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Tonight’s NXT is set to be a bumper one, as it features the return of Adam Cole to the black and gold brand, and much more. Cole was beaten by Kyle O’Reilly in the main event of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night 2, and the two were taken to hospita together. Cole seemed like he was far from done with O’Reilly, however last week’s… unique… promo from O’Reilly suggests he’s moving on. What will Cole have to say tonight?

Mercedes Martinez will be the first challenger for Raquel Gonzalez’s NXT Championship, but tonight she must go through Dakota Kai to prove her worth. Bronson Reed looks to earn a title shot himself, by beating Austin Theory in order to get to Johnny Gargano and his North American Championship. And, finally, Legado Del Fantasma will face MSK and Kushida in a six-man tag team match. And that’s the rundown for this week’s NXT. Let us know what you’re thinking and remember to click that refresh link below. Enjoy!


Tonight’s NXT opens with Dakota Kai coming to the ring for singles action. and she’s flanked by the NXT Women’s Champion, Raquel Gonzalez. If her opponent, Mercedes Martinez, wins this match she will get a title shot against Raquel Gonzalez.

Dakota Kai W/Raquel Gonzalez Vs. Mercedes Martinez

The match begins with a lock-up and Kai takes the wrist. They exchange holds and reversals, then Kai shoots her off and looks for a leapfrog but Mercedes catches her and they tumble to the mat. Mercedes gets on the offensive and slams Kai with a big spinebuster for two. Martinez beats Kai in the corner but Dakota fires back with a DDT for a two-count.

Kai whips Mercedes to the corner and follows-up with a running face wash for a two-count. Kai leans Raquel on the middle rope and chokes her – Kai is favouring her right arm, which she may have landed on during the botched leap-frog spot. Martinez lands some right hands but Kai counters with a backbreaker for a two. Kai applies a submission but Martinez breaks free, only to get caught with a pump kick.

Kai backs her into the corner and looks for a running kick but misses and gets hung-up on the ropes. Mercedes pummels her back and hits a modified Dominator for a near-fall. Kai catches Mercedes with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckles, then hits the Kaio Kick but Martinez rolls outside before she can make the pinfall.

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Back live and Kai is still in control and tosses her from the ring. Kai goes outside and Gonzalez runs her into the apron. Back in the ring Kai kicks Mercedes as she attempts to re-enter the ring, then hits a Codebreaker for a near-fall. Kai is cocky and shoves Martinez in the face a few time. Mercedes starts firing back and hist a discus punch that drops Kai.

Mercedes targets the arm and ragdolls Dakota, then suplexes her. Martinez hits an armbreaker and Kai rolls outside, so Mercedes goes after her but Raquel stands in the way. Mercedes drops Raquel with a right hand, then gets inside and knees Dakota in the face. Martinez lifts Kai up but Gonzalez runs into the ring and kicks her to get Kai disqualified.

Winner Via Disqualifcation: Mercedes Martinez

After the match Gonzalez continues the assault on Martinez and knocks her out of the ring. Martinez is tossed into the barricade, then the ring post and Gonzalez yells at her. Raquel lawn darts Martinez into the ring chainlink fence around the barricade. Martinez and Gonzalez are on a collision course but it seems odd to me to have her be so competitive with Kai when you want her to look like a real threat to Gonzalez.

Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon are backstage for an interview and they say they can’t look past the Robert Stone Brand tonight, and they aren’t worried about The Way anyway. Officials come up and hand Shotzi and Ember each a boquet of flowers, then Franky Monet appears and pulls a card from the flowers that is apparently from Dexter Lumis but it’s obviously from Monet and she walks off as Shotzi and Moon try to pawn the flowers off on each other.

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We see a vioe of Cameron Grimes going into a jewellery store earlier today. Grimes says he wants something nice for someone…himself. The jeweller says he has something special and Grimes tells him to hurry up. To be continued.

The Grizzled Young Veterans are in the ring in suits and they talk about the six-man main event. James Drake says it’s obvious that MSK are ducking them, and Zack Gibson says MSK are “knob-heads”. Gibson says they are the fire that is lighting up the division and if a few snowflakes should melt then so be it. Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa come out and Ciampa says he’s sorry to interrupt but they’re very similar teams.

