It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite “Fight For The Fallen” will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite “Fight For The Fallen” is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • The 5 Labours Of Jericho: Chapter 2 – No Rules Match: “The Painmaker” Chris Jericho vs. Nick Gage
  • IWGP United States Title Match: Lance Archer (c) (w/Jake “The Snake” Roberts) vs. Hikuleo
  • 10-Man Elimination Tag Team Match: The Elite vs. Hangman Page & Dark Order
  • Santana & Ortiz (w/Konnan) vs. FTR (w/Tully Blanchard)
  • Julia Hart (w/Varsity Blonds) vs. Thunder Rosa
  • Ricky Starks Celebration
  • Tony Khan Will Make A Major Announcement

Commentary runs down tonight’s card before introducing our first match, the 10 man elimination tag. There is a Hangman Page video package, “What makes a cowboy?” This brings out Hangman Page and the Dark Order. The Elite are out next, Justin Roberts does basketball style introductions for all of them, the Elite do a Space Jam themed ring entrance…

10-Man Elimination Tag Team Match: The Elite vs. Hangman Page & Dark Order


Page and Omega face off before Anderson takes Omega’s place. Thunderous “Cowboy Shit” chants, Lock up, Page with a shoulder block, catches a crossbody and hits a fall away slam. Omega attacks Page from behind, bringing all 10 men into a huge brawl. Dark Order hits suplexs on the Elite. Reynolds hits a superplex into all the men on the outside.

Anderson with an uppercut to Reynolds, the Bucks hit clotheslines, uppercuts from the Good Brothers, Dark Order turn the tables and hit clotheslines in the corner on Gallows and Anderson. Fantastic double team moves from Silver and Reynolds, Anderson with a roll up to eliminate Reynolds!

Evil Uno faces off against Anderson. Anderson tries to talk his way out of trouble Uno and Greyson hit Fatality on Anderson and get the 3, Anderson eliminated!

Silver gets the advantage on Matt Jackson. Picture in picture. Silver hits a powerbomb and almost eliminates Matt. Silver with a kick to Matt, Greyson tags and and hits a double team elbow with Uno, 2 count. Greyson with huge chops in the corner, Greyson goes for Nightfall but Matt escapes, tags in Gallows, accidentally hits Matt with a big boot. Greyson takes down Gallows with clubbing blows to the back, tries again with Nightfall but he escapes, Greyson with a Pele kick, hits a 450! Omega breaks the count.

Uno hits a cutter on Nick, Gallows sent out of the ring, Greyson hits a springboard corkscrew dive to the outside, misses most of them. Gallows and Greyson brawl into the crowd, Greyson climbs a barricade, almost slips but then a huge dive onto Gallows, both men were counted out!

Uno and Omega are in the ring, Uno hits a huricanrana, 2 count. Uno climbs to the top, Omega gets the knee up on a senton, Omega hits a V Trigger, One Winged Angel and Evil Uno is eliminated!

Silver takes the fight to Omega, Matt Jackson tags in, beats down on Silver, Nick Jackson taunts Page, Nick with a high knee into a bulldog, a CM Punk move… Nick hits a leg lariat. Picture in picture.

The Young Bucks play with a basketball while Silver is down. The Bucks knocks Page off the apron, hit a double powerbomb onto the apron. Silver with right hands on Matt, Matt with a knee to the gut. The Bucks play to the crowd, Silver throws Matt out of the ring, Matt lands hard on his knee. Silver with a enziguri, Silver runs wild on all men, hits an aeroplane spin and almost gets the 3. Silver with kicks to Nick, Omega with a V Trigger, German suplex, Cutler brings the basketball hoop to ringside. The Bucks set up the Indytaker under the hoop. Nick gets a ball, misses the basket but hits the Indytaker. In the ring, the Bucks hit the BTE Trigger and Silver is eliminated!

Page faces down Omega and the Bucks. The Bucks go to the corner, leaving Omega in the ring. Omega takes off his jersey, Page goes face to face, Omega spits in his face. right hands back and forth, Omega hits a V Trigger, Bucks with superkick, snap dragon from Omega, triple superkick to Page, Page kicks out at 2! Nick hits a 450, Page kicks out again!

Omega misses a V Trigger, Page with a clothesline, double lariat to the Bucks, takes Nick out of the ring, moonsault to all 3 men on the outside. Omega with a chop, Page hits a powerbomb, Nick breaks the count. Page with a boot to Nick, Page hits a double Buckshot on the Bucks and eliminates the Young Bucks!

Omega gets the belt, the ref takes it away from him, Page hits the deadeye, Omega kicks out at 2! Nicks grabs a leg, Page misses a Buckshot, Omega hits Page with the belt but Page kicks out at 2! Omega hits 2 V Triggers, hits the One Winged Angel and gets the victory!

WINNER: The Elite

The Elite celebrate up the ramp and on the stage.

