WWE has their eye on AEW and they realize that Tony Khan’s roster of talent includes a few people they could use. The big question is whether Vince McMahon’s company will be able to snag any of those AEW wrestlers, but we will know soon enough.

AEW is approaching their third year as a company and some of those early contracts might be running up. During the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, Andrew Zarian was asked about AEW talent jumping ship to WWE, and he confirmed the possibility, especially for some of AEW’s early signees.

WWE is interested in a few members of the AEW roster, but he did not confirm who they want at this point other than Brian Pillman Jr.

“We’re approaching year three now [of AEW] so, some of these contracts are ending. I can tell you that WWE has their eyes on a lot of these guys and they would love to have them back, some of them they would have them back, but other ones they would love to have him. Brian Pillman Jr is a name they would love to have.”

Brian Pillman Jr. just signed with AEW, so that might be a wait for WWE. There are other contracts that could expire soon, but we have not heard about any extensions that might have been quietly signed behind the scenes.

Obviously, AEW and WWE are aware of each other and the talent that their competition possesses. Things could get very interesting, especially if Vince McMahon starts throwing big offers around.

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