WWE released Aleister Black two weeks after he started a new feud with Big E. This was a surprise for a lot of people who expected Black’s rivalry with Big E to continue, even though there was no endgame on the table. That resulted in Big E missing SmackDown last week.

Ringside News has asked about this situation, especially why Big E wasn’t used on SmackDown last week. There was some natural worry within the fan base about his status after Aleister Black was released.

We were told that the decision was already made by Vince McMahon to axe Aleister Black. McMahon didn’t want to follow-up on that storyline because he knew Black was being released.

Additionally, we were told that Vince McMahon hadn’t signed off on Big E’s next feud yet. That is the reason why the New Day member was off television last week. It has nothing to do with his job being at risk. He simply didn’t have anyone to feud with yet.

Aleister Black was a victim of WWE’s plans changing on him. This is an all too common issue in WWE. Sadly, his situation was a bit extreme because it included his release.

Were you surprised about Aleister Black’s WWE release? Sound off in the comments!

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