Marvez is backstage with Pac, Pac says the Lucha Bros were supposed to be here but somebody cancelled their car. Chavo comes in saying Pac looks lonely. Chavo says he sent a limo for the Lucha Bros.

Tazz is on a special FTW stage of the building to the side of the stage, introduces Ricky Starks. A brass band at ringside plays Starks to the ring. Starks gets a mic, says two weeks ago he made history by winning the FTW title, getting rid of garbage like Brain Cage. Starks says he has been the glue of Team Tazz because he plays his part. He covered up Cages problems he caused. He forgave Cage for costing him matches, when Starks broke his neck, Cage didn’t check on him. Calls Cage selfish, he knows how to be a star, unlike Cage.

Cage makes his entrance, takes out the brass band, smashes a bas drum over on e of them, grabs a trombone, smashes it over his knee, Starks runs away when Cage gets in the ring.

Commentary says Tony Khan has opened the forbidden door and introduce a video package of Hiroshi Tanahashi! Tanahashi says he has won a lot of titles in his career but never the US title, he will be challenging the winner of tonight’s match.

FTR make their entrance for the next match, accompanied by Tully Blanchard. Santana and Ortiz are out next, accompanied by Konnan.

Santana & Ortiz (w/Konnan) vs. FTR (w/Tully Blanchard)

Wheeler and Ortiz start, Ortiz with a side headlock, shoulder tackle, leg lariat out of the ring. Dax and Santana tag in. Harewood with a headlock, right hands back and forth, chops back and forth, Santana with a suplex, into the 3 amigos! Tags in Ortiz to do the third, instep powerbomb from Santana and Ortiz. Harewood with a spinebuster, 2 count. Picture in picture.

Wheeler and Ortiz with chops, snapmare into a headlock. Ortiz hits a backdrop, Wheeler tags in Harewood, Harewood with a takedown, leg drop, rakes the eyes. Wheeler tags in, dropkick to the side of the head. Wheeler hits an uppercut, chops in the corner, Ortiz hits an enziguri, clothesline to Dax, tags in Santana.

Santana runs wild on both men, backdrop to Dax, slingshot into the corner, suicide dive to Wheeler on the outside. Ortiz tags in, roll up, 2 count, Ortiz with a dive to Wheeler on the outside. Santana with a boot to the face, hits a frogsplash, 2 count. Santana with chops in the corner, german suplex, Dax hits a huge lariat, Wheeler with a tornado DDT, Santana with a powerbomb, 2 count.

Ortiz tags in, Dax gets a rollup, 2 count, right hand to Ortiz, Satana knocks Wheeler off the top ropes, Wheeler appears to have injured his arm, ref calls for EMTs. Dax hits a DDT, superplex. Dax hits a brainbuster, to get the win! Cash Wheeler’s injury may have mess up the finish of the match.


Tony Schiavone is backstage with Britt Baker. Baker says she tapped Nyla Rose out with a broken wrist. Baker says she needs somebody who will always have her back.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone introduces a special announcement for Rampage. The show will be at the United Centre in Chicago for the First Dance. The crowd chants CM Punk!

Marvez is backstage with Sting and Darby Allin. Marvez asks about the First Dance. Allin says he’ll be there in Chicago, there is only one place to prove you are the best and that is AEW, and that is even if you think you are the “Best in the World!”

The Bullet clubs Hikuleo makes his entrance, accompanied by his father, King Haku! The Champion, Lance Archer makes his entrance.

IWGP United States Title Match: Lance Archer (c) (w/Jake “The Snake” Roberts) vs. Hikuleo

Evenly matched strikes from both men, Archer with shots in the corner. Hikuleo hits a sit out powerbomb, 2 count. Hikuleo sends Archer to the outside. Picture in picture. Hikuleo with forearm shots on the barricade. Archer with a huge whip into the barricade. Overhand chops from Archer, sends Hikuleo into the ring. King Haku with shots on Archer, locks in the Tungan Death Grip and throws Archer into the barricade!

Hikuleo with chops against the barricade, more chops at the apron, back in the ring, Hikuleo hits a bodyslam. Hikuleo hits a headbutt, Archer hits a lariat to the back of the head, elbows in the corner, Archer hits Old School into a moonsault! Archer hits a big boot, hits a huge superplex, 2 count! Archer hits the blackout, gets the victory!

WINNER: “And Still” IWGP United States Champion, Lance Archer

Archer stares intensely into the camera. Excalibur says Archer will travel to Japan to defend the title again Tanahashi.

Marvez is backstage with Cody Rhodes, before Cody can say anything Malakai Black ambushes Cody, they brawl onto the stage, Black hits a huge knee, while Cody is down, Black says “Welcome to the house of Black!” The Nightmare Factory runs out to help Cody, Black knocks Fuego Del Sol down with a high kick.

Commercial Break.

