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Tonight’s NXT will feature the fallout from TakeOver: In Your House. Most notably, General Manager William Regal left the TakeOver rather despondent and said he feels it’s time for a change. Regal will be live on the show tonight and rumour has it his time as GM of NXT has come to an end. If that’s the case it will be a sad day for the black and gold brand; it’s not easy to find a good Genral Manager that fans like and commands authority, and Regal embodied that. Let us know what you think may happen and who might replace him?

Karrion Kross is still the NXT Champion and it seems like he’s cleared the entire field of competitors, however it seems unlikely we’ll learn his next opponent tonight. And the same could be said of Raquel Gonzalez, who also retained her title. LA Knight is the Million Dollar Champion after a hard-fought ladder match with Cameron Grimes, and he may be on hand to brag tonight. What we do know for certain is that Ciampa and Thatcher will face Grizzled Young Veterans and the winners may be the new number one contenders, and the Cruiserweight Champion, Kushida, will host an open challenge.

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show.


NXT opens with a recap of TakeOver: In Your House. The NXT General Manager William Regal comes to the ring.

Regal is emotional as he says he’s been with NXT since the very start. He sat at the announce desk and called the first-ever TakeOver. And he’s watched NXT grow into a massive brand that toured the world, including his hometown of Blackpool where his neices got to come watch. Every spare moment of his life that wasn’t spent with his family, has been spent thinking about how to make NXT the best show possible. He says he’s finally decided that, with the chaos that’s been going on, he’s given all he had to give. Because of the fans, the crew, and the Superstars, he doesn’t think he’s capable anymore. He’s about to announcement his retirement/resignation when he’s interrupted by the NXT Champion.

Kross says he and Scarlett always knew this day would come and he had to come out here and see it for himself. Kross says Regal crying is pathetic. Kross says Regal has known all along that he could control NXT through chaos and violence and he proved it at TakeOver when he smashed a hole through the Mount Rushmore of NXT. Kross tells Regal to say he was right, then leave and never come back. Before Mr. Regal can speak, a familair face comes marching down the ramp in a suit to a huge pop from the NXT crowd.

Samoa Joe comes to the ring, stares at Kross, and says Regal wanted to speak with him. Regal says he thinks NXT needs a General Manager that commands authority and respect and so he wants Joe to take the position. Joe says his answer is “absolutely not”. He knows Regal is weary. Spent seven years scouring the planet to bring the best talent in the world, including him, and helped pluck NXT fro obscurity to a phenomenon. He says Regal casts a long shadow and has some big shoes to fill, so he cannot accept the job.

Joe says he knows he made Regal’s life a misery when he was in NXT but he always gave him respect, so he’d be happy to ensure Regal gets the respect he deserves from everyone – Joe stares at Kross. Regal says Joe cannot a competitor and he can’t get physical… unless provoked. Joe accepts and turns to Kross to say “what the hell are you still doing in this ring? Tick tock, young Champion.” Kross leaves the ring and I’m slightly confused as to what Joe is now, I don’t think he’s the General Manager but he’s also not a competitor?

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Imperium Vs. Breezango

The match begins with Breeze and Barthel and they lock-up. Barthel takes control and drops Tyler with a shoulder before hitting him with a huge chop. Aichner tags in and so does Fandango, with the latter chopping him into the corner and hitting a leg drop. Aichner is sent to the floor and Breeze tries to jump on him and Barthel but nobody’s home. Fandango then leaps and lands on them both at ringside, with Breeze still down.

Fandango gets Aichner back inside and goes up top but Barthel crotches Fandango off the ropes as the referee is checking on Breeze. Aichner attacks Dango as Breeze takes out Barthel on the floor, then Fandango turns the tables and takes control as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and Aichner is kicking Fandango around the ring. Aichner with a body slam, then a tags to Barthel who grinds Dango down. Fandango fights up and gets a roll-up for two, then reaches for Breeze but Barthel whips him to the opposite corner. Dango knocks Aichner off the apron, then throws Barthel up and over the ropes. Dango crawls across the ring but Barthel comes back and jumps on him. Dango kicks him off and makes the tag. Breeze comes in against Aichner and gets his head clotheslined off. Breeze then small packages Aichner for the shock win!

Winners: Breezango

As soon as the match ends Breeze tries to roll out but Aichner drags him back in and pummels him. Fandango runs in also but he gets beat down. Imperium hit Breeze with the Euro Bomb, then drape an Imperium flag over him.

William Regal is backstage trying to keep Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly apart with the help of security. He shouts that they can have a match at Great American Bash and next week they’ll have individual matches of their choosing. They break apart and start brawling and Samoa Joe shows up and he gets shoved by Cole, so Joe grabs him and chokes him out. Joe tells security to tell Cole when he wakes up Mr. Regal will be waiting for his apology. Joe as Regal’s enforcer could be awesome.

