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Last night was WWE Hell In A Cell and tonight we’ll see all the fallout. Bobby Lashley retained the WWE Championship over Drew McIntyre – with a fair bit of help from MVP – Alexa Bliss defeated Shayna Baszler in a surprisingly straightforward match, and Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair battled to a weird disqualification finish. So what happens tonight?

Well, truth be told, we have no idea. WWE hasn’t announced anything about tonight’s RAW, which usually implies they’re running close to the wire with a plan. We do know tonight will mark the start of the build towards Money In The Bank, and the All Mighty WWE Champion is in need of a new challenger. Flair and Ripley seems destined to continue and we’re sure to get more shenanigans from RK-Bro, but it’s all guesswork right now. Who do you want to see challenge Lashley next? Let us know below.

That’s the sparse preview for tonight’s RAW. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


We’re live in the ThunderDome and the Hell In A Cell is still hanging above the ring. Tonight we will see five qualifying matches for the Money In The Bank ladder matches. The All Mighty WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, makes his way to the ring with MVP and some lady friends.

MVP welcomes us to the V.I.P Lounge and Lashley says he went through Hell last night. He says Drew McIntyre almost took him to his limits but he still walked away as the All Mighty WWE Champion. MVP calls for a toast to the Champ but they get interrupted by Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods and they’re pushing a cart with toast on it. Kofi and Woods say they wanted to be a part of the toast and they throw the bread at Lashley and MVP. Kofi talks trash about the ladies and MVP, saying none of the will want Lashley once he’s no longer Champion.

Lashley says that hardly matters because he’s never losing that title. Especially to someone like Kofi, who’s too busy dancing and making pancakes to be taken seriously. Lashley says there is a hierarchy in the world and he’s far higher on the pole than him. Kofi says that’s funny, it’s almost like Lashley doesn’t remember when he beat Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania. Or how about last month when he pinned Lashley in that very ring. We see a replay of that and Kofi challenges Lashley to a match for the title.

Lashley accepts and says they seemed to forget McIntrye got invovled back then. So he wants to ensure their title match is a one-on-one, and tonight he wants Woods in a match. Xavier says he knows they’re meatheads and they don’t think he’s on the same level as Kofi but he was there when Kofi won the title and he’s an 11X WWE Tag Team Champion. He begs Lashley to underestimate him and says he accepts… but the match will be inside Hell In A Cell!

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The RAW Tag Team Champions, AJ Styles and Omos, come to the ring. We see a video from earlier today when Styles and Omos badmouthed the Viking Raiders and said they got lucky last night. They say they beat them once and they’ll do it again.

Money In The Bank Qualifier

AJ Styles W/OMos Vs. Ricochet

Styles whips Ricochet to the corner, then gets thrown to the apron where Ricochet hits a springboard kick to knock him to the floor. Ricochet moves to the apron and looks for a moonsault but Styles avoids it, then lawn-darts him into the ring post.

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Ricochet starts fighting back and hits a facebuster and a forearm, then a springboard crossbody. Ricochet lands a lariat in the corner and a northern lights suplex into a vertical suplex for a two-count. Styles fires back and lands a modified powerbomb. They trade shots back and forth, Ricochet landing an enziguiri and Styles missing a Pele kick. Ricochet lands a German suplex bridging pin for a near-fall.

Styles catches Ricochet with the Calf Crusher but Ricochet reaches the ropes. AJ lifts Ricochet up for Ushigoroshi, then goes to the apron. The Viking Raiders rush down the ramp and try to double-team Omos. Styles is distracted and watching as Omos gets side-stepped and crashes through the barricade. AJ jumps for the Phenomenal Forearm but gets caught with the Recoil and that’s that!

