Kenny Omega is currently the AAA Mega Champion, Impact Wrestling Champion and also the AEW World Champion. He has been booked as one of the best champions in recent memory and his high work rate speaks for itself.

The Wednesday Night Wars between WWE and AEW began in October 2019 as AEW Dynamite and NXT went head-to-head every week in order to see who would come out the better show. AEW Dynamite would win in the ratings war for the majority of the time. The Wars finally came to an end in April after NXT moved to Tuesday nights.

While many considered it an actual war between the two companies, there are those who really didn’t see it that way and that includes Kenny Omega. While speaking to the Pro Wrestling Illustrated podcast, Kenny Omega talked about AEW and WWE competing against each other.

Kenny Omega stated that he never felt like it was a battle for Wednesday as it was a battle all across the board. Omega added that he doesn’t compete to steal wrestling fans from another promotion.

“I never felt one way or another towards the war, if you want to call it that. I wouldn’t call it that. I knew we would tell different stories and show different matches in our company. I can only control what I have handed, which would be my stuff and a variety of other things that may or may not be on the show. I’m sure The Bucks feel the same way. For NXT to have moved to Tuesday, sure, great. I never felt like it was a battle for Wednesday, it’s a battle across the board. There is so much wrestling, every day during the week. I think back to when I was a fan and I thought I was a megafan and even at the height of my fandom, I couldn’t watch the amount of wrestling that is available today. The real war is how do you get the eyeballs for your day of the week. We’re not battling for Wednesday, we’re battling for the week. There are so many great wrestlers and no one roster with all the great athletes. How do you be different enough or get eyes on your product by doing something different than everyone else that week? That’s the name of the game for me. I love a lot of those NXT guys and a lot of them are my friends. I love to see them doing well and love when I hear they have a great match,” 

Both WWE and AEW are undoubtedly trying their best to improve their product so that they can keep fans happy, but that has had mixed results so far, especially in WWE’s case.

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