Ciampa says they themselves are grizzled, they’re veterans, and they’re leaders of the division. Ciampa says they too want to be the next NXT Tag Team Champions. He respects GYV, Thatcher’s been watching their footage and taking notes. Thatcher says they have a lot of strengths but he watched NXT TakeOver: Cardiff and that didn’t go too well. Thatcher starts signing and Ciampa attacks the GYV. Thatcher and Ciampa beat Drake down and Gibson trails him out of the ring and they retreat.

Killian Dain and Drake Maverick are interviewed backstage, tonight they face Imperium. Drake says he’s been watching wrestling a long time and he knows this is leading to Dain joining Imperium. Dain tells him to have faith and walks off.

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We get a video of Swerve in the studio, in which he talks about Leon Ruff. Swerve says he’s thought a lot about it and he’s proud of him. He didn’t think Ruff had it in him, but now that he knows he does it’s obvious the ring can’t contain them. So how about Falls Count Anywhere? Ruff wants to play the game, that’s fine and he’s going to play with Ruff’s life.

Toni Storm comes to the ring and addresses Zoey Stark. Storm says Stark owes her a thank you. She made her famous at TakeOver, but when history is written Stark will be a footnote in her legendary career. Her next chapter will read “Toni Storm ends Zoey Stark.” And she hopes Stark is watching what she does next.

Toni Storm Vs. Zayda Ramier

The bell rings and Storm runs across the ring and kicks Ramier down. Storm whips her to the ropes and catches hre with a boot. Storm tosses Ramier across the ring, then does it again. Toni hits a sliding lariat to Zayda leaning on the bottom rope. Storm hits a backbreaker and bends Zayda over her knee before shoving her off. Zayda kicks Storm a few times and lands a flurry of punches, then misses two kicks and Storm hits a big German suplex.

Toni slams Zayda in the corner and thinks about Storm Zero but stops herself and sets Ramier on the top rope. Storm climbs up and wants Storm Zero from up top but out comes Zoey Stark to distract her. Toni shouts at Stark, then goes back to the ropes but Ramier knocks Storm back and lands a shooting star press for the win!

Winner: Zayda Ramier

Legado Del Fantasma cut a promo backstage. They say tonight they start their route back to the top of the pyramid, by beating MSK and Kushida, then they’re going to take their gold.

Bronson Reed is walking backstage for his match with Austin Theory but he sees Johnny Gargano and Candace LeRae standing and they share a staredown. Reed makes his entrance.

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L.A Knight is interviewed backstage and he says everyone is talking about him beating Dexter Lumis, not Kyle O’Reilly or anyone else. Knight says he saw that “sweet little Pop Tart” Indi Hartwell at ringside and she can pretend all she likes but he saw the look in her eyes and he knows she has the burning in her loins. Well there’s nothing to be ashamed of because there’s nothing hotter than an L.A Knight.

Bronson Reed Vs. Austin Theory W/The Way

The match gets underway and they lock-up, with Reed forcing Theory back into the corner. Reed let’s go and they lock-up again and this time Theory shoves him in the face. Reed takes a headlock and thumps Austin in the forehead. Theory attempts a shoulder tackle but hits a brick wall and rolls from the ring. Theory gets back inside and lands some punches, then hits the ropes and jumps for a shoulder tackle but Reed blocks it and Theory rolls to the apron.

Reed hits a running hip attack that leaves Theory hanging upside down on the apron by his feet. Reed then hits a running tackle to Theory as he’s upside down and laughs at The Way. Reed takes his time getting back inside and Austin catches him with a rolling dropkick through the ropes. Theory pulls the rope down and sends Reed over them to the floor. Theory distracts the referee, allowing Gargano to hit a superkick, then Theory leaps over the ropes onto Bronson. Austin shoves Reed into the steel steps as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Theory has a a rear chinlock on Bronson. Reed fights back but Theory drops him and smps on him. Austin takes too long looking for an elbow drop and Reed rolls away. Theory attempts a roll through the ropes but Reed catches and flapjacks him. Reed splashes Theory in the corner, then hits a big chokeslam and a senton for a near-fall. Reed runs at Theory but gets tripped into the buckles. Theory hits a rolling blockbuster for a near-fall.

