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Tonight’s NXT will be a hardcore one, with Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon defending their Tag Titles against Candace LeRae and Indi Hartwell in a Street Fight. Not only that, but Isaiah “Swerve” Scott look to settle their beef once and for all in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Let us know which of these matches you’re most excited to see!

Also in tag team action tonight, Grizzled Young Veterans take-on the literal grizzled veterans in Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa. And to top off an action-packed show, The Prince Finn Balor returns to the black and gold brand for the first time since losing the NXT Championship to Karrion Kross. What will Balor have to say? Will he look for a rematch? Let us know what you think!

You can expect all that and more on tonight’s NXT. All you have to do is hit the link below to refresh, join the conversation, and enjoy the show!


This week’s NXT opens with a preview of what’s to come tonight. We go live to the Capitol Wrestling Centre and out comes Leon Ruff for the first match of the night.

Falls Count Anywhere

Leon Ruff Vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

The match gets underway and Ruff rushes across the ring, right into a boot from Scott. Swerve laughs at Ruff ans shoves him before putting him in the corner and chopping him. Ruff fights back and looks for a springboard but stops himself and waits for Swerve before leaping onto him. Ruff counters but Swerve catches him and slams him. Swerve forces Ruff into the buckles but gets shot out of the ring. Ruff dives through the ropes but Scott catches him on his shoulders and throws Ruff into the apron with a Death Valley Driver.

Swerve slowly lifts Ruff and throws him into the barricade, then again before hitting a swidewalk slam on the ramp for a two-count. Isaiah gets Ruff back in the ring and continues the beatdown while getting cocky. Ruff is put on the top rope and caught with a massive superplex. Swerve kicks Ruff from the ring and gets on the apron and runs for a kick but Leon dodges it and tangles him in the ropes. Ruff beats on Swerve who is hanging upside down until Scott falls down. Ruff jumps off the steps but Scott slaps him in mid-air. Swerve shoves Ruff and pulls a toolbox from under the ring and throws it at him like a rocket but Ruff dodges.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Swerve is now beating Ruff on the stage. During the commercial they fought backstage and Swerve powerbombed Ruff into some steel lockers – the same lockers Leon slammed him into a few weeks ago. Swerve poses on the stage and it allows Ruff to knock him off the stage. Ruff follows-up with a swanton off the stage for a two-count. They get back down to the ring and fight on the apron. Swerve pulls Ruff up on the ropes and wants another superplex but Ruff counters with a huge crucifix bomb for a near-fall!

Swerve goes to the apron and Ruff grabs him by the hair, then slides out of the ring between Scott’s legs and looks for a powerbomb but can’t get it. Swerve kicks him off but Ruff runs back up and hits a posionrana from the apron to the floor! They both slowly get back to their feet and talk trash, then Ruff jumps at him but Swerve hits a sit-out bomb for a near-fall. Swerve then runs at Ruff but misses and hits the steel steps. Ruff hits Swerve with the toolbox and puts him back in the ring for a five star frog splash and a near-fall.

Ruff applies a kneebar but Swerve rolls to the outside to get away. Ruff goes to the apron and jumps off for a cutter on the floor. Ruff clotheslines Swerve over the barricade, then goes over it himself and climbs onto a production area. Ruff is jumps off but gets caught by AJ Francis – a member of Scott’s crew – and thrown onto the barricade with an Attitude Adjustment. Swerve then drags Ruff back into the ring and hits the JML Driver for the win.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

We see The Prince, Finn Balor, arriving at the NXT arena earlier today. We’ll be hearing from Balor later tonight.

*Commercial Break*

Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano walk into William Regal’s office and he’s in a meeting with Scarlett, who looks furious. Gargano rants about Regal not having time for him and says they’re going to talk later. Theory seems like he’s staring at Scarlett’s chest and saying “wow, they’re so big, are they real?” but then grabs her hand and examines her fake nails until Gargano drags him out.

Asher Hale Vs. Cameron Grimes

The match begins and Grimes takes the back and slams Hale down and poses. Hale takes a side headlock and Grimes tries to shoot him off but he holds on. Grimes tries again and gets it, then drops him with a shoulder. Grimes looks for another but Asher avoids it and hits a basement dropkick. Asher hits a few leg kicks until Grimes chops him down. Grimes beats Hale down in the corner and clobbers him with a European uppercut.

Grimes leans on the ropes and swings a kick but Asher catches it and hits a dragon whip. Asher goes up top and hits a missile dropkick. Grimes tries to escape the ring and Asher grabs him but Grimes kicks him back. Grimes counters Asher and hits a spinning sidewalk slam. Grimes connects with the running double stomp for the win!

