Peyton Royce is tired of being passed up for opportunities, and she let the WWE Universe know about it in a big way.

Royce took to RAW Talk after Monday’s show and she had a lot to say. Asuka is currently out of action with an injury. The former IIconics member is tired of not getting her chance to show what she can do. She didn’t beat around the bush while addressing it either.

“Asuka is injured right now, and yes, that sucks for her, but when a talent goes down a spot opens up and that spot is massive. So, why not me? Why does it always have to be the same old, same old? You know I packed up my life, I moved across the world, I set up in a completely different country with not much of a support system to chase this dream to do what? To sit in the locker room and watch women do what I do better than 98% of them and the other 2%, well I’d sure as hell give them a run for their money.”

“It actually hurts when you know deep in your soul you are destined to be where you are striving for what you feel where you deserve. My potential haunts me. When you’re striving for something you feel you really deserve… this is where I’m meant to be and my patience has been running thin for quite some time. So, stop wasting my time and give me Asuka.”

We will have to see if Peyton Royce finally gets the opportunities that she wants. This was certainly a passionate promo, but it had to take place on RAW Talk. Obviously, Royce feels as though she has far more to give.

Transcription by Ringside News

Felix Upton

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