Malakai Black, formerly known as Aleister Black in WWE, has fully transitioned to AEW after he was released by WWE a while ago. Black is ready to make a strong impact on AEW, and for that, a wrestler needs to have a strong entrance song.

Rukus is usually responsible for creating music for wrestlers who come and go from the wrestling promotion. It only makes sense for him to work up a theme for Malakai Black, right? That is not the case.

It turns out that Black will have a theme done by a yet-to-be-revealed artist, which is unusual for a wrestler in AEW. This is perhaps an indication that special attention is being paid to amplify Black’s presence at AEW, as the superstar will undergo “a hellacious feud” with the man Cody Rhodes himself.

“Tommy has his own music,” Mikey Rukus confirmed on Twitter to answer a fan’s question.

Black has gone through a lot of turbulence lately. He revealed that his wife, Zelina Vega, who was released from WWE earlier this year, cried after hearing the news of his release from WWE. Black has also appeared as a surprise on PWG.

The former WWE superstar is ready to start his future at AEW, and has come to unveil quite a few things about his time at WWE and revealed that Paul Heyman had plans for him and Buddy Murphy, but could not execute them given that his creative authority was snatched away. Check out a preview of what could be Black’s new theme below.

Nitish Vashishtha

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