Winner: Ricochet

Riddle appraoches Orton backstage holding RK-Bro hear. Riddle says he wants to win the Money In The Bank briefcase so that he has somewhere to store his stash. Randy asks what stash and Riddle says his whoppers because he’s already worried about losing them and he’s afraid of the Burger King. He asks an angry Orton if he has any advice and Riddle tells him to stay out of his way. Riddle says he won’t be able to do that if they’re both in the match, and it wouldn’t it be awesome if they were both vying for the briefcase? Orton says “not for you” and walks off.

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We get a trailer for Fast & Furious 77 and John Cena speaks about why the movie is worth seeing.

Eva Marie and Piper Niven are interviewed backstage. Eva says it’s been five years since she’s been in WWE ring and everything had to be perfect. She went and got a mani-pedi and caught a cold, so she wasn’t able to compete. She knew how excited everyone was, so she brought her protege to take her place. When asked what her name is, Eva Marie interjects and says her name is “Doudrop”.

Naomi and Asuka make their entrances and we get a split-screen promo in which Naomi explains that she wasn’t ready for Doudrop last week and she fell. But they can never extinguish the glow. Eva and Doudrop make their entrances next, whichever team wins this match will both qualify for the Women’s Money In The Bank match.

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Money In The Bank Qualifier

Asuka & Naomi Vs. Eva Marie & Doudrop

Eva starts against Asuka and she immediately tags Doudrop in. They lock-up and Asuka can’t deal with the strength of Doudrop. Asuka kicks and forearms her but Doudrop is unaffected. Asuka elbows and kicks her and hits a lariat but Doudrop runs her down. Asuka lands a Codebreaker and tags Naomi, who kicks Doudrop in the head.

Doudrop whips Naomi to the buckles and splashes her, then hits a cannonball for a near-fall thanks to Asuka. Doudrop climbs the ropes but Eva tags herself in and covers Naomi for a near-fall. Eva wants to tag back out but Doudrop ignores her and Naomi rolls Marie up!

Winners: Asuka & Naomi

We see a replay of Charlotte Flair Vs. Rhea Ripley last night. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville will address the finish next!

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Deville and Pearce are in the ring and they summon Ripley. They say she blatantly broke the rules last night in order to retain her title and that’s unacceptable. Ripley says she just did what Charlotte would do. Flair comes to the stage and she says she isn’t mad, in fact she respects what Ripley did. It was the first time she showed that she’s a strategic competitor. But make no mistake about it, she will destroy her next time. Deville makes the rematch official for Money In The Bank.

Earlier today, Tamina and Natalya were interviewed backstage but Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were loudly wrestling nearby – a repeat of last week. Rose says they’re sharpening their skills, just like they told them. Nattie and Tamina tell them that they’re Champions and they have responsibilities, something they’d know nothing about. Rose and Brooke goad them into the ring, then knock them off the apron and laugh at them.

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Money In The Bank Qualifier

Randy Orton Vs. John Morrison

The Miz is on commentary as they lock-up and Randy takes a headlock. Morrison uses his athelticism to wriggle free and leands a head kick. Orton fights back and clotheslines Morrison over the ropes. Morrison slams Orton into the announce desk, but Orton then does the same to Johnny drip-drip several times before dumping him on the desk with a back suplex. Ortons stares at Miz, who rolls backwards shouting that he’s injured.

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Back live and Morrison fights up from a submission to send Orton into the ring post. Orton falls from the ring and Morrison slams him into the steel steps, then back into the ring and starts working on the arm. John whips Orton to the corner but Randy bounces out with a lariat. Orton backs Morrison into the corner and chops him, lands ten punches, and catches him with a snap powerslam.

Orton hangs Morrison on the ropes for a draping DDT, then readies for an RKO… but Miz sprays him in the face with the drip-stick! Randy is distracted with Miz and Morrison rolls him up for a near-fall. Riddle rolls down to the ring with his scooter and chases Miz around ringside in his wheelchair. Morrison snaps a distracted Orton on the rope and hits Starship Pain for the win!

wINNER: John Morrison

We see highlights of Alexa Bliss Vs. Shayna Baszler from last night. Baszler, Nia Jax, and Reginald are stopped for an interview backstage and Nia says she would never hurt Reggie intentionally. Shayna says she isn’t scared of Reginald but Nia says there’s something different about Alexa.

