WWE released Aleister Black from his contract weeks after bringing him back to television. This decision shocked many fans and now we are learning about all of the missed opportunities that WWE let slip through their fingers regarding the former NXT Champion.

While talking about his WWE career on Oral Sessions, the former Aleister Black, now Tommy End once again, revealed that WWE nixed a couple of big feuds for him. There was talk at one point of pairing him up with AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. None of those potentially amazing feuds happened.

“One of the cool pitches for me was that for a moment when I had that match with AJ [Styles], one of the things leading up to WrestleMania was that during the end of my match with AJ, The Undertaker appeared and helped me and saved me from the beatdown The Good Brothers gave me. One of the pitches was at WrestleMania, it was going to be the other way around. So, it was AJ and Taker, and one of the pitches was that towards the end of that match, the Good Brothers would come out or something to that extent, and I would be the one to help Taker. The fact that they even considered that was like, wow! It was very cool.”

“One of Heyman’s ideas was to have Samoa Joe or Brock Lesnar come into the room at the time that would eventually lead to an interaction between me, Brock Lesnar or Samoa Joe. I would cut a promo in this room, and Lesnar would come in through the darkness and choke me out and stuff.”


Paul Heyman was a huge fan of Aleister Black. He pushed for high profile matches, but then Heyman was released and Black’s push stalled. It was eventually dropped all together.

Odds are Tommy End will benefit another pro wrestling company in a big way. He might even be able to get out of his non-compete clause by the time AEW’s All Out event rolls around. We will keep our fingers crossed on that one.

What’s your take on WWE releasing Aleister Black? Why didn’t WWE push him? Sound off in the comments!

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