or maybe, I might have a rat or two. You’ll have to watch the show to know what I’m talking about. I do have a Ricky Rabies shirt that the crew graciously gave me and I wear it proudly. I got some Ricky Rabies stickers too. Ricky is a big merch guy. He was selling stickers and t-shirts at intermission.”


Reports from the set of Heels said that CM Punk showed no ring rust. Some wondered if he was training on his own away from the production. It seemed like he never left the squared circle and he is in great shape.

It will be interesting to see what kind of ring gear CM Punk rocks in AEW, but he’s not selling it.

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