WWE is always trying out new things to improve their product and it seems that a new ring could be coming to the main roster. They are testing out a new design in NXT, but it doesn’t look that different from the outside.

Ringside News has learned that the NXT ring was modded a few months ago. It wouldn’t be a huge shock to see the WWE main roster use the new style of ring when they go on tour.

We were told that NXT was testing a new kind of ring before WrestleMania. The idea is to replace the wood they use in the ring with something similar in terms of how it is set up, but it is “more like a plastic.”

This new plastic material helps absorb bumps better to lessen some of the damage that Superstars put on their bodies. We will have to see if WWE uses this idea on the main roster, but it is one they are testing out in NXT.


WWE will get back on the road in July, but no NXT live touring dates have been announced yet. It is not 100% that WWE Superstars will be taking bumps in this new ring, but it is a very high possibility.

What do you think about WWE experimenting with taking the wood out of their rings? Sound off in the comments!

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H Jenkins

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