Alexa Bliss comes to the ring with new music. She’ll be teaming with Nikki Cross to take on Jax and Baszler in another qualifier match.

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Nikki Cross cuts a promo backstage, all about spirit and how ayone can overcome anything. She has a superhero gimmick now.

Money In The Bank Qualifier

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Vs. Shayna Baszler & nIA jAX W/Reginald

The match gets underway with super Cross and Baszler, and Shayna takes control early on with some joint manipulation. Cross is sent to the apron and looks for a sunset flip but Jax gets tagged in. Jax backs Cross into the corner and looks for a shoulder tackle but nobody’s home and she tumbles to the floor. Reginald checks on Nia and Bliss starts hypnotizing him but Shayna snaps him out of it. Cross dives off the ropes onto them all on the floor, then poses in the ring.

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Cross hits a bulldog to Baszler and tags Bliss, who hits a senton. Baszler rakes the eyes and Jax tags in. Nia slams Alexa into the buckles, then tags Shayna in for a leaping knee to the jaw. Baszler applies a modified camel clutch but Bliss fights free and hits a sunset bomb. Tags made to Cross and Jax, and Nikki counters a powerslam to land a dropkick.

Jax puts Cross in the corner and tags Shayna, who almost hits her partner. Bliss gets on the top rope and hypnotises Reggied into almost slapping Nia but he stops himself. Jax hugs hims but Cross dropkicks them both through the ropes. Cross hits a tilt-a-whirl into a roll-up for the win!

Winners: Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss

Drew McIntyre is stopped backstage by Pearce and Deville. He says he’s not concerned with Lashley or the past, he’s looking to Money In The Bank. They say he doesn’t have to compete tonight but Drew says he went through a war last night but he’s sure they didn’t tell Lashley he can’t compete. He says he’s good and they should know him better by now.

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Jeff Hardy, Jinder Mahal, Sheamus and Cedric Alexander are backstage arguing. Deville and Pearce break it up and the Superstars ask why they weren’t given consideration for Money In The Bank qualifiers? Deville says the matches are final and Mahal says if something should happen to someone in the match, he’d appreciate consideration.


Riddle Vs. Drew McIntyre

The match gets underway and they lock-up. McIntyre takes control early-on with his power but Riddle cracks him in his injured back with a big kick. McIntyre gets angry and smashes Riddle. Drew tosses him across the ring, then batters him in the corner before landing a release suplex for a two-count. McIntyre chops Riddle, who screams.

Riddle targets the back and drops McIntyre for a Broton. Riddle knees the back and hits a deadlift gutwrench suplex. Riddle wants another but Drew counters with a backbreaker. Riddle rolls outside and Drew gives chase but gets slammed into the ring post, then hit with an overhead belly-to-belly on the floor! The Scot writhes in agony as we head to the break.

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Riddle backs McIntyre into the corner for a knee, then slams him. Riddle looks for another Broton but McIntyre gets his knees up. Drew hits two belly-to-belly suplexes, then kips-up and holds his back. McIntyre counters Riddle and hits the Future Shock DDT for a near-fall. McIntyre lifts Riddle for an inverted Alabama Slam for another near-fall.

McIntyre puts Riddle on the top rope backwards and climbs ip behind him. Riddle elbows McIntyre and anages to knock him int the tree of woe, but McIntyre sits up and throws Riddle with a gnarly German suplex across the ring. Randy Orton comes out to the stage to watch the match and Riddle looks very happy to see his partner.

