Matt Cardona defeated Nick Gage for the GCW World Title in shocking fashion. Chaos soon followed that controversial win, but Broski really had no idea what he was in for.

During his True Long Island Story podcast, Matt Cardona explained that he wore a white shirt on purpose for that match. He thought it would be cool to get a couple of trickles of blood on it. He had not idea that the entire shirt would be stained crimson by the end of that match.

Cardona also revealed that he told himself that he wasn’t going to take Nick Gage’s pizza cutter spot, nor was he going through any glass. He ended up breaking both of those promises

“I knew what I was getting into in some respects. I knew I was wrestling Nick Gage, right, deathmatch king, right? I knew I was going to bleed so I strategically wore some white, I’m like ‘oh it would be cool to have some trickles of blood.’ I did not realize that my white shirt would turn red, not a couple drops. It was completely red, so much so that we have re-released the shirt in red, because people thought it was originally in red.”


“I told myself going into this match, ‘I’m not doing the pizza cutter sh*t and I’m not going through glass. If you watch the match, I got the pizza cutter and I went through glass twice. Because when you’re in there with Nick f*cking Gage, you don’t always get what you want.”

Matt Cardona’s bloody win was followed by a lot of trolling online. GCW also rejected their new champion on social media. The fans pelted Cardona with bottles and anything else they wanted to throw at him. That was chaos and a violent scene.

We can’t wait to see how his next trip to GCW goes.

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Transcription by Ringside News

H Jenkins

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