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Tonight’s SmackDown has only one confirmed match, a tag team match between The Street Profits and The Alpha Academy.

It is also expected that the feud between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio will be continued tonight, potentially leading to a Universal Championship match announcement for the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV.


It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown begins with a recap of last week’s backstage confrontation between Roman Reigns and The Usos. The opening video package shows Rey & Dominik Mysterio being attacked in the middle of their match by Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns is seen watching the opening video backstage with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso with him. Reigns tells Jey that he saved The Usos last week, and that they owe him. Reigns asks Jey what’s the one thing that he will not stand for. The Usos theme song plays as Reigns turns his attention to the screen as Jimmy Uso makes his way out to the ring. Jimmy grabs a mic and says that last week was supposed to be a celebration and that tonight The Usos were supposed to be here as seven time tag team champions, but they were robbed. Jimmy says first of all the referee blew the call, but says it was okay because they got a second chance. Jimmy says that Reigns has to make everything about himself and suggests that Reigns got The Usos disqualified on purpose. Jimmy says that Reigns is jealous of Jimmy, he says Reigns is jealous that The Usos want to represent the family and hold championship gold. Jimmy says that Reigns is trying to tear his brother away from him. Jimmy says that tonight he promises to do something that he wont regret. Reigns is shown backstage talking to Jey again as Jey says nothing and gets up and leaves the room.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Jey Uso confronting Jimmy Uso backstage. Jimmy asks Jey if he thinks they could’ve won the championships. Jey says that he does believe they could’ve won. Jimmy says that Reigns has disgraced their family. Jey snaps back at Jimmy and says that Jey is stuck in the middle of all of this and asks what Jimmy wants him to do about it.

Kevin Owens & Big E VS Apollo Crews & Sami Zayn

Our opening match begins with Owens immediately attacking Zayn on the apron and hitting a high elbow to Crews in the ring. Owens throws Zayn into the barricade on the outside and hits a senton to Crews back in the ring. Owens throws Zayn into the barricade a second time and is stomped on by Crews when Owens rolled back into the ring. Zayn is tagged in and hits a series of strikes to Owens in the corner. Owens rolls under a lariat to tag in Big E. Big E hits a series of belly to belly suplexes and goes for a splash but Crews counters by bringing his knees up. Crews counters a Big Ending attempt with a step up enziguri. Big E goes for a spear through the ropes but Crews moves out of the way, causing Big E to crash to the outside.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns with Zayn being tagged in and hitting a series to punches to Big E in the corner. Crews is tagged back in and Big E explodes out of the corner but Big E’s offense is quickly shut down by Crews who puts Big E back in the corner and tags Zayn in who puts Big E in a chin lock. Big E tries to run to tag in Owens but Zayn counters with a drop toe hold. Crews is tagged back in and hits an elbow drop and covers for a two count. Owens and Zayn are both tagged in and Owens hits a take down and stomps Zayn repeatedly in the corner. Owens hits a cannon ball off of the apron to Zayn on the outside. Owens throws Zayn back into the ring and Owens hits a lariat and a cannon ball into the corner on Zayn. Owens goes to the top rope and hits a swanton and covers for a two count. Crews is tagged in and immediately runs into a super kick from Owens. Owens hits a pop up powerbomb and covers and Zayn breaks up the fall at two. Zayn is tagged in and hits ablue thunder bomb and covers for a two count before Big E breaks it up. Owens avoids the Helluva Kick and hits a stunner to cover for the three count.

Winners: Kevin Owens & Big E

After the bell, Crews grabs a mic and asks Owens and Big E why they are celebrating. Crews says that the only reason they won is because he was paired with Zayn. Crews lays down a challenge for next week for a tag team match between Owens & Big E and Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez. Zayn runs in to confront Crews and Azeeez hits Zayn with the Nigerian Nail.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns with The Street Profits backstage being approached by Chad Gable. Gable apologizes for the actions taken by Otis last week. Gable says that he got the tag team match for tonight canceled. Montez Ford mocks both Otis and Gable. Gable then challenges Ford to a one on one match and adds the stipulation of both Angelo Dawkins and Otis being banned from ringside.

Roman Reigns is approached by Jey Uso backstage. Reigns asks Jey where Jimmy is and Jey replies that Jimmy said if Reigns wants to see Jimmy, he will have to go to “their locker room” Reigns asks Jey why Jimmy is putting his own brother into the middle of this and why Jimmy is making Jey look like the bad guy. Reigns tells Jey to go tell Jimmy that he is coming for him.

*Commercial break*

Carmella VS Liv Morgan

The match begins with Morgan hitting a series of right hands and stomps to Carmella in the corner. Carmella avoids a kick and drives Morgan to the ring apron and throws Morgan to the barricade. Carmella tells Michael Cole on commentary to tell everyone how beautiful she is before throwing Morgan back into the ring. Carmella goes for a cover in the ring for a two count. Morgan drives Carmella face first to the corner. Morgan charges at Carmella in the corner but is hit with a big boot from Carmella. Morgan avoids a super kick and counters with a slam off the middle rope and covers for the three count.