*Commercial Break*

Riddle and Drew are back battling atop the ropes and Riddle hits a sunset flip powerbomb, then a knee for a near-fall. Riddle wants the ripcord knee but McIntyre dodges it and lands a Michonoku Driver for a near-fall. McIntyre goes to the top rope and jumps at Riddle but gets caught in a triangle! McIntyre rolls through and htis a Future Shock DDT for another near-fall. McIntyre wants the Claymore and waits but Riddle doesn’t get up.

McIntyre lifts him but Riddle lifts Drew up. They trade reversals back and forth until Riddle hits the ripcord knee. Riddle goes up top for the Floating Bro but nobody’s home. McIntyre jumps for a Claymore but Riddle avoids it and gets him in a rear naked choke. McIntyre powers out and hits a Glasgow kiss, then lifts him up on his shoulders but Riddle rolls him up for the win!

Winners: Riddle

After the match Riddle takes the scooter up the ramp to Orton and looks for a fist bump but Randy won’t even look at him. Riddle asks him to tell him what’s wrong and Orton just stares.

*Commercial Break*

Jaxson Ryker is backstage slapping himself with a strap when Mansoor appears and asks him what he’s doing. Ryker stares at him and says to never let your enemy escape. More often than not, those closest to you are wolve’s in sheep’s clothing. That’s why, next week, he’s challenging Elias to a strap match and he’ll have nowhere to go. Ali appears beside Mansoor in a suit and tells him he’s asking all the wrong questions to the wrong peopke. He’ll give him advice: if he can’t even get the opportunity to climb the ladder to success, you have to build your own ladder.

Next week Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, and AJ Styles will compete in a Triple Threat for one last chance to qualify for the Money In The Bank match. Up next is our main event, the Hell In A Cell match!

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Hell In A Cell Match

Bobby Lashley W/MVP Vs. Xavier Woods W/Kofi Kingston

The bell rings and Woods runs across the ring for a dropkick, then starts attacking the leg of Lashley. The Champion turns Woods over into the corner and tees-off. Woods looks for a roll-up but Lashley kicks out and drops him with a lariat. Lashley hits a reverse S.T.O and stares at Kofi. Lashley lands an elevated reverse S.T.O. Woods rolls outside and grabs a chair from under the ring but Lashley punches it out of his hands.

Lashley gets Woods back in the ring and wants a Spear but hits the ring post and falls to the outside. Woods hits a dropkick through the ropes to Lashley while Kofi shouts at him from outside. Woods gets back in the ring, then knocks the All Mighty Champion off the apron into the cage wall with a chairshot to the head! Woods goes outside and beats Lashley with the chair as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Laashley choking Woods with a boot and a table has been set-up in the corner of the ring. Lashley is sent from the ring and Woods dives through the ropes but gets caught in the apron and battered. Lashley talks trash to Kofi before sending Woods into the Cell. Lashley rolls Woods inside the ring and stands on him. Xavier ducks a clothelsine, slides throug the legs, and hits a tackle to the knee.

Woods gets a Kendo stick and beats Lashley, who rolls to the floor. Woods chases and hits him again before choking him with the stick. MVP and Kofi are shouting various things from the outside and Woods gets Lashley back in the ring. The All Mighty blocks a Kendo shot but gets kicked in the knee. Woods hits a wheelbarrow facebuster for a two-count.

Woods hits Lashley in the corner and follows-up with a rope-assisted tornado DDT for a near-fall. Woods drags the table and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Lashley wants to powerbomb Woods through the table but he counters and sets Lashley onto it. Woods goes up top, walks along the ropes, and hits a huge springboard elbow drop through the table but Lashley kicks out! Woods runs at Lashley but gets sent face-first into a chair wedged in the corner. Lashley hits a Spear, then applies the Hurt Lock and Woods taps.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match Lashley takes Woods to the floor and slams him into the Cell in front of Kofi. MVP gets inside the Cell and locks the door behind himself. Kofi can’t get inside and Lashley applies the Hurt Lock again, crushing Woods against the Cell as Kofi screams to let him go.

That’s it for this week’s RAW, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for NXT. Until next time, stay safe.

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