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Tonight’s SmackDown will have the next chapter of the storied Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn feud as the two will face off in a Last Man Standing match where the winner will compete in the upcoming Money in the Bank Ladder match.

WWE has also promoted an appearance from Edge after his surprise return last week to attack Roman Reigns, who he is now scheduled to face for the Universal Championship at the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV.


It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown begins with a recap of the ending of last week’s show with the returning Edge attacking Universal Champion Roman Reigns during Reigns’ victory celebration.

Live in the ThunderDome we begin with Edge making his way out to the ring. Edge grabs a mic and says that WrestleMania was supposed to be the culmination of a t10 year story. Edge winning the Universal Championship 10 years after him being forced to retire was a story he envisioned so much, and that it not happening was not in his vision. Edge says that he took some time after not winning, and that he watched the match back and says he could complain about Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso costing him so many opportunities in the match. Edge says that 2006 Edge would have made those excuses, but 2021 Edge will not. Edge says that now that he has been in the ring with Reigns one on one, he knows that he can beat Reigns. Edge says that Reigns also knows that Edge can beat him. Edge says that the look on Reigns’ face when his music hit last night solidified to Edge that Reigns knows Edge will beat him, and that Edge is inevitable and will be the new Universal Champion.

Paul Heyman and Jimmy Uso are seen watching backstage. Jimmy tells Heyman that he has Reigns’ back and says that when Reigns gets there tonight they are going to take care of Edge.

Rick Boogs plays his guitar on stage and introduces “Kingsuke Nakamura” and out comes “King Nakamura” as his name is now displayed on his entrance graphic. Out comes Big E as the ring announcer announces a tag team match scheduled for one fall.

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King Nakamura & Big E VS Baron Corbin & Apollo Crews

The match begins with Nakamura and Crews in the ring. Off of a lock up the two collide with a shoulder tackle and Crews takes advantage and applies a headlock. Nakamura counters and hits a running elbow in the corner. Nakamura tags in Big E who hit a double team stomp in the corner as Boogs plays on his guitar. Big E hits an elbow with Crews coming off the ropes. On the outside, Corbin hits a big lariat to Big E.

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Back live with Corbin hitting a series of elbow strikes to Big E. Big E gets to his feet but is put right back down with an elbow from Corbin who covers for a two count. Crews is tagged in and he hits a drop kick to Big E. Crews applies a front face lock, Big E is able to break free but Crews hits with an enziguri. Corbin is tagged in to hits a slam onto Big E who covers and Nakamura breaks up at two. Nakamura hits an enziguri to Crews on the outside as Corbin hits with more elbows to Big E. Boogs announces over a mic that a car that is implied to belong to Corbin is being towed, and Corbin looks on in horror at the titantron as he sees his car being toed. Corbin turns around and gets hit with a Big Ending and Big E covers for the three count.

Winners: King Nakamura & Big E

Bayley makes her way out to the ring as a face to face confrontation between her and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair is promoted for up next.

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SmackDown returns with Bayley in the ring Bayley says she’s not the type of person to brag, and then says that she told us that she was right about Belair’s win being a fluke and she proved it last week when Bayley defeated her. Bayley says that a loss this early in her title reign is not a good sign for Belair. Bayley alludes to the fans returning in two weeks and says that she would hate to see Belair fall apart in front of all the little boys and girls who worship her. Belair makes her way out to the ring and says that Bayley may want the title, but Belair is the one who has it and Belair has defeated Bayley multiple times and says Bayley is obsessed with her. Belair says that it’s true that Bayley is in her head and that no matter how many times Belair defeats her Bayley’s voice is always in her head. belair says that the only way to remove Bayley from her head is to embarrass her. Belair says that at Money in the Bank she will put her title on the line in an I Quit match. bayley says that she has never quit anything in her entire life and says that if Belair could make Bayley quit she would probably quit WWE and that hearing Belair say “I quit” would not surprise Bayley at all, and Bayley accepts Belair’s challenge. Belair laughs and says how excited she is to hear Bayley say “I quit” and Belair leaves the ring.

Paul Heyman is approaches by Jimmy Uso asking if Reigns is here yet. Jimmy says that he will go to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville and says he will ask them to same some time for the end of the show and he will call out Edge.

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Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Last Man Standing

Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn

The match begins with Owens immediately landing a take down and a series of stomps to the corner. Owens hits the cannon ball and Zayn rolls outside the ring as the referee counts to five. Owens slams Zayn to the barricade. Zayn reverses an Irish whip and slams Owens into the barricade. Zayn is thrown over the barricade by Owens. Owens slams Zayn face first into the fan screens in the ThunderDome. Owens hits a swanton from off the barricade. Zayn gets up and Owens slams his head off the announce table. Owens goes on top of the barricade and Zayn gets up and throws Owens off the barricade and onto the announce table. Owens gets up at seven.

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Back live with Owens hitting multiple headbutts to Zayn in the corner. Owens kicks the middle rope into Zayn’s throat. Owens hits a knife edge chop that knocks Zayn to the ground and Zayn rolls outside. Owens slams Zayn into the ring post and Zayn gets up at seven. Zayn is thrown back in the ring and hits a few punches before Owens knocks Zayn out of the ropes with a slap. Owens sets up a table on the outside and then grabs a second table and sets it up on top of the first table. Owens goes to the ring apron and brings Zayn up to the top rope and tries for a superplex. Zayn is able to break free and knock Owens to the ring apron. Zayn hits a dive over the top rope to Owens on the outside. Owens and Zayn exchange punches back in the ring as Zayn hits a suplex into the corner as both men are down and being counted out by the ref. Both of them get up at six and Zayn places Owens on the top rope. Owens hits a brain buster from the top rope as the ref counts them both, Owens gets up first and Zayn follows a few seconds later. Owens hits a super kick in the corner and places Zayn on the top rope. Zayn escapes through Owens’ legs and pushes Owens from the top rope through the two stacked tables on the outside. The referee counts Owens out and Owens gets up at nine to the shock of Zayn.

