Max Caster caused a big controversy with lines from his rap on AEW Dark this week. This caused the company to trim his portion from the YouTube show.

Caster took shots at Simone Biles’ mental health issues, and he made light of the Duke lacrosse team controversy. Tons of fans weighed in on the situation and this caused Max Caster’s name to trend.

The line he rapped was, “The Acclaimed kicking ass for miles, make you claim mental health like Simone Biles.” Plenty of people were very upset about this lyric and many spoke out on social media.

He also spit a line saying, “Sydal is gonna pay the cost, I’m gonna treat those bitches like Duke lacrosse.” That was in reference to when three members of the Duke lacrosse team were falsely accused of rape.


“I normally like Max Caster a lot, even the raps that have approached the line, but this was a terrible idea on so many levels. He shouldn’t have said any of this, nobody should’ve approved it if asked, & AEW shouldn’t have included it in a show they had 6 days to edit. Be better,” writer David Bixenspan tweeted out. That tweet joined many who were voicing their displeasure about Max Caster’s creative direction.

This rap aired on Dark which was pre-taped. They could have edited out the lines, but they didn’t. AEW did eventually cut out the controversial lyrics and they also put an embargo on the clip, copyright striking anyone who posts it. We were able to find one video of the rap which you can watch below … until AEW has it taken down.

AEW tries not to hinder talent’s promos, but Tony Khan might want to start going over Caster’s lyrics before he hits the stage. He caused quite a stir this time around.

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