Alexa Bliss revealed new doll friend last week on Raw. This Lily doll is incredibly creepy and it has added a new dimension to Alexa Bliss’ character.

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Bliss revealed several photos during Raw this week of her and Lily through the years. WWE doctored real childhood photos of her to insert that doll.

Alexa told a story from her childhood. She said that some girl was making fun of her on the playground when she was little. Then Bliss revealed that she “shoved that bitch off the swing and she fell on her ass.” The teachers asked lil’ Bliss why she did that. She then told the truth: “Lily made me do it.”


Bliss said that her teachers thought she was crazy. This Lily doll is apparently very influential and ready to encourage violence.

Alexa Bliss ended the segment by sending a warning to the WWE women’s division. It seems that she is going to set her sights on wrestling once again with Lily by her side.

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