Vince McMahon is a good person to have behind you in WWE, because he calls the shots. Telling him “no” is a very risky thing, especially since he surrounds himself with “yes men.” In this instance, it got some heat from the locker room.

While speaking to Lucha Libre Online, Elijah Burke said that Vince McMahon wanted him in the Spirit Squad. This was something that McMahon promised to push because he was the one behind the creative. It still didn’t mesh well with Burke, so he told Vince McMahon “no.”

“It was a great redemption, redeeming moment so to speak, in not taking the Spirit Squad and getting a bunch of heat for turning it down from some of the boys, who saw it as squandering an opportunity for telling Vince McMahon no. But Vince McMahon appreciated the fact that I was open and honest. I was man enough to say it’s not for me.”

“I won’t get into the names, because I know you’ll want to follow them, but I will say this. The opportunity was presented by Vince McMahon himself, and Vince McMahon told me along with the other original members of the Spirit Squad that we were going to make a lot of money, because it was his idea and he was going to push it, obviously. Because it was his very own idea, his own creation. Vince got on a plane one day and thought to himself, “Ha! People hate cheerleaders! Ha-ha-ha!” So, that’s what he did. He got himself some male cheerleaders and he wanted me to be one of them. I politely turned him down, as I don’t feel like I could have did that role any justice.”


The Spirit Squad happened instead, and they had a run that ended with them literally getting shipped back to OVW. It can’t be easy telling Vince McMahon “no,” but that also shows how much Elijah Burke didn’t want to become a male cheerleader.

Felix Upton

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