It’s always important to set yourself apart as unique from the rest of the pack. This is especially true in pro wrestling where there are very few instances of originality. Britt Baker is a real-life dentist and she owns the mouth gimmick in AEW. The company wants to make sure of that.

While talking to Wrestling Inc, Marty The Moth revealed his current status with AEW. He last wrestled for them in May against Matt Sydal, but they don’t need him full-time. He does seem optimistic that things could eventually work out, but you also never know what can happen in pro wrestling.

The Moth also compared Tony Khan to Vince McMahon in the sense that they’re always moving around and doing different things. Then he revealed that his move set was limited by AEW, because anything in the mouth is Britt Baker’s department.

“Right now, they told me when they come near my local area, they’ll give me a call. That’s what that is so far. I have a good relationship with everybody, so I don’t think I have any heat with anybody, but I know they are just transitioning now from the pandemic world to being on the road again. They’ll see where the dice falls once they’re back on the road, and then we’ll see what the future holds for me.”

“Tony Khan was always constantly moving like Vince McMahon was when I was doing WWE stuff. He was very hands on. He came up and said ‘great match’ to me every single time. He gave me a little bit of feedback on certain things. I do a thing in Lucha Underground where I pretty much am a serial killer in Lucha Underground. I grab people by their mouth and drag them like dead bodies, like a serial killer would, and it was super fun for me and individualistic, but they said, ‘Hey, anything with the mouth is kind of Britt Baker’s thing right now so kind of adjust around that.’ I kind of adjusted a few things.”

“I went to a choke thing instead of dragging people by their mouths. A few adjustments but he came up to me after every single match and said, ‘Hey man, good job.’ He came up to me the next day, after two out of the three matches and said, ‘Hey man, great job. It’s good to see you,’ but while he’s doing that, he’s also running and jogging back pedaling to get to work. It’s always like, ‘Hey, thanks man. Good job. Thanks for having me. Okay, good seeing you Tony.’ He was very kind to me while I was there and gave me a little bit of feedback for stuff to change. I changed it, and we’ll see what happens in the future with that.”

Britt Baker knows what she’s doing around mouths, and it stands to reason that AEW doesn’t want to infringe on that gimmick at all. Those backstage calling the shots might also be avoiding a possible appointment with AEW’s resident dentist as well.

What’s your take on keeping moves to one wrestler? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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