Update: Ricochet has deleted his tweet about Io Shirai, but nothing ever really goes away online.

Original: Ricochet is very confident in himself, as he should be. They call him The Only And Only for a reason. WWE sent out a little question for fans and they probably didn’t expect that it would receive such a reaction.

WWE sent out four photos asking fans who is their favorite high-flyer in WWE. The options were Ricochet, Io Shirai, AJ Styles, and Rey Mysterio. Obviously, fans could write-in whoever they like.

Ricochet replied to this tweet with: “There’s literally no one who can do what I do and how I do it. But I’ll let y’all discuss.” That was a bit of a heel response, and it caught some fans off guard.


One fan replied to Ricochet to say, “Touche. In that aspect I can agree, but Io Shirai is also a phenomenal high flyer as well. She’s the best at what she does.” This received another reply from Ricochet that included plenty of shade.

I’m not saying she’s not amazing. She 100% is. But I can do EVERYTHING she can, probably even better. She can’t do what I am capable of, maybe not even half.

We’ll have to see if Ricochet has a chance to prove that he is the best high-flyer in WWE. The company has given him enough start/stop pushes at this point. Still, that won’t convince Io Shirai fans that he has a one-up on her at all.

Sadly, since WWE doesn’t book intergender matches we will likely never see Ricochet vs Shirai battle to prove who is really superior in the sky.

Who do you think is the best high-flyer in WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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