Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green are a happy couple working in the same entertainment industry. That doesn’t mean they must be together all the time while on the road.

While speaking to Oral Sessions, Matt Cardona explained why he likes to stay in separate hotel rooms when traveling with Chelsea Green. He revealed that she has a makeup artist coming in very early to get her ready for the day, something that he doesn’t like to have disturb them.

“Because I have my routines. And, like, she’s getting a makeup artist to come in and do her makeup at 9 in the morning, and I’m like, no, I’ve got to get up,” Cardona answered on why he doesn’t like sharing hotel rooms with his fiancé. “[On having separate rooms] If we wanna cuddle or makeout or whatever, yeah, come to my room, babe. But there’s no reason to be in the same room. I have my routine: I lay out all of my clothes, my supplements. She’s big on housekeeping. Like, I don’t want them coming in. I don’t care if it’s messy. I don’t need the bed to be made. I don’t need any towels. I don’t want anyone in my room. Just get ’em outta here.”

Cardona also said that they separate business from pleasure in as many ways as they can. He doesn’t keep up with her pro wrestling schedule, but it is still nice to have her around in the ring with him by his side.


Both Cardona and Green are in Impact Wrestling together, so there’s a chance that they could meet again in the ring many times to come.

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