Winner: Liv Morgan

After the match, Carmella instructs the ring announcer to say that Carmella is “still the most beautiful woman in WWE”.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns with Bayley presenting her new talk show “Ding Dong, Hello!” Bayley emerges from a door in the middle of the ring and welcomes everyone to “the hottest talk show on TV today” Bayley introduces her guest: Seth Rollins. Rollins makes his way into the ring and goes through the door in the middle of the ring. Rollins thanks Bayley for having him be on a proper show for a proper interview. Rollins says that he has no doubt Bayley will beat Bianca Belair at Hell in a Cell. A clip from last week’s SmackDown shows Bayley laughing on each and every fan screen in the ThunderDome as Belair stood in the ring. Rollins and Bayley laugh together in the ring after watching the clip. Bayley shows a clip from three weeks ago where Rollins repeatedly hit the stomp to Cesaro. After the clip, Rollins is shown with a look of anger on his face before him and Bayley return to laughter. The doorbell rings and Bayley and Rollins are both unsure of who is there. Rollins gets up to open the door in the middle of the ring and Cesaro is there to attack Rollins and throw him into every single part of the set as Rollins runs away as Cesaro stands tall in the ring. Bayley goes back in the ring and tries to salvage the wreckage that is her set. Bianca Belair makes her way out to the ring and bursts out in laughter directed at Bayley.

Rey Mysterio is interviewed backstage where he vows to take revenge on Roman Reigns for attacking and hurting his son Dominik. Mysterio says that at the end of the night he will show Reigns what family is all about.

*Commercial break*

Montez Ford VS Chad Gable

The match begins with a lock up. Gable hits a take down and after a series of reversals, gable is able to hit another take down and put Ford in an armbar. Gable hits an arm drag and Ford immediately answers with an arm drag of his own into an armbar on the mat. Ford attempts a leap frog but Gable is able to catch Ford in mid air for an ankle lock. Ford is able to reverse into a cover for a two count. Ford hits a splash from the apron to Gable on the outside.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Gable hitting a suplex on Ford. Gable attempts a dive but is countered with a suplex and a bridge for a cover and a two count. Off the ropes, both wrestlers collide with a cross body. Dawkins is seen witching backstage where he is attacked by Otis. Ford and Gable exchange punches and Ford hits a spine buster and kips up for a standing moonsault and covers for a two count. Ford goes to the top rope and hits the frog splash and covers for a two count. Otis comes out and attacks Ford for the disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: Montez Ford

After the bell rings, Otis continues his attack on Ford. Otis hits a splash from the middle rope as Gable looks on in approval. Dawkins slowly makes his way out to the ring. Dawkins is immediately thrown to the outside as Otis hits another middle rope splash to Ford. Dawkins rolls back into the ring to check in on Ford as officials run in to end the assault from Otis.

*Commercial break*

Shinsuke Nakamura VS King Corbin

The match begins with Rick Boogs immediately playing guitar to distract Corbin to allow Nakamura to hit a kick to Corbin. Nakamura hits a knee strike from the top rope and covers for a two count. Corbin hits the Depp Six and covers for a two count. Nakamura counters Corbin with a roll up for the three count.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

After the bell, Corbin attacks Boogs on the outside, Corbin gets back his crown but Nakamura takes it from him and Boogs throws Corbin over the announce table and gives the crown back to Nakamura.

Roman Reigns is seen with Jey Uso backstage. Reigns says “let’s go to your locker room” to Jey and the two get up and leave the room.

*Commercial break*

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are confronted backstage by an angry King Corbin who demands that Pearce force Nakamura to return the crown to Corbin. Pearce announces that there will be a match next week between Corbin and Nakamura for the crown.

Reigns and Jey Uso visit Jimmy Uso backstage. Jimmy tells Reigns he doesn’t care about his championship and that he has watched Reigns do things like this their entire lives. Reigns responds by talking to Jey and Jey eventually snaps and says he is tired of both Jimmy and Reigns and Jey storms off. Jimmy then challenges Reigns and Reigns responds that this is about family business and blames Jimmy for everything and that the family needs to be together for them to be the best. Reigns blames Jimmy for Jey walking off like he did and Jimmy starts to agree with what Reigns is saying and Jimmy walks off after Reigns tells him to makes things right for the family.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns with Rey Mysterio in the ring. Mysterio calls out Roman Reigns. Mysterio says that Reigns disrespected his family, and that he is waiting. Roman Reigns makes his way out to the ring with Paul Heyman by his side. Mysterio says that he acknowledges Reigns “for the rat bastard” that he is. Mysterio says that Reigns is a man he is willing to fight, even if he will lose the fight. Mysterio then says he wants to fight Reigns in the Hell in a Cell. Mysterio throws the mic to the ground and Heyman hands another mic to Reigns. Reigns says that he acknowledges Reigns as a father and Mysterio immediately hits Reigns with a kendo stick. Reigns attempts to fight back and throws Mysterio outside of the ring. Mysterio gets back in and is hit with a Superman punch. Dominik Mysterio hits Reigns with a kendo stick from behind and Reigns sends Dominik to the outside with a huge power bomb. Mysterio goes to check on Dominik as officials come out to keep Reigns away from the Mysterios as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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