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Santos Escobar is alone backstage. He say what happened at In Your House was a disgrace. He held the North American Championship in his hands and saw his own reflection in it. It felt right. But Bronson Reed had to to do it again and this time he put him through a wall. Well he’s coming for him and he’s going to drop him. And when that happens what was once a reflection will become a reality.

Cruisweight Championship

(C) Kushida Vs. Trey Baxter

The match gets underway and they go back-and-forth with amateur wrestling and Kushida comes out on top. Baxter rolls up Kushida for a two-count, then takes a side headlock. Baxter flips over Kushida and avoids an arm-drag, then flips under a clothesline and hits a hurricanrana. Baxter gets sent to the apron but kicks Kushida back and hits a springboard clothesline that sends Kushida from the ring.

Trey feigns a dive to the outside but lands in the ring like Ricochet. Kushida rushes in and they have an awkward exchange, then Kushida is knocked outside and Baxter hits a twisting tope to him on the floor. Both men are down on the floor and out walks Kyle O’Reilly onto the stage. O’Reilly folds his arms and watches in silence.

*Commercial Break*

O’Reilly is still watching as Baxter is in control of Kushida in the ring. The Champion fires back and hits an arm-drag and a kick, then an enziguiri. Trey responds with a handspring kick and both men are down. Baxter forearms Kushida a few times, then hits a Spanish fly. Baxter goes to the apron and hits a springboard 450 splash for a near-fall. Trey takes Kushida to the top rope but the Champion hits an armbreaker off the ropes, then a running kick and the Hoverboard Lock for the win.

Winner: Kushida

O’Reilly comes down to the ring after the match and tells Kushida he wants to face the best, that’s why he’s challenging him to a fight next week. Kushida accepts.

Franky Monet is backstage with her dog and she has a huge announcement, which is that she will have an encore performance next week. She approaches Jessi Kamea and Aliyah and tells them they’d be better with Robert Stone. Stone then comes out of a room and Monet says she was just telling the girls how they need to listen to his advice more.

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WWE Hall of Famer, Ted Dibiase comes to the ring where there’s red carpet and the Million Dollar Championship is on a pedestal in the ring. Dibiase says there was a ladder match at In Your House to decide who should continue the Million Dollar legacy and LA Knight was the man. We see Knight arriving outside the arena in a sports car and smoking a cigar. Knight comes to the ring all smiles.

Knight talks to Dibiase and says it’s not often you get to meet your hero. To think you get to that place, then your hero chooses you to be his successor. He took this very seriously. He’s banged up tonight but to be standing with Dibiase and be the Champ, it was all worth it. Knight says he and his dad used to watch wrestling and Dibiase was always on TV, and he even had the action figure. He needed Dibiase here tonight, so that he could express his gratitude and thank him.

Dibiase says he’s welcome and he’s earned it. Knight says this is the greatest moment of his career and it would be an honor if Dibiase would crown him. Ted grabs the belt and drapes it over Knight’s shoulder before announcing him as the Million Dollar Champion, then the two of them laugh together. The fans chant for Cameron Grimes and Knight says having this title is beyond description and he’s learned so much from Dibiase. He has everything he wants and it’s time to drop what he doesn’t need; Knight turns and punches Dibiase!

Knight kicks the couriers from the arpon and tosses the pedestal from the ring before talking trash to Dibiase. Knight stomps him over and over until Grimes comes running out. The fans cheer as Grimes lands a flurry of lariats to Knight and sends him packing from the ring. Grimes checks on Dibiase as Knight takes his title and retreats to the back.

Raquel Gonalez and Dakota Kai are backstage and asked why they’re comepting tonight when Raquel defended the NXT Championship less than 48 hours ago. Raquel says Dakota wants gold and one isn’t enough for her either. Kai says Kacey and Kayden are in the way tonight but The Way need to hold tight to their belts.

*Commercial Break*

Dakota and Raquel are on their way to the ring and pass by Ember and Shotzi, who are being restrained by officials with Regal and Joe nearby.

Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez Vs. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

Dakota and Kayden start by locking-up and Kai dforces her back to the corner. Kayden takes Kai down and fakes a kick, then flicks her head. Kacy tags in and teasm with Kayden to hit some double-team kicks. Kayden tags right back in and they hit some more tag team offence straight from the Motor City Machine Guns playbook.

Gonzalez tags in and throws Kayden into the corner but she comes back with an octopus stretch. Kayden dropkicks Raquel into the corner and tags Kacy. They take Raquel down with some fast-paced moves, but Raquel avoids a hurrcanrana. Kacy and Kayden hit Silly String to Raquel, then Kai tags in and Kacy sends her to the outside and hits a spinning splash to the outside. Raquel regroups with Dakota but Kacy helps Kayden hit a springboard dive onto them both.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Raquel is beating on Kacy and she makes a tag to Dakota. A running face wash from Kai and she tags Raquel again, who beats Kacy against the ropes. Catanzaro manages to get to the apron and snap Raquel on the ropes, then Kai tags in to kick her off the apron. Kacy gets the tag to Kayden, who stacks Kai and Gonzalez in the corner. Kayden drops Kai in front of Gonzalez, then dropkicks Raquel and lands on Kai.

