Baron Corbin is down on his luck, and all he needs is $100k to get him back to where he needs to be. Until that money rolls in, the former King of the Ring is in a bad way, and he needs to change his shirt on top of it. The trials and tribulations for Corbin did not stop, and WWE uploaded a TikTok video to give us a peek inside his life.

WWE uploaded a short video to give fans a day in the life of Baron Corbin. This depressing video also included some comedy at the heel’s expense. It seems that fans are leery to cheer him no matter how pitiful his sob story is.

Corbin was forced to hitchhike to work, and then he was turned away at the Amway Center. It didn’t seem to matter that Corbin’s face was on the production truck, because security just didn’t want him in the building.

After he got in the building, Corbin was fined $500 that he doesn’t have for violating the dress code. He tried to get someone to help him remove that stain from his white button-up shirt, but nobody would help him. He was also turned away from catering for trying to take food home with him.

This video shows Baron Corbin’s “long day” in biting detail. It is also pretty hilarious if you’re a fan a schadenfreude, because finding comedy in the misfortune of others can bring everyone together.

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Felix Upton

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