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The Last Man Standing match returns with Zayn setting up another table on the outside. Zayn slams Owens into the steel steps. Zayn attempts a suplex off the steps but Owens hits Zayn’s face off the ring post. Owens and Zayn climb to the apron and Owens goes for a stunner but Zayn catches Owens’ leg and Zayn hits a suplex from off the apron to the mat. Owens gets back in the ring at seven and Zayn hits a Helluva kick, Owens gets up at seven and Zayn hits a second Helluva kick and holds Owens up and taunts him saying this is karma, and hits a third Helluva kick. Owens rolls outside the ring and lands on his feet, breaking the referee’s count. Zayn goes for a dive through the ropes and Owens counters with a super kick. Inside the ring Owens hits a pop up powerbomb and Zayn gets up at eight. Owens hits a stunner which causes Zayn to roll outside. Owens goes outside and powerbombs Zayn through the announce table, and then powerbombs him through the table Zayn set up earlier and then hits a third powerbomb on the apron which keeps Zayn down for the 10 count.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Edge is interviewed backstage and Edge says that he knows that he is walking into a trap tonight. Edge says that he knows what they’re trying to do, but that he doesn’t care and that if they want to try that tonight, they can and he will be ready.

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SmackDown returns with Baron Corbin walking backstage as Rick Boogs who taunts him with a variety of king related jokes and Corbin asks if kicking him when he is down is funny to him as Corbin walks off.

Sonya Deville is in the ring to announce the second SmackDown woman to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match, Zelina Vega. Vega makes her way out to the ring and grabs a mic. Vega says that it is an honor for Deville to announce her return, like it will be an honor for her to win Money in the Bank and take advantage of an injured champion and achieve her goal of becoming either Raw, SmackDown or NXT Women’s Champion. Liv Morgan makes her way out and questions why exactly she hasn’t been put in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Morgan says that Vega doesn’t deserve this. Vega mocks Morgan and says that she has competed in the ring for years and that she can embarrass Morgan. Morgan slaps Vega across the face and demands Deville make a match immediately.

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Liv Morgan VS Zelina Vega

SmackDown returns with this match already in progress. Vega slams Morgan to the mat and executes a choke hold using the ropes. Vega goes for the cover for a two count. Vega hits a kick to the head in the corner and hits a running knee and covers for a two count. Vega goes for a cover but the referee notices Vega grabbing the tights and doesn’t count. In the distraction, Morgan gets a roll up and gets the three count.

Winner: Liv Morgan

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are approached backstage by Seth Rollins who introduces himself as if its their first time meeting. Rollins says he thought they had forgot about him because they gave the championship match to Edge. Pearce says that Edge deserves the opportunity and Rollins screams back that he also deserves the opportunity. Pearce says that Edge never got his one on one match and Rollins says that;s not his fault. Deville says that Rollins will get his opportunity in the Money in the Bank ladder match if he can beat Cesaro in a qualifying match next week.

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Angelo Dawkins VS Otis

The match begins with Dawkins immediately hitting punches and a spinning elbow. Otis hits a lariat off of a Gable distraction and slams Dawkins into the corner shoulder first. Otis throws Dawkins into the corner and hits a lariat. Otis goes to the second rope and hits a splash. Otis drags Dawkins to the corner and goes to the middle rope and hits a second splash and covers Dawkins for the three count.

Winner: Otis

Jimmy Uso approaches Paul Heyman and Heyman says that everyone Reigns does is for the family and that all Jimmy Uso needs to do is go out there and be “Main Event Jimmy Uso”. Jimmy Uso makes his way out to the ring.

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SmackDown returns with Jimmy Uso in the ring. Jimmy calls out Edge and says that it looks like it’s just the two of them, that Reigns isn’t there tonight. Jimmy says he can handle Edge all by himself and says that Edge seems like he isn’t man enough to stand face to face with him. Jimmy promises Edge that this isn’t a trap. Edge’s music hits and Edge makes his way out. Edge says that Reigns is using Jimmy just like he did to Jey Uso. Edge says that once he was done with Jey he moved right on to using Jimmy. Edge says that Reigns set a perfect trap, but it’s not a trap for him, it’s for Jimmy. Edge runs to the ring and throws Jimmy shoulder first into the ring post. and then slams Jimmy face first to a ring post. Jimmy lands a kick and throws Edge back in the ring and hits a flurry of right hands to Edge on the mat. Edge hits a big boot to knock Jimmy down and Edge hits a series of punches to Jimmy. Edge puts Jimmy in the same submission he had Reigns in at WrestleMania. Jimmy taps out and Edge goes to the corner. Jimmy gets to his feet and Edge hits a spear. Edge rolls outside the ring and grabs a chair and breaks it to grab a steel bar from it. Edge puts the steel bar through Jimmy’s mouth with the submission locked back in and Jimmy taps out again. Edge calls out Reigns and looks directly in the camera and says “I don’t stop!” as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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