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As with all NXT TakeOver’s, tonight’s show will feature five matches. The main event will see Karrion Kross defend the NXT Championship against Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly, Johnny Gargano, and Adam Cole. The odds are very much against Kross in this match but it wouldn’t be shocking to him retain in what should be a great bout.

Other matches tonight include Mercedes Martinez Vs. Xia Li, Ember Moon Vs. Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women’s Championship, and a ladder match between LA Knight and Cameron Grimes for the Million Dollar Championship. The final match is a winners take all in which Legado Del Fantasma challenge MSK and Bronson Reed for the North American and Tag Team Championships. We want to know which match you’re most excited to see!

That’s the preview for tonight’s TakeOver. Our live coverage will begin from 7:30 PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!

In Your House

NXT opens with a musical performance from Naomi Fox. Classic WWE interviewer Todd Pettengill comes out and welcomes us to NXT: In Your House.

North American Championship, Tag Team Titles

Winners Take All

(C) Bronson Reed & (C) MSK Vs. Legado Del Fantasma

We start with Wes Lee and Raul Mendoza and they trade counters before tagging Nash Carter and Joaquin Wilde. They go back and forth and Escobar tags in and wants Bronson, so Nash tags the North American Champion but Escobar tags Mendoza and leaves the ring. Mendoza attempts a clothesline but Bronson doesn’t even budge. Reed beats on Mendoza and hits him with a big seated senton, then slams him and forces Wilde to tag in. Reluctantly, Wilde comes in and Reed hits a military press.

Carter tags in for a slingshot senton, then MSK hold Wilde up like a hammock and Reed hits a senton to him for a two-count. MSK and Reed continue making quick tags and triple-teaming Wilde but he stays in it. Carter is the legal man and Escobar tags in and knocks him outside. Escobar wants a suicide dive but Carter swipes his feet, then drags him from the ring and hits a moonsault from the apron. Every man in the match then dives over the ropes, one after the other, ending with Bronson with a suicide dive to drop them all!

Escobar and Lee are the first men back in the ring and Santos goes to work on him. Escobar hits a Frankensteiner from the top rope and goes to a submission. Fantasma isolate Lee and make quick tags to hit lots of running clotheslines in the corner. Escobar hits a brainbuster and tags Wilde, then he and Mendoza assist Wilde for a 450 splash. Lee knocks Wilde back and makes the tag to Reed who runs him over. Mendoza rushses in but Reed takes them both down before lifting them both for a huge Samoan drop!

Escobar tags in and manages to hit Reed with a Michonoku Driver for a near-fall! Wilde and Carter get tags and they trade back and forth, then Mendoza tags in for the Russian leg sweep/running kick. Lee breaks up the pin but diving over the ropes onto Wilde and they fall onto Lee and Mendoza. Escobar is on the floor and he lifts the North American Championship and roars but Reed appears out of nowhere and smashes him through the barricade! Carter gets Wilde on his shoulders on the floor and Lee jumps over the ropes for a double stomp onto him. They get back inside and hit a blockbuster to Mendoza, then Reed lands the Tsunami for the win!

Winners: Bronson Reed & MSK

Earlier today, Kyle O’Reilly was interviewed in the parking lot but The Way appeared and a brawl broke out, only for officials to break it up.

Mercedes Martinez Vs. Xia LI W/Tian Sha

The bell rings and they lock-up and fall out of the ring. Mercedes gets Li back inside and chops her in the corner before hitting an overhead suplex. Li rolls to the apron and snaps Mercedes and gets her outside. Li slams Martinez into the apron and puts her back inside, then stretches her around the ring post. Li continues beating on Martinez but the veteran manages to create some distance by attacking the knee. Martinez knocks Li into the corner and runs for a splash but nobody’s home.

Li chokes her before throwing her with an exploder. Xia’s knee is hurting but she runs at her, only for Martinez to avoid her, then hit her with the Dominator for a near-fall. Martinez lands some kicks and a leaping knee but Boa pulls Li from the ring to prevent the pinfall. Mercedes goes outside and Boa gets in her face but she shoves him aside and catches a running Xia with a back body drop! Mercedes gets Li back inside and wants an air raid crash but she escapes and hits a kick to the head for the win.

