Arturo Ruas was released from his WWE contract in one of the recent waves of roster cuts. He did see his main roster debut, but it was on RAW Underground, Shane McMahon’s weekly segment. Those gritty pieces of RAW were a favorite for some fans, but they were taken out of the program when the pandemic hit.

While talking to Wrestling Inc, the former Arturo Ruas spoke about the RAW Underground segments. The reports at the time said that the segments were nixed because WWE didn’t want to mix all of the brands during the pandemic. Ruas then confirmed that the RAW Underground segments were pulled for that very reason.

“They had talks that RAW Underground would end because of the pandemic, and they really didn’t know if they would continue doing RAW Underground or not. They kept us there, and we got drafted. I knew that I would be drafted to be on the RAW roster and working there. I got drafted and stuff stopped happening, and finally, I got a message to be on NXT and I did that match where I worked with Kushida. I really never knew what was happening.”

We will have to see if WWE will bring back the RAW Underground idea. It was a poplar segment for a few weeks as fans wondered what direction they were going to take things. Now that there is light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, they might someday return. There also might not be a use for RAW Underground anymore, because the segment was concocted to come up with something new while they were performing in an empty warehouse at the Performance Center for the rest of the show.


What’s your take on RAW Underground? Should they bring the segments back? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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