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro are backstage and they’re asked about Xia Li. Kayden says she doesn’t care about Li, she can be a weirdo if she wants but they’re done with her. Kacy says they’re more concerned with the women’s tag team titles. Up walks Franky Monet and she says she loves them, they’re so cute, but it’s going to take them a really long time to be ready for the tag team titles. But she believes in them. Monet walks off and Kacy holds Kayden back.

*Commercial Break*

Cameron Grimes is celebrating backstage when Ever Rise appear and congratulate him. He says he loves their show but they need more, they need Cameron Grimes. He then says he’s going to the… V.I.P room and walks off.

Grizzled Young Veterans Vs. Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa and Thatcher now have some near-matching gear. We start with Ciampa and Drake and they lock-up. Ciampa is shot off and he drops Drake with a shoulder and goes to a headlock. Ciampa beats on Drake and take the wrist before tagging Thatcher who continues the work. Drake backs off and Thatcher allows him to tag Gibson. Thatcher grabs the wrist and gets whipped to the ropes but drops Gibson with a shoulder.

Thatcher attacks the arm of Gibson but the Liverpudlian turns it over and twists Thatcher’s ankle. Thatcher applies a sleeper and Drake runs in and kicks him but Timothy holds on. Ciampa rushes in and drops Drake, then he and Thatcher hold them both and and a flurry of forearms. Drake rolls to the outside as Ciampa and Thatcher get fired-up.

*Commercial Break*

Thatcher is beating Drake in the corner and whips him across the ring but James flips over the ropes and lands on the apron. Drake tags Gibson from the apron but the referee says that’s not legal. Drake uses the momentary distraction to snap Thatcher on the top rope, then tags Gibson so they can double-team him. Gibson takes a facelock and holds Thatcher down, even throwing some headbutts in. Drake tags back in and Thatcher kicks him away to tag Ciampa.

Tommaso hits the ropes like a madman and clotheslines Drake and Gibson over and over until he catches them both with a double clothesline. Ciampa puts Drake in the corner and chops him silly before tagging Thatcher for repeated forearms. Ciampa tags in again and hits a flurry of strikes with toothless Timmy for a two-count. Gibson tags in against Thatcher but gets caught with a belly-to-belly. Ciampa and Drake run in and all four men start brawling. Ciampa and Drake tumble to the outside and Gibson batters Thatcher with uppercuts until Thatcher slaps him.

Thatcher hits a butterfly suplex for a near-fall. Drake rolls back inside after kicking Ciampa into the announce desk. He and Gisbon beat Thatcher and Drake hits a suicide dive to Ciampa. Gibson catches Timmy with a spinning suplex for a near-fall. Ciampa drags Drake off the apron and rolls into the ring but the referee stops him. Ciampa tosses Wade Barrett’s boot to Timmy behind the referee’s back. Thatcher uses the distraction to hit Gibson with Barret’s boot, then applies an armbreaker for the submission win!

Winners: Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa

Gargano and Theory are walking backstage looking for Regal again. Regal appears and Gargano tells him he shouldn’t have to face Bronson Reed. Gargano makes his case and Regal listens, then tells him it’s definitely happening. Regal then tells Theory that, because of tonight, Scarlett wants him in a match with Karrion Kross next week.

*Commercial Break*

We see Isaiah Scott walking backstage with his entourage and he stops to tell us he said he would beat Leon Ruff and that’s exactly what he did.

Tonight will see Zayda Ramier face Sarray, both of whom debuted last week with impressive wins.

The NXT Champion, Karrion Kross, comes to the ring with Scarlett. Kross says that, three weeks ago, he made things crystal clear. Whoever was ready just had to step-up and roll the dive. Instead, all he got was people saying they aren’t afraid of him. So that begs the question, what are they waiting for? He says it’s time to give the people what they want. He’s the NXT Champion, he doesn’t have to prove anyone wrong, they have to prove him right. Next week, he’s going to drop Austin Theory on his head and leave him unconscious.

Captain charisma himself, Kyle O’Reilly, comes to the ring. O’Reilly says he gets it, he gets why Kross thinks everyone should be afraid of him. Because he’s dominant. He came out here to say he’s not afraid and this is the match he wants. O’Reilly says something tells him this is the match Kross wants as well. Pete Dunne interrupts before they can make things official. Dunne asks if thye’re having a laugh. He says he doesn’t care who wants to see this match, he doesn’t care about the new Kyle O’Reilly, and he doesn’t care if Kross is the Champion. He says he’s the baddest man in NXT and he dares them to prove him wrong.