Winner: Xia Li

After the match, Boa grabs a chair and slides it into the ring. Li aims to use it but Mercedes kicks her knee and takes the chair. Boa tries to get inside but Martinez hits him, then Xia. She hits Xia in the back, then Boa again. Li begs for mercy and rolls onto the ramp. Martinez goes out after her and shouts to Mei Ying that she isn’t scared, and hits Li again. Suddenly, for the first time ever, Ying gets off the chair and walks down the ramp towards Martinez. She grabs Mercedes by the throat. Martinez hits her with the chair in the gut and Ying is barely affected, then grabs Martinez again and throws her off the ramp into the plexi-glass.

Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa are sitting backstage. Ciampa says they don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines, they should be the NXT Tag Team Champions. Thatcher shouts that they’re going to break the limbs of the Grizzled Young Veterans. Ciampa says Timmy is right and they’re going to put them to bed and prove that they shouldn’t have messed with grown ass men.

Ted Dibiase comes out with a few couriers, carrying the Million Dollar Championship inside a glass case. Knight and Grimes make their way to the ring and Dibiase attaches the briefcase to a hook and it raises high above them.

Million Dollar Championship

Ladder Match

LA Knight Vs. Cameron Grimes

The match begins and they lock-up and wrestle stiffly for control against the ropes. Knight hits the ropes and takes Grimes down with a shoulder, then takes his time talking trash. Grimes catches a kick and sweeps LA off his feet, then slaps his booty and tells him to kiss his grits. Grimes chops him and whips him to the ropes for a clothesline. Grimes hits a hurricanrana and Knight rolls outside. Knight gets a ladder and brings it inside, then knocks Grimes out and throws the ladder at him but Cameron avoids it.

Knight erects a ladder and starts climbing but Grimes cuts him off. Knight knocks Grimes outside and tries to slide a ladder under the ropes into him but Grimes grabs it. They both wind-up with ladders in the ring and run into each other a few times until LA is knocked outside. Grimes has a ladder but Knight grabs it from the outside, so Cameron rushes him backwards into the barricade. Grimes leaps off the apron with a knee to Knight. Grimes tries to put the ladder back inside but Knight slams him into the barricade, then spins the ladder on the apron into Grimes’ face.

Knight slams Grimes into the barricade a few more times and stops to talk to Dibiase and say grimes isn’t fit to hold the title. Grimes is tossed into the barricade again, then Knight sets a ladder up from the apron to the barricade. Knight gets on the apron and hits a slingshot shoulder tackle to Grimes in the ring. A ladder is propped in the corner and Grimes counters Knight to slam him into it. Grimes drops Knight in the corner, then tries to thrust the ladder into his “man marbles” but LA dodges it. Knight hits a neckbreaker onto the ladder!

Knight brings a much bigger ladder inside and sets it up under the briefcase but Grimes attacks him. Knight reverses Grimes to send him into the ladder, then Knight sets it up in the corner. Knight shouts “to the moon” in Grimes’ face and tries to run him into the ladder but he’s the one who eats it. Grimes hits Knight with a back body drop onto the ladder against the ropes. Knight gets up and runs at Grimes but gets sent over the ropes and crashes onto the ladder draped from barricade to apron.

Grimes decides he wants Dibiase’s gold ladder on the ramp and he goes to get it. Grimes sets the solid gold ladder up and starts climbing but Knight comes back and climbs up with him. Grimes shoves Knight off but LA turns around and shoves the ladder over, dropping Grimes on the top rope. Knight runs at him but Grimes it the standing Spanish fly and both men are down! Grimes rolls to the ramp and Knight gets a ladder and slams him in the back. Knight sets the ladder on the ramp and places another ladder between the rungs and the middle rope. Grimes fights back and they brawl around to the other side of the ring and Knight hides behind the bank couriers to cheap shot him.

Grimes climbs a ladder at ringside and Knight tries to shove it over but Grimes jumps off and onto the girder beside the announce desk, then jumps onto Knight! Grimes gets back inside and starts climbing the ladder but Knight comes back and tries to powerbomb him, only for Cameron to hurricanrana him over the ropes to the floor. Grimes thinks he’s won and starts climbing. He gets his hands on the case but Knight comes back and tips the ladder over, sending Grimes outside and through the ladder propped up on the ramp! Knight climbs the ladder and retrieves the title!

