It’s Friday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 10:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any
reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • AEW TNT Championship: Miro vs. Evil Uno
  • The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler vs. PAC, Penta El Zero M, and Eddie Kingston
  • Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Hangman Page and Dark Order’s 10
  • Christian Cage vs. Angelico
  • Don Callis and Kenny Omega expose AEW World title conspiracy
  • Cody Rhodes’ special announcement
  • The Pinnacle speaks
  • Leyla Hirsh vs. Nyla Rose

The Pinnacle is shown entering the building in a limo.

Matt Hardy is already in the ring with TH2. Hardy says Christian Cage has always been jealous of him. Matt says Christian will never recover from this next match! Christian Cage makes his entrance for our first match.

Christian Cage vs. Angelico

Lock up to start, Angelico gets the arm, Cage reverses into a head lock. Cage wrenches the arm, Angelico with an arm drag. Angelico offers the leg cockily, Cage slaps him in the face, Cage with strikes in the corner. Angelico hits stomps on the arm and locks in an arm submission. Cage fights out with shots to the mid section, Angelico whips Cage hard into the corner.

Cage hit with a running kick, Angelico into a arm bar, Cage gets to the ropes. Angelico with shots in the corner, Angelico continues the wring the arm, Cage swings out into a reverse DDT. Cage with a running elbow strike, missile dropkick, into a 2 count. Cage with a neckbreaker on the ropes. Cage goes to the top and hits a diving headbutt, 2 count. Angelico whips the arm to the mat, Cage gets the feet up off a diving strike from Angelico. Angelico hits an enziguri and a jack-knife pin, 2 count. The two men bump heads and fall to the mat, Cage hits the pendulum kick into a diving uppercut and finally hits the Killswitch for the victory.

WINNER: Christian Cage

Jack Evans attacks Cage right after the bell rings. As Cage fights off Evans, Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate. Jungle Boy runs out to make the save as Matt Hardy and TH2 run away.

Commercial Break

Tony Schiavone is in the ring. Tony says next week we will have a big debut, Brock Anderson, the son of Arn Anderson, in a tag match with Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes makes his entrance along with Arn and Brock Anderson. Cody says next week Brock will show the world that he will step up to the plate and hit a home run. Cody says he wants revenge for being beaten by Anthony Ogogo last week. QT Marshall interrupts, saying he was the one who pinned Cody last week.

Marshall says he is sick of Cody’s pet projects, he has been skipping guys like Solow and Comoroto. When AEW goes back on the road, he wants a full house to whip your ass. He doesnt mean metaphorically, he wannts a south Beach Strap Match. Cody says lets do it right now. Marshall whips Arn Anderson with his belt, Brock Anderson attacks QT, the refs run down to break them up as QT scurries away.

Pac and Penta make their entrance for our next match, Eddie Kingston is next out to join his tag partners. Earlier today, Kingston says the enemy of my enemy is my friend and today they will have to work together, right Pac? Pac stares at him and says nothing. The Young bucks are out next, along with Brandon Cutler, Don Callis accompanies them to ringside. Callis joins commentary.

The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler vs. PAC, Penta El Zero M, and Eddie Kingston

Pac and Matt Jackson start the match. Pac wants Cutler in the match, Matt Jackson attacks Pac but Pac easily gets the advantage. Matt goes to tag but Nick and Cutler don’t want tot ag in. Cutler gets in the ring and Pac dominates him. Tag to Penta even though Kingston wanted to tag in. Penta with a stomp to Cutler, 2 count. Penta with a low kick to Cutler, huge chop to the chest. Kingston tags in, forearm strike, knees to the gut, double stomp, 2 count. Vertical suplex from Kingston, 2 count.

Pac tags himself in, huge kick to Cutler, throws Cutler to his corner to tag in Matt, hip toss to both Bucks, Pac mocks the Bucks pose, throws Nick out of the ring, kicks to Matt Nick trips Pac but Pac returns fire, back body drop to Cutler, Mat hits a baseball slide to Pac. Picture in picture. Kingston brings in a chair, distracting the referee and the Bucks take advantage. The Bucks beat down Kingston, Nick Jackson mocks the Macho Man pose. The Bucks and Cutler beat down Pac in the corner. Cutler sprays Nick down with the cold spray.

Penta gets in the ring without a tag and the ref pushes him back. Back from picture in picture, Pac starts to fight out, throws Nick out of the ring, Matt misses a swinging DDT, Pac refuses to tag Kingson at first but finally makes the tag, Kingston hits a belly to belly on Matt, exploder suplex on Nick. Tag to Penta, diving cross body to both Bucks, superkicks to Cutler and the Bucks, Destroyer to Nick. Cutler sweeps the leg of Penta, Penta hits a back stabber on Nick, sit out driver on Matt, Cutler breaks the pinfall. PAc tags in, goes for the black Arrow, Cutler distracts him. Kingston with strikes but gets leveled by Nick Jackson. Penta hits an armdrag on Nick. Penta with a tope suicida on Cutler and Nick.

