John Cena showed up on Raw this week and he made it clear that he wants Roman Reigns at SummerSlam on August 21st. He drove that point home later on in the opening promo of this week’s SmackDown. Then the Tribal Chief had a chance to address that challenge.

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Reigns showed up during the final segment of this week’s show. He told Cleveland to acknowledge him, and then he demanded that the viewers at home do the same. Roman cut a promo about how John Cena came back and put on “a nostalgia act” with the same clothes, entrance, and insults.

After Roman Reigns said it’s like the same thing over and over and over “like missionary position every single night.” That popped the Cleveland crowd. The Tribal Chief doesn’t get motivated or inspired by the missionary position every night. He doesn’t want to see John Cena, “I have no desire to see you, and guess what? We’re not going to see you, we’re not going to see you in the main event of SummerSlam, because my answer to your challenge is no.”


The crowd booed this rejection in a big way, and then Finn Balor came out to address the Tribal Chief. Balor said, “maybe if you’re not interested in John Cena’s challenge, you’re interested in mine.” That got a huge pop from the crowd. Finn Balor never really lost the Universal Title, being forced to forfeit the title one night after he became the first-ever Universal Champion.

The crowd chanted, “Roman’s scared,” and then he accepted Finn Balor’s challenge. The location and date for that Universal Title match was not confirmed. The show ended right after that.

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H Jenkins

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