Winner and New Million Dollar Champion: LA Knight

LA Knight is the first man to win the Million Dollar Championship since Steve Austin in 1996. The case is opened and Knight takes the title and poses with more sparks flying than an exploding death match.

NXT Women’s Championship

(C) Raquel Gonzalez W/Dakota Kai Vs/ Ember Moon

Moon comes out of the gates hot and tries to surprise the Champion. Moon hits a hurricanrana taht sends Raquel into the ropes and looks for a crossbody but gets swatted out of mid-air. Ember hits a headscissors that sends Raquel into the ring post, then goes to the apron but Dakota distracts her. Moon misses a knee and htis the ring post, then Gonzalez knocks her off and into the barricade. Raquel beats Moon around ringside and gets her back in the ring to beat her in the corner.

Raquel slams Moon’s head into the mat a few times. Moon jumps at her but gets caught and slammed, then lifted for a sidewalk slam. Gonzalez goes to the middle rope and hits a spinning Vader bomb for a two-count. Raquel lifts Moon for a modified torture rack and gets slammed again for a near-fall. Moon starts to rally and lands an enziguiri, followed by a superkick and a big right hand that drops her. Ember hits a Code Red for a near-fall. Moon knocks Raquel outside and hits a suicide dive that sends her over the announce desk, then back inside for an STO and a near-fall.

Moon goes up top, thinking about an Eclipse, but Dakota hops on the apron and distracts her. Gonzalez jumps on on the ropes and lands a superplex and covers but Moon kicks out. Raquel takes control of the match and looks for a stalling suplex but Moon counters with a Stunner! Moon catches the Champion with a Codebreaker from the middle rope, then goes up top and hits the Eclipse but Dakota puts Raquel’s boot on the bottom rope.

The returning Shotzi Blackheart rushes down and attacks Dakota, beating her up the ramp and tossing her into the flower bed outside the house. Inside the ring, Raquel kicks Moon away and moves to the apron. Moon goes to the top rope and grabs Raquel for a tornado DDT onto the ramp! Moon slowly gets Gonzalez back in the ring but she kicks out. Moon and Gonzalez trade reversals until Gonzalez hits her with the one-hand powerbomb and scores the pinfall!

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is with the classic toy, Karate Fighters, and Dexter Lumis appears in a waistcoat and wants to play. They start playing and Pettengill asks how Lumis’ lovelife is going and Dexter gets angry. He snatches one of the fighters off the toy and walks off and Pettengill looks scared.

NXT Championship

Fatal 5-Way

(C) Karrion Kross W/Scarlett Vs. Pete Dunne Vs. Adam Cole Vs. Johnny Gargano Vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Cole and O’Reilly go after each other and spill outside. Dunne and Gargano trade shots and Johnny is tossed out, leaving Dunne and Kross to go one-on-one. Pete lands some leg kicks but Kross shrugs them off and hits a tiger suplex. Dunne rolls out and O’Reilly comes in, swining kicks and punches but the Champion boots him back. O’Reilly manages to apply a kneebar but Kross fights free and suplexes him out of the ring.

Gargano comes in and wants a tilt-a-whirl Gargano Escape but Kross stands firm. Gargano attacks the leg and hits a Frankensteiner, then runs at him in the corner but gets caught and suplexed. Cole comes in as Johnny rolls out, and he kicks Kross a few times. Cole hits the ropes but Dunne, Gargano and O’Reilly grab him and trap him in the apron and beat on him. Kross grabs Kyle by the hair and drags him back into the ring and beats him in the corner. Dunne, Kyle and Gargano take turns in running in but Kross kicks them all down.

Kross suplexes Dunne and Gargano at the same time, then lariats O’Reilly for a two-count. Kross takes O’Reilly down, then wants a powerbomb but Kyle lands on his feet and unloads with a flurry of kicks. O’Reilly drops everyone with kicks but Pete Dunne takes him with with an armbreaker. Gargano comes in but Dunne takes him down as well and twists the arms of both men until Karrion comes back and powerbombs Dunne onto Gargano and O’Reilly. Kross then sets his sights on Cole, who’s knelt on the ramp.