Pac hits the 450 Splash on Matt, into the Brutalizer, Nick tries to break the submission but Pac doesn’t let go. Kingston adn Pac hit double suicide dive to the outside. Matt gets a roll up on Pac, 2 count, Pac with kiciks to Matt, Nick kicks Pac. Tag to Cutler, Cutler misses an elbow. Kingston attacks Cutler, Pac gets the pinfall.

WINNER: Pac, Pentagon & Kingston.

The Elite run down immediately and attack Pac , Penta and Kingston, the Good Brothers run down, but Kaz runs down as well to make the save. Kaz with a huge lariat on Cutler.

Don Callis introduces an extremely doctored video package showing a conspiracy against Kenny Omega.

Commercial Break

The Pinnacle makes their entrance. MJF looks pissed off, tries to attack the camera man. Dax Harewood says Stadium Stampede didn’t go their way but that’s ok, the match wasn’t designs for men like them. Dax says them and Santana and Ortiz aren’t that different. Dax says he has a bank account that he needs to fill up, Cash says it has been two years and Santana and Ortiz still haven’t won the tag titles, they are happy being a footnote in somebody elses story.

Spears says the Jericho called Sammy a hero, why? Sammy is a glorified indy wrestler, this is want professionals look like and they aren’t finished. Wardlow says Hager is obsessed with him, why is that? Every match he brings out the best in Hager, Hager has invited him to step into his world, it doesn’t matter, when you stand across from Wardlow you are always in Wardlow’s World.

MJF says he’s tired. He is already the best and that’s daunting. He grew up idolising Jericho. In 2019, MJF walked to the back and saw Jericho, his heart was pounding because he got the chance to tag with Jericho but he realised he spent all that time idolising a false god, not remotely on his level. MJF denied Jericho’s match request. Says Sammy has the same speaking skills as Helen Keller, I am better than you and you know it. The crowd has been chanting “Inner Circle” all over this.

Jericho is backstage saysign you know how this always goes. The Inner Circle are backstage with the Pinnacle’s limo. the Inner Circle wrecks the Limo. Jericho’s says they better get ready to walk home. MJF says this is illiagal and he is going to call the cops. Hager is in a forklift, which he drives right into the side of the limo, he lifts the limo up and lets it fall to the ground. Jericho says they better call an uber. Sammy says he will fight MJF any day of the week.

Commercial Break.

Sting and Darby Allin are backstage. Darby says he wont replace Sting next week, he wants a handicap match. Darby tells Sting to stay home, Sting tries to reject but Darby Allin says Sting got the win in the tag match, he want to prove himself. Sting says he has nothing to prove. Darby says he wants Sting to stay home, they fist bump and Sting agrees.

A video package of Evil Uno’s relationship with Brodie Lee. He wants to be the one to bring pride to the Dark Order and want Brodie to be proud of him.

Evil Uno make his entrance along with the rest of the Dark Order, including -1. The TNT Champion, Miro, is out next. Miro is intensely staring down Uno.

AEW TNT Championship: Miro vs. Evil Uno

Lock up to start, Miro powers Uno to the corner. Another lock up, Miro takes down Uno, body slam. Miro mocks the crowd, kick to the midsection. Uno with a chop,no effect. Uno sends Miro to the outside, Miro drags Uno to the outside, Miro misses a strikes and hits the ring post. Uno with a senton off the apron. Back elbow to Miro, boot, Miro catches Uno into a slam.

Picture in picture. Miro continues to dominate, Uno goes for chops to no effect. Miro with shots in the corner, whips Uno hard into the corner. Miro pulls on the mask of Uno. Miro locks in a straight jacket submission. Uno fights out, Miro with a huge dropkick. Miro sends Uno to the outside, knocking him off the apron. Miro mocks the crowd. Stu Greyson and 5 come down to support Uno, Uno breaks the countout and gets in the ring.

Miro attacks Greyson, sending him over the barricade, 5 runs away. Back in the ring, Uno hits a jawbreaker. Forearm strikes, huricanrana from Uno, clothesline in the corner, and another, big boot by Uno. Uno hits a senton, Miro kicks out at 1. The rest of Dark Order run out to support Uno. Uno stomps on Miro’s hands, elbow strike, Miro with a rollup, Uno powers out and Miro goes face first into an exposed turnbuckle. Uno covers and Miro just kicks out at 2. Uno hits a discus lariat but Miro doesn’t go down. Miro hits a lariat of his own. Miro locks in Game Over, Uno taps out.


Miro celebrates with the belt.

A video package on Andrade El Idolo.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring, introduces Kenny Omega. Don Callis accompanies Omega to the ring. Tony says the video package from earlier was ridiculous. Callis says stop insulting the World Champion. We overcame a conspiracy to keep the title. To Omega, Jungle Boy is a one hit wonder. Omega says he is supposed to sell this match like Jungle Boy is a contender, but guess what, he cant bring himself to say anything disparaging about him. He see a bit of Kenny Omega in him, one day he may be a Champion. But there is one thing he cant put his finger one but what is he missing. Callis says he has it all but he doesnt have the guts.