Carter counters a roll-up and lands a kick, then hits a gnarly kick to the face of Kai against the bottom rope. Raquel gets the tag again and she catches Carter jumping at her and hits a spinning sidewalk slam for a near-fall. Kai tags in as Gonzalez is sent to the outside but Kayden and Kacy double-team her for a near-fall. Raquel rushes in but she’s sent right back out and Kacy jumps off the apron to hit a Frankensteiner into the steps. Kacy and Kayden double-team Kai and cover but Gonzalez drags them from the ring and Samoan drops Carter into the barricade. Kai grabs Catanzaro and hits the GTK for the win.

Winners: Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

*Commercial Break*

Io Shirai comes to the ring and says she’s back and feels good. She’s about to reveal her next target when Candice LeRae comes to the stage. Candice says a lot has changed recently, most importnat of which is that she’s a Champion. LeRae says it’s back to the bottom for Io and honestly, she can’t stand her. Candice says Io picked the wrong time to screw with her and Indi attacks Shirai from behind.

The Way try to double-team Io but Shirai knocks Candice outside and hits Indi with a 619. The numbers get the better of Shirai and she’s dragged from the ring and Candice tells Indi to hit an elbow drop from the top rope but Zoey Stark rushes down andprevents it. Stark unloads on Indi and Candace and Io returns to hit both with a springboard dropkick.

Samoa Joe and William Regal are walking backstage and to the parking lot when they’re asked for an interview. As soon as Regal starts to speak, the camera just cuts away to Thatcher and Ciampa come to the ring. On their way, Thatcher stops by MSK and steals their popcorn.

*Commercial Break*

Regal and Joe are finally backstage for that interview but they’re interrupted by Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory, who are chanting “Joe”. Gargano is pumped and he says it’s awesome to see Joe back and Regal needed the help. They ramble on until Joe tells them to get out. Pete Dunne walks in and just stares at Joe.

Tornado Tag Team

Grizzled Young Veterans Vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

We start on the floor with Timmy and Tommy attacking the GYV’s. They bring them into the ring so the bell can be rung, then slam Drake and Gibson’s heads together. Ciampa and Thatcher unload on both with a flurry of forearms to the chest, then both transition to an armbar at the same time but they roll to the outside to break the holds. Drake and Gibson managed to turn things around and toss Thatcher to the outside so they can isolate Ciampa.

Old man Ciampa fires back with chops and a double clothesline to them. Ciampa with running lariats to both in the corners but then gets caught with a basement dropkick and Drake hits a poetry in motion to knock Thatcher off the apron. The Vets go outside and beat Thatcher and Ciampa on the floor, slamming them into the barricade and punching them about the place. Thatcher chokes Drake on the apron but Gibson attacks him, then Ciampa runs in but he gets taken down as well. Ciampa is taken outside and slammed into the barricade again while Gibson keeps Thatcher down.

Ciampa returns and clotheslines Gibson out of the ring, then runs over Drake and knocks him outside as well. Ciampa tosses them into each other near the ring bell and clobbers both with a running knee. Ciampa gets Thatcher back inside so they can run riot over the Veterans with repeated lariats and send them outside as we head to the final break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Thatcher being beaten in the ring by the GYV with no sign of Ciampa. Thathcer tries to rally but gets taken down in an octopus submission by Drake. Ciampa returns to knock Gibson down and stomp Drake until he let’s go of Thatcher. Ciampa helps him up and they go to work on the Veterans but Ciampa inadvertently hits Thatcher with a boot. Gibson lifts Ciampa on his shoulders and they want a Doomsday Device but Ciampa fights them off and hits an air raid crash from the middle rope to Drake.

Thatcher is tossed outside by Gibson, then Ciampa and Drake trade chops on the apron. Ciampa gets the better of it and lands a pump kick, but then Gibson grabs Ciampa in an electric chair and Drake hits a suicide dive Doomday Device! Gibson gets back inside and locks-up with Thatcher and they trade European uppercuts. They get down and trade submission attempts until Drake returns with a dropkick to Thatcher.

Drake and Gibson hit a powerbomb/backstabber but Ciampa breaks the pin! The Veterans drags Ciampa outside and batter him against the announce desk, then take the lid off and lean it against the table and back suplex Ciampa through it. Gibson takes Ciampa on top of the announce desk but Tommaso grabs him for an air raid crash on the table! Ciampa gets back inside and hits Drake with a Fairytale Ending, then he and Thatcher apply submissions to him and he taps!

Winners: Timothy Thatcher & tOMMASO Ciampa

Regal and Joe are interviewed again backstage and Regal says he thinks things are going to be very different from now on. Joe says this was just night one of many. Regal then drives off.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here on Friday for SmackDown and AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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