Reed counters Theory and hits a Samoan drop for a near-fall. Theory wriggles off Reed’s shoulders and hits a superkick but gets planted with a suplex and both men are down. Dexter Lumis appears on the stage and starts slowly walking down. Gargano sees him and drags Candace away. Indi tells Dexter no and walks off but he follows her around the ring – she’s annoyed because she thinks he gave flowers to Shotzi and Ember.

Shotzi rolls into the ring and Lumis gets on the apron. Indi tells him to shut up, that he talks too much, then Theory accidentally runs at them but Lumis shoves her out of the way and takes the hit. Gargano jumps on the apron and Reed drops him, then drops Theory and hits the Tsunami for the win! Reed is the number one contender for the North American Championship.

Winner: Bronson Reed

MSK and Kushida are backstage and the Tag Team Champions are excited to be teaming with Kushida. They thank him for apparently taking them under his wing. Kushida says they will show Legado Del Fantasma that they are Champions, and says they can be MSKushida.

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The Way are backstage, arguing with each other and blaming Indi for the loss. They tease her until she storms off.

Imperium Vs. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

We start with Dain and Aichner, who lock-up. Aichner takes the back but Dain throws him off. Aichner forearms the back, then tries for an Irish whip but Dain won’t budge. Dain clubs Aichner and catches him with a crossbody. Aichner tags Barthel and they double-team Dain but he slings Barthel off and clotheslines him over the ropes. Barthel runs back in and Dain hits a scoop slam before making the tag to Maverick.

Maverick counters Barthel and hits a dropkick to the knee. Barthel wants a back suplex but Drake lands on his feet and follows-up with a Frankensteiner. Maverick goes to the top rope and Barthel slings him off. Aichner tags in and they double-team Maverick and Dain gets angry and rushes into the ring but the referee backs him off.

*Commercial Break*

Barthel backs Drake into the corner and hits a back elbow. Maverick rallies and knocks Aichner off the apron and kicks Barthel in the knee. Maverick crawls towards Dain but Barthel tags in and stops him. Aichner hits a gutbuster and a running kick for a two-count. Aichner lifts Drake by the jeans and swings him around, then hits a scoop slam.

Imperium continue to isolate Drake and prevent the tag, but eventually he gets to the Irishman. Dain comes in like a bat out of hell and drops them both with lariats and right hands, and tosses Barthel to the outside. The referee makes Dain get out of the ring and Barthe drops him with a bg boot. Barthel distracts the referee so that Alexander Wolfe can get a chair but Wolfe doesn’t want to hit Dain.

Barthel goes out and argues with Wolfe until Maverick dives through the ropes onto him. Dain drops Aichner and goes out to lift Barthel but Wolfe won’t let him run him into the steps. Barthel drops Dain at ringside, and Imperium hit Maverick with the Eurobomb for the win.

Winners: Imperium

Pete Dunne cuts a promo and says everybody is talking about opportunities but nobod wants to give him one. That’s because he’s the toughtest match there is in NXT. He beat Kushiad at TakeOver and now he’s the Cruiserweight Champion, so he could have that belt whenever he wants. Maybe he should take a flight to London and go spark Walter to take back the title he made famous. Or what if he went after Johnny Gargano? That would only go one way, a bitter end. And then there’s Karrion Kross, and Dunne isn’t afraid of him. He doesn’t need smoke and mirrors to prove he’s the baddest man in NXT. He dares anyone to prove him wrong.

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Cameron Grimes is still in the jewllery store and he’s eyeballing a gold watch. He says it’s the one for him and asks the man to ring it up. Suddenly Ted Dibiase appears and shows his diamond-encrusted watch and says “that’s a nice watch kid, but it’s not a million dollar watch” then walks off laughing.