Jungle Boy makes his entrance to interrupt Omega and Callis. Omega says he has never known Jungle Boy to be a promo guy, he has nothing to say. Jungle Boy says Omega talks way to much, Omega tries to attack but Jungle Boy sees it coming and attacks Omega, Omega rakes the eyes and beats down Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy sweeps the leg and gets the snare trap locked in. The Young Bucks run down to save Omega. Jungle Boy’s music plays as he stares down the Elite.

Jade Carghill and Mark Sterling are backstage. Sterling says they have stripped away all the freeloaders, Jade has a family to feed, they will make sure she is a household name across all media. Jade says she is that bitch.

Commercial Break.

Sky and Page says they gave Darby and opportunity to get a tag partner. They have seen him do a lot of dumb thing but this is the dumbest. Page says actions have consequences. They took away his TNT title, what will happen when they pin him in the ring. Bit by bit they will chop him down and raise themselves to the next level. they call themselves the Men of the Year.

Lance Archer makes his entrance. He attacks his opponent before the bell.

Lance Archer vs. Chandler Hopkins

Huge chokeslam from Archer. Archer dominates, Archer hits the blackout for the victory.

WINNER: Lance Archer

Archer walks to the back immediately.

Backstage, the Wingmen offer Orange Cassidy a place in the wingman program, offering him a makeover.

Nyla Rose makes her entrance accompanied by Vickie Guererro. Leyla Hirsh is out next. Hirsh throws a stool at Rose.

Leyla Hirsh vs. Nyla Rose

Rose attacks Hirsh immediately. Huge clothesline, Hirsh reverse a body slam into a cross arm breaker. Rose gets to the ropes. Hirsh with shots in the corner, shotgun dropkick to Rose and a suicide dive but Rose catches her. Rose powers Hirsh into the apron. Hirsh throws Rose into the ring post. Rose ragdolls Hirsh into the barricade.

Rose with a diving knee drop, 2 count. Picture in picture. Vickie slaps Hirsh while the refs back is turned. Rose works the arm, biting at Hirsh’s fingers. Hirsh with kicks to Rose but Rose throws her across the ring. Hirsh hits knees in the corner, 2 count. Hirsh with a german suplex and a diving knee strike. Huge moonsault to Rose, Rose gets to the ropes. Hirsh locks in an armbar, Rose powers out. Rose hangs Hirsh on the ropes, but she fights out. Rose with a headbutt on the top, and then a powerbomb from the top rope, 3 count.

WINNER: Nyla Rose

Rose celebrates with Vickie in the ring. Tony is backstage with Britt Baker, Baker says at first she was pissed at Rose for ruining her celebration. Rose looked good flipping burgers so maybe she should do that full time. She is already to most superior women’s champion this company has ever had. This title makes you, but Baker makes this title and she is making a new era.

Commentary runs down next weeks card.

Commercial Break.

Next up is our main event. Team Tazz make their entrance, Brain Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs. Tazz joins commentary. Dark Order’s 10 makes his entrance next. Hangman Page is last out.

Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Hangman Page and Dark Order’s 10

Huge “lets go Hangman” chants as Page starts strong going right for Cage. Page hits a standing moonsault, Cage with a hip toss into a back breaker. Elbow strikes from Page and 10 blind tags in, with shots to Cage, 10 hits a huge kick to Cage in the corner, Hobbs with a knee to the back of 10 and tags in. Hobbs chokes 10 on the ropes. Hobbs with a huge knee to the midsection. Picture in picture.

Hobbs with a suplex, Hobbs trips 10 and throws 10 into the barricade. Cage does curls with 10 and overhead throws 10. Pinfall from Cage, 2 count. Cage with a back elbow and a kick between the shoulder blade, standing moonsault. Hook and Starks runs down to supports Team Tazz. huge dropkick from Cage, 2 count. 10 tries to fight out, discus strike to Cage, Cage knocks Page off the apron, 10 hits a pumpkick. Hobbs tags in and gets an elbow strike from Page.

Page goes form a powerslam but cant get Hobbs up. Hobbs throws Page out of the ring and Cage catches him, age gets in the ring and gets a pin on Hobbs, 2 count. Hobbs with a huge crossbody, 2 count as 10 breaks the pin. Cage hits the 619 on 10. Page with huge right hands on Hobbs, 10 tags in, spine buster on Hobbs. 10 goes for a full nelson but get lock it in. Cage tags in with a diving uppercut, release German suplex, a high low from Team Tazz, 2 count.

Hook distracts the ref, Cage throws the FTW title away after Starks gave it to him. Starks slaps Cage and chases Starks to the back. 10 goes for a full nelson but Hobb hits a spinebuster for a 2 count as Page breaks the count. Hobbs throws Page out of the ring, 10 hits a cutter, Page hits the Buckshot Lariat to get the victory.

WINNER: Hangman Page & 10

The Dark Order all come out to celebrate with 10 and Page. Page and 10 clink their beers together, -1 is drinking water and Dynamite ends with the Dark Order standing tall.

Martin Dickinson

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