Finn Balor comes out. Balor says he’s already beaten Pete Dunne. He’s beaten Kyle O’Reilly twice. Balor then punches Kross but the Champion drops him. Dunne attacks Kross but gets thrown over the ropes. O’Reilly attacks Kross but gets slammed into the corner. Balor hits a shotgun dropkick to Kross, slamming him into O’Reilly. Security rush down and pull O’Reilly away. Balor and Kross continue to brawl and Karrion knocks him from the ring. Security drag Balor away and one gets inside to hold Kross back but he gets hit with a saito suplex.

Kross draws a line in the ring with his boot and stares at Balor. Suddenly Gargano and Theory attack Kross from behind. The big man tries to fight back but the numbers get the better of him. They get him down to his knees and hit a double superkick. Gargano waits for him to get up and htis Kross with the North American Championship! Gargano and Theory stare at Kross before leaving as Scarlett slides in to check on Karrion.

*Commercial Break*

Gargano and Theory are escaping the arena and Sarah Schrieber tries to interview them. She asks if they aren’t staying for Candace and Indi’s match. Gargano says they already know they’re going to win so they’re just going to get the party ready.

Sarray Vs. Zayda Ramier

As the bell rings, they shake hands before locking-up. Zayda takes her down with a side headlock but Sarray escapes and they trade reversals back and forth. Sarray sends Ramier into the ropes and clocks her with a nasty dropkick. Zayda eventually comes back and leaps over Sarray and takes her down with an STF but Sarray quickly grabs the ropes. Sarray hits a roll-up for a two, then hits a spinebuster.

Sarray wraps Zayda’s legs and bends backwards to grab her head and try to submit her. Zayda grabs the ropes and Sarray releases but quickly follows-up with a dropkick against the bottom rope. Sarray goes to the middle rope and connects with another stiff dropkick. Ramier rallies and lands some forearms but again Sarray hits a dropkick.

Sarray wants the basement dropkick again but Ramier dodges and they seem to botch whatever they were going for. Ramier backs Sarray into the corner and hits a back elbow. Ramier connects with a slingblade for a two-count. Sarray hits Zayda and lands a German suplex. Sarray hits a saito suplex for the win.

Winner: Sarray

We see Imperium sitting backstage and Walter is talking in German on a tablet. Whatever Walter says, Alexander Wolfe gets up and walks off, leaving the others looking confused.

*Commercial Break*

We see Zayda Ramier sitting backstage, holding her neck and Sarray appears and talks to her. Toni Storm is in the background making a b-line for them but Zoey Stark bumps into her and makes her back off. Stark then sits with Ramier as well.

LA Knight makes his way to the ring. He says he’s back and the “incels” at ringside will soon be chanting his name. But just because they chant his name does not mean they’re cool. Knight says he’s facing Jake Atlas tonight and he’s going to kick his ass so far he;s going to need an atlas to find it.

LA Knight Vs. Jake Atlas

As soon as Knight gets iside he gets hit with an arm-drag by Atlas. Knight fights up and beats Atlas into the corner but Jake soon knocks him out of the ring. Atlas hits the ropes and wants a suicide dive but Knight jumps up and intercepts him in mid-air. Knight leaps over the ropes to clock Atlas with a shoulder, then beats him down. Atlas rallise and catches Knight with an enziguiri for a two-count. Atlas approaches Knight but gets yanked into the turnbuckles face-first. Knight beats him in the corner and Atlas fights back but Knight catches him with a facebuster for the win.

Winner: LA Knight

Candace LeRae and Indi Hartwell are in the locker room and talking about their upcoming title match. Suddenly Dexter Lumis appears behind a glass door with a bouqet of roses. LeRae notices and she casually walks over and shuts the blinds so Indi can’t see him.

*Commercial Break*

Toni Storm is backstage and she says Zoey Stark is the flavour of the month and she’s losing her taste mighty quick. Storm says Stark doesn’t deserve to share the ring with her, doesn’t deserve to even breathe the same oxygen as her. Storm says she is a worldwide Superstar and future Hall of Famer, while Stark won’t even be remembered in a year. She brought her into this business and she will take her back out.

Legado Del Fantasma are in the ring. Santos Escobar says we’ve heard him talk about the measure of a man, family and legacy. And we’ve watched him become the Cruiserweight Champion and the emperor of lucha libre. Last week we witnessed a premonition when he beat Kushida. He will soon regain his Cruiserweight Championship. Wilde and Mendoza step-up and say they beat MSK last week and they’re coming for the Tag Team Titles.

Escobar says the measure of a man is not what he can do for himself but what he does for his brothers. Kushida appears on the big screen and says last wek was a mistake. Lucky. Next week he will face Santos Escobar agian, and the Cruiserweight Championship will be on the line. Escobar smiles and says he’s on.