The Robert Stone Brand is in the ring and out come the Women’s Tag Team Champions. As they’re making their entrance, Indi Hartwell and Candace attack them and send them over the barricade. Indi hits Ember with a fruit basket, then Candace finds a box of muffins and shoves it into Moon’s face. Meanwhile in the ring, Robert Stone is trying to say his girls are the new Tag Team Champions and they’re celebrating like crazy.

Adam Cole sat down for an interview earlier today in front of his swimming pool. The interviewer from ESPN asks Cole how he feels after the brutal match and Cole says he’s felt better but he’s felt worse. The WarGames matches were worse and he wrestled with a broken wrist for long periods of his title reign. Cole is asked if it was a mistake to lose The Undisputed Era, and Adam says he didn’t lose anything, they turned their backs on him. He was tired carrying them on his back anyway.

Cole is asked if O’Reilly is the new face of NXT and he says Cole got lucky at TakeOver. Cole says O’Reilly is unsure of himself and he should be, there’s a reason why it’s taken him four years to main event. But as long as he’s in NXT, Kyle will never take his spot. Cole is asked about Karrion Kross and he says he’s good but he doesn’t think he’s great. Cole says he isn’t sure Kross is ready to be Champion.

Cole says that, If and when he decides to go after the title, the clock will be ticking for Karrion Kross. He knows where he goes next but it’s nobody’s business. He’s pissed that anyone is saying O’Reilly is replacing him. No matter what he does next, he’s going to be the best in the business. We see Kyle O’Reilly watching the interview backstage in a room and he doesn’t look happy.

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Next eek we will get Swerve Vs. Leon Ruff in a Falls Count Anywhere match, as well as Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon Vs. Candace LeRae & Indi Hartwell in a Street Fight for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Legado Del Fantasma Vs. MSK & Kushida

The match begins with Wilde and Kushida and the Cruiserweight Champion jumps onto him, looking for an armbar but Joaquin slams him down and dances. Kushida take grabs hold of Wilde and tags out so Wes Lee can hit a tope. Wilde quickly turns the tables on Lee and tags Mendoza for a double-team Alabama slam and dropkick. Lee dropkicks Mendoza out of the ring and tags Carter and MSK land a flurry of offence on Mendoza and Wilde. Fantasma is all knocked to the floor and taunted as we head to the final break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Escobar grounding Carter with a wristlock. Mendoza tags in and he continues the assault and shoves Carter shoulder-first into the ring post. Fantasma keep Nash isolated in their corner and stomp him down. Escobar tags back in and goes back to work on the arm and applies a Kimura. Carter fights free and tags Kushida. All of Fantasma rush in and Kushida knocks Escobar down, tosses Mendoza out, and attacks Wilde with a dropkick.

Kushida slams Escobar before tagging Wes Lee and he and Carter hit the assisted shooting star press. Kushida holds the ropes apart to allow Lee and Carter to dive through the ropes onto Wilde and Mendoza. Santos pulls Kushida off the apron and powerbombs him through the announce desk! Lee gets dropped in the ring and Carter goes after Santos but Mendoza wipes him out with a dive. Lee rallies and drops Mendoza, then looks for a backflip kick to Wilde but gets caught in mid-air. Joaquin hits a lariat to Lee in the corner, then Mendoza and Escobar do the same.

Escobar suplexes Lee, then Mendoza flips Wilde onto the ropes and back to splash Lee for a two-count. Lee tosses Wilde to the apron, then sends Mendoza crashing into him. Escobar attempts a frohg splash but Lee avoids it, then he drops all three of them with enziguiris and Nash is back on the apron. Carter comes in with a superkick to Wilde, pump kick to Mendoza but Escobar hits an enziguiri. Kushida comes back inside but Esobar kicks him and hits a Phantom Driver. Fantasma then hit Carter with a running kick/Russian leg sweep for the win.

Winners: Legado Del Fantasma

That’s it for this week’s NXT. Let us know whar you thought of the show and remember we’ll be back tomorrow with AEW Dynamite results. Until then, stay safe!

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