Sasha Banks has a ton of fans who will stan for her no matter what, even if she’s trying to get booed. That heel persona is quite natural for her and she has slipped into it several times. We can’t forget the TakeOver match against Bayley where she made Izzy cry.

Just Women’s Sports podcast recently had a chance to speak with the Blueprint. She discussed her love of adopting a heel persona. She loves taking happiness away from fans to draw heat.

She might be in the shadows on SmackDown right now, but Banks is ready to leap up as soon as her name is called to draw substantial heel heat once again. Fans might not have to wait long until Banks is beckoning them to hate her again.

“It’s such a good feeling. I love taking that away from people. I love making them angry. The fact that I did that with my energy or because of my performance, it just lets me know my connection with them. Because a lot of times fans can change the way of a match or the way of a promo. They can take over, they are very, very in the know. But you’ve got to be ahead of yourself and you’ve got to have a voice and a base to let them know ‘no, let me take you for this ride. Let’s see if I can make you like me or see if you hate me.’ It’s such a cool vibe and experience that we get to play with.”

Bayley and Bianca Belair will battle at Hell in a Cell on June 20th. You can never count out Sasha Banks from making an appearance to further her feud with the EST of WWE. Obviously, the two are not finished with each other after their historic WrestleMania match.

Sasha Banks has also used her WWE status to gain a spot in the Star Wars universe. We’ll have to see what’s next on that front, but Banks obviously can’t wait to get back to annoying live fans once again.

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Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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