Beth Phoenix conducts a split-screen interview with Mercedes Martinez and Raquel Gonzalez. Mercedes says she’s hungry and she has something to prove. She says Gonzalez intimidates most of the roster but she’s not scared. Gonzalez says all she sees is someone whose ass she will kick. Gonzalez says Raquel has no idea what she’s went through to get to where she is. She paved all the roads that Gonzalez has got to stroll down.

Mercedes says she set the bar and Gonzalez is just a cookie cutter version of her. Raquel says she’s right, she did set the bar but she set it low and she easily surpassed it. Raquel says in one year she’s achieved more than Mercedes has in her whole career. Martinez warns she will end her title reign next week but Gonzalez corrects her and says she will merely be the first in a long-line of challengers.

Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon are walking backstage, ready for their match but Franky Monet’s dog is sitting on their tank. Shotzi lifts the dog and plays with it before it runs off. Moon points out that the dog went doo-doo in the tank and they say it’s too big to be the dog.

*Commercial Break*

Cameron Grimes arrives at a nightclub and tries to get in but the bouncer won’t let him. He says he’s not allowed that the club is reserved. Suddenly a limousine rolls up and Ted Dibiase steps out. Dibiase says why pay your way in when you can buy the whole club? He then tells Grimes that everyone has their price and walks off laughing. Grimes screams “Dibiase” while the camera pulls out to a birdseye view.


Street Fight


The match begins with all four women brawling and the action immediately goes to the floor. Shotzi pulls a table from under the ring but Hartwell slas her into the barricade. Ember comes over but Indi dorps her as well, then Candace comes over and continues the assault. Candace pulls a half dozen chairs from under the ring but Moon attacks her. Shotzi and Indi are fighting on one side, while Moon pulls a trash can from under the ring.

Moon and Shotzi team to slam Candace into the barricade, then they get in the ring to double-team Indi. Moon slams Indi and Shotzi hits a funning senton. Moon sets a trash can over Indi’s head and they double dropkick it for a near-fall. Candace tosses Moon outside, then kicks Shotzi a few times and she rolls outside as well. LeRae looks to hit them both with a baseball slide but they avoid her and hit her with trash can lids. Moon and Blackheart pull a table out and set it in the ring but they get attacked by Hartwell.

Indi knocks Ember over the barricade and sets up four chairs facing each other at ringside. Shotzi attacks Indi, then Moon stands on the barricade and jumps over to slam Indi’s head into the chairs. Shotzi sets another chair on top of the others, then they set Indi on the top chair. Moon stands on the midle rope and Backheart looks to hit a suicide dive to Indi on the chairs but Candace appears nd spray them both with a fire extinguisher.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and there’s a lot more furniture set-up, including a table in the corner and a ladder from the ring to the barricade. Shotzi and Ember lay Indi and Candace on the middle rope and hit a stereo kick/senton. Moon hits Indi with a trash can, then lifts LeRae so they c hit a double-team dominator/clothesline. Candace rolls to the apron and Ember kicks her onto the propped ladder before they drop Indi with kicks.

Candace is lying on the ladder and Shotzi goes to the top rope for a flying senton! The ladder doesn’t break but they both bounce off and land hard. Moon lifts Indi and hist an Alabama slam into the table in the corner and it also doesn’t break. Shotzi is right back up and she brings another ladder into the ring. Moon and Blackheart hold hte ladder and Indi kicks it into them. Candace is also back and totally fine because who needs selling these days.

Indi sets the ladder against the ropes and places Blackheart on it, then Candace hits a springboard moonsault. Hartwell and Moon trade shots, then Indi hits a spinebuster onto a ladder for a near-fall. Indi takes Blackheart out of the ring and slams her into the barricade, then takes the lid off the announce desk. Shotzi smashes a coffee cup oer Indi’s head, then sets her on the table and scales a girder to hit a splash through the table.

Inside the ring, Moon catches Candace with a sit-out powerbomb for a near0fall. Moon goes to the top rope, wanting an Eclipse but Candace hits her. Shotzi returns but Candace drops her before putting Ember on the table at ringside. Candace fights with Shotzi and Indi reappears to jump off the the top rope with an elbow drop to Moon through the table – I guess this is the four bionic women. Candace punches Shotzi with brass knuckles, then hits a Wicked Stepsister onto a chair for the win.


That’s it for this week’s NXT. Let us know what you thought of the show. DId the complete lack of selling in the main event irritate you too? Sound off below and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Blood & Guts results. Until then, stay safe.

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