Kross goes after Cole and tries to powerbomb him on the ramp but gets his eyes raked. Dunne and Gargano then attack Kross on the ramp and smash him through the door of the set! Cole tries to take advantage and goes back to the ring to drop O’Reilly with a knee and scores a near-fall. Gargano returns and hangs Cole in the tree of woe, with O’Reilly sitting under him, then lawn-darts Pete Dunne into them both! Gargano keeps all three men down with stomps and superkicks but then all four men trade strikes and Cole covers Gargano for a near-fall.

Cole and O’Reilly go back and forth and Kyle is sent over the ropes but Kross reappears and catches him. Kross tosses him over the barricade, then grasb Cole and does the same to him. Grgano attempts a suicide dive but Kross catches him and slams him hard into the edge of the apron. Dunne is grabbed and thrown overhead over the apron and into Cole and O’Reilly. Kross gets Gargano in the ring and hits a tornado F5 for a near-fall, then Cole returns and helps Gargano knock him out of the ring.

Gargano proceeds to wipe out O’Reilly and Dunne with suicide dives but Cole drops him with a superkick. Cole attempts The Last Shot but Gargano ducks it. They trade counters and Johnny reverses a Panama Sunrise for a two-count. Gargano, O’Reilly, Dunne, and Cole trade shots back and forth until all four are down. Kross returns and clotheslines all four challengers in the corners but then all four hit him with clotheslines and he finally drops. All five men continuie to trade until they’re all down.

Karrion hits a German suplex to O’Reilly, Cole and Gargano but Dunne lands on his feet and kicks him. They gang up on Kross again and he’s hanging on the apron, so Cole and O’Reilly work together to powerbomb him onto the announce desk! The four challengers stand in opposite corners and come togehter to brawl in the middle of the ring. Dunne and O’Reilly grab double submissions, then both toss their men aside and trade with each other.

Dunne counters O’Reilly with a Kimura, then transitions to a triangle choke. O’Reilly stands up but Gargano comes through the ropes with a spear to them both. Cole and Dunne go back-and-forth, then Gargano gets involved and wants to flip over them from the corner but gets double superkicked in mid-air. Gargano hits a slingshot DDT to Cole and tries to get both men in the Gargano Escape but O’Reilly breaks it up. O’Reilly kicks Gargano and hits a brainbuster, then goes up top but Cole shoves him off the top rope and hits Panama Sunrise to Gargano!

Dunne drags Cole out of the ring and slams him on the floor, then Kross stands up from behind the announce desk and Dunne tells him to bring it. Kross comes inside and Dunne unloads with punches but Kross hits a German suplex. Dunne hits a German suplex of his own and The Bitter End but Kross kicks out at two. Dunne goes to a triangle choke and elbows Kross, who starts to fade but Cole. Gargano and O’Reilly return to break it up. Kross hits Dunne and Cole with a double Saito suplex, then drops Cole with a forearm to the head.

Kross grabs Dunne with the Kross Jacket and he starts to fade but snaps the fingers. Gargano takes Dunne down, then Kross grabs him with the Kross Jacket and he’s fading until Cle and O’Reilly come back and get him off. O’Reilly goes up top and jumps onto Kross with the diving knee but Cole superkicks him. Cole superkicks Gargano and Dunne also, then wants The Last Shot but O’Reilly ducks and appleis a kneebar. Cole thinks about tapping but Kross grabs O’Reilly and applies the Kross Jacket but Kyle won’t release the kneebar! Eventually O’Reilly passes out.

Winner: Karrion Kross

William Regal is walking backstage and asked what his thoughts are on In Your House. Regal walks outside and says he’s been in charge of NXT for seven years and he’s never seen so much bedlam. He looks sad and like he’s done. “I think it’s time for a change.”

That’s it for NXT TakeOver: In Your House. Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments and what your favourite match was. We’ll see you back here tomorrow for more wrestling news and WWE RAW results. Until then, stay safe!

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