Jon Moxley is known to get involved in some ultra violent matches, and Renee Paquette has also tweeted tweeted out her grimaces in the past. Moxley might appear to risk it all in the ring, but he knows there are limits that he shouldn’t cross. Renee Paquette also understands that her husband knows those boundaries.

Renee was unable put out an Oral Sessions today, because she gave birth to her daughter, Nora. Jon Moxley stepped in for a Q&A that they aired instead. During that time, he was asked if his wife gets on his case about those insane spots. In all honesty, she seems to get it.

“I don’t get any grief from her. I’m a professional. This is what I do for my entire existence. This is who she married. She knows I’m not… stupid. I’m not going out there and attempting to get hurt. The goal is to come back in one piece every single time. She’s been through through it all through the worst injuries and so forth that never had anything to do with a crazy spot or something, it’s just a stupid simple thing. It’s a physical thing, it’s a combat sport. She knows that know. She knows wrestling now and she’s come to understand it. She’s become a big part of this business. I get no grief from her, truly.”

Renee Paquette might not love watching her husband take painful bumps that cut up his body, but she apparently understands it. She also knew who she was marrying when Moxley first approached her so many years ago. That wild ride continues for the two, no matter what kind of crazy match Moxley gets himself booked in next.

Jon Moxley and Renee Paquette are celebrating the birth of their daughter Nora today. It is a very happy occasion for them, and Moxley has no intention to risk a future with his family for an insane bump.

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