16-time World Champion John Cena is one of the most popular Superstars in WWE history. He was the face of the company for over a decade and he remained a babyface for the entire time. This is despite the fact that many fans wanted him to turn heel.

John Cena showed he could be an effective heel with his Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick but WWE never really pulled the trigger once Cena became the face of the company. That doesn’t mean the company didn’t have ideas for John Cena to turn heel.

While speaking on the We Watch Wrestling Podcast,” former WWE writer Matt McCarthy talked about WWE’s plans for John Cena as a heel. McCarthy stated that Vince McMahon wanted John Cena to be a heel like Bret Hart, where he would be a heel in certain locations and a babyface everywhere else. Cena rejected that idea as he wanted to be a ‘full heel.’

“Vince kept trying to figure out how do we do like a Bret Hart thing? Where he’s a heel in some places, but he’s a babyface in the rest of the places. Cena was like, ‘If I’m going heel, I want to go full heel.’” 


Cena hasn’t been seen since WrestleMania 36 in the Firefly Funhouse match against Bray Wyatt but it is likely he will be back next month during the Houston live events. We will have to see whether John Cena really does appear or not.

h/t to WrestleZone for the quotes

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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