WWE has many legends from the past who have yet to heart their name called for the WWE Hall of Fame. Vince Russo was influential and notorious in his own way, and his name hasn’t been called for that honor either. If they did ask him, Russo would decline.

While talking to the My House Podcast, Vince Russo was asked about a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction. He said that would be an invitation he would decline. Then he went into much more detail.

Russo also admitted that WWE wouldn’t ask him to be in the Hall of Fame in a million years, but his answer would still be “no.” Pro wrestling was “just a job” for him and he never lived the business as so many others who are in the WWE Hall of Fame.

“Number one, I don’t think they ever in a million years would reach out to me. That’s number one, ’cause I have been, way, way, way too outspoken concerning how I feel about the company and the product and certain people there. So that’s number one, they would never come calling. Number two, I would have absolutely no interest, I would say, ‘Thank you but no thank you.’ I don’t need to be validated by Vince McMahon to consider my life worthy. I need to be validated by my wife, by my dad, by my kids, by my friends. That’s who I need validation from, not not Vince McMahon. I’m happy for guys like Bischoff, Cornette, guys like Pritchard. They live the wrestling business, they eat, drink, sh*t, you name it. But wrestling, it was a job to me. I was not this freaking wrestling mark that got my dream job. Today I hate wrestling. I hate talking about wrestling. The only show I watch is Raw, because I get paid to watch Raw.”


Vince Russo is doing his own thing now, but he is still commentating on WWE. He might not “live” the pro wrestling business, but he still keeps enough tabs on things so he can keep up with his podcasts.

You never know who will make it into the WWE Hall of Fame every year. It is a mystery decided by Vince McMahon’s handpicked selections. Don’t expect to see Vince Russo appear during that illustrious night, as if there was any chance of it happening in the first place.

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