Backstage, Miro says challenges have dried up, next week he will fight. You cannot take his divine right from him, only two things motivate him, a vengeful god and a double jointed wife.

Matt Hardy brings out Private Party and Angelico for our next trios match. Jurassic Express are out next. Their partner, Christian Cage, is the last man out.

Private Party & Angelico vs. Jurassic Express & Christian Cage

Cage and Angelico start, Angelico hits a hip toss, armbar, Cage with a right hand. Jungle Boy tags in, double hip toss with Cage, 2 count. Jungle Boy hits an armdrag, dropkick, Jungle Boy sent out of the ring, Cage chases Matt Hardy to the back. Cassidy chokes Jungle Boy with his do-rag. Private Party do the Hardy Body leg drop, Luchasaurus runs wild on Private Party. Stacks up Angelico in the corner, Luchasaurus hits a triple suplex an all 3 men!

Luchasaurus hits with a double superkick, Cage sent out of the ring. Jungle Boy with a dive to the outside, Luchasaurus hits a chokeslam, Cage hits a frogsplash and gets the victory!

WINNER: Jurassic Express & Christian Cage

Cage and Jurassic Express celebrate at ringside. The Blade takes out Cage with the brass knucks and gloats with Matt Hardy on the stage.

Commercial Break.

Video package for Nick Gage.

The Varsity Blonds make their entrance, accompanying Julia Hart. Earlier today, they say she has been thrown into the fire since day one. They chant J-U-L-I-A! Thunder Rosa make her entrance. Rosa says she will her her first official match as an AEW wrestler.

Julia Hart (w/Varsity Blonds) vs. Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa gets a headlock, takes down Hart, sweeps the leg, Hart escapes Rosa. Rosa takes the leg with Hart plays to the fans. Rosa with a chop, more chops in the corner. Rosa hits a clothesline in the corner, double knees, stomps, forearms, misses a running dropkick.

Hart with a handstand clothesline, Rosa picks the ankle, kneebar, Hart gets to the ropes. Hart with a back elbow, Rosa takes the leg, hits a running dropkick in the corner. Rosa hits the Fire thunder Driver and gets the victory.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa

Commentary runs down next weeks card.

Commercial Break.

Jon Moxley says Tanahashi has been dodging him. “You are dead to me.” We’ll see what comes through the forbidden door. The Forbidden door may be open but you don’t know what is waiting on the other side.

“The Painmaker” Chris Jericho makes his entrance. Jericho is wearing a facemask, takes it off the reveal the Painmaker makeup. The crowd sings Judas. Nick Gage makes his entrance. MJF comes out, popcorn in hand and joins commentary.

The 5 Labours Of Jericho: Chapter 2 – No Rules Match: “The Painmaker” Chris Jericho vs. Nick Gage

Gage has a pizza cutter in hand, swipes at Jericho, catches him in the arm. Jericho is sliced on his arm, hockey fight right hands, Gage hits a spinebuster. running knee in the corner. Gage with forearms on the outside. Jericho with a right hands, throws Gage into the barricade. Gage with forearms, hits a superplex on Jericho, he hangs on and hits a falcon arrow, 2 count.

Jericho catches Gage in the Walls of Jericho, Gage gets to the ropes but there are no rules. Gage falls to the outside. Jericho with right hands, Gage throws Jericho into the ring post. Gage gets light tubes from under the ring. Jericho gets Floyd the bat, Gage gets more light tubes.

Jericho hits Gage with the bat, Jericho has been busted open, Gage hits a backbreaker. Gage gets the pizza cutter, carves into Jericho’s head! Picture in picture. Again Gage carves into Jericho with the pizza cutter. Gage goes under the ring, gets multiple steel chairs.

Gages gets a light tube, Jericho with a punch low, Gage with a kick to the midsection, leg drop on the chair on Jericho. Gage grabs a runner at ringside to find something under the ring. Gage hits Jericho with a chair. The runner pulls out a glass panel from under the ring and puts in in the ring. He sets up the glass on two chairs, Jericho hits a huricanrana on Gage from the top rope through the glass panel! Cover, 2 count.

Jericho hits Gage with a chair, Gage slams Jericho into the broken glass. Gage gets a light tubes smashes it across Jericho’s back. Gage hits Jericho with a light tube on the head! Gage with a piledriver onto the glass! Gages smashes a light tube and stabs Jericho with the broken glass! Now slices it into Jericho’s eyes.

Gage gets 2 sets of light tubes from under the ring. Jericho hits the mist! Jericho smashes the light tubes on Gages face, hits the Judas elbow and gets the victory!

WINNER: “The Painmaker” Chris Jericho

MJF gets the mic, MJF says Jericho will not get to wrestle him, Labour Number 3… hit a manoeuvre off the top rope to get the win, MJF introduces a clip of Jericho mentioning Juventud Guerrera to MJF. Dynamite ends as MJF announces Labour Number 3 is against Juventud Guerrera!

Martin Dickinson

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