Zombies invaded WrestleMania Backlash and Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead film got far more promotion than they ever expected out of the deal. Some fans were pretty upset, but that didn’t stop WWE from cashing in on a cross-promotional deal.

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WWE Official Adam Pearce heard all of the fan reactions about the zombies. Obviously, he realizes it was a big miss with some fans. Big Dave Bautista had very interesting way of dealing with this criticism.

Pearce is a funny guy and he just couldn’t help himself from throwing out a couple of tweets on the morning after WrestleMania Backlash to further get at fans who are still miffed that WWE “ruined” a pay-per-view with a zombie invasion.


“Why did you book zombies for the wrestling show!?!?!?!?”

It was a no-brainer

Adam Peace is obviously a father, because he had one more “dad joke” prepared for fans on Twitter. He followed that first tweet up with: “Guys, I’ve never seen anything like it. Those zombies were dying to get into the ThunderDome.”

We’ll have to see if zombies return, but it’s doubtful. Hopefully, WWE will have a good reason to explain why The Miz and John Morrison weren’t murdered by a zombie hoard as well. That might be a very interesting explanation.

Do you want to see a faction of zombie lumberjacks stick around WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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