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Tonight’s NXT is set to be a tag-team heavy one, as Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez get to capitalize on their Dusty Cup win and challenge Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Beyond that, Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa take on Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch in a non-title match. Who do you seek coming out on top in these matches? Let us know below!

Elsewhere tonight, Johnny Gargano has demanded The Way seek therapy because of Dexter Lumis. We assume this will result in some funny segments centerered around Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory. Also, L.A Knight makes his debut on NXT, but it’s unclear if that means he’ll be competing or just cutting another scathing promo.


That’s all we know about tonight’s NXT but we’re pretty sure we’ll get more fallout from The Undisputed Era’s dissolution, which also includes the NXT Champion, Finn Balor. Follow along here by clicking below for the latest results, and enjoy the show!


This week’s NXT opens with a look back at last week where Adam Cole faked an apology before superkicking Finn Balor again and low-blowing Roderick Strong. We go live to the Capitol Wrestling Centre and out come Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.

Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan Vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

This non-title match begins with Thatcher and Burch and they lock-up. Thatcher takes the back and gets Burch down before grabbing a wristlock. Burch forces him to the ropes to force the break, then he takes hits a snapmare and goes to a headlock but Thatcher quickly counters into an armbar. Thatcher drops a knee on Burch’s elbow, then both men start throwing European uppercuts and Burch forces him to the corner where Ciampa tags himself in.

The same happens on the other side and Lorcan is now legal and he takes Ciampa down by the arm. Lorcan chops Ciampa but that just pisses him off and Tommaso fires off rapid chops and punches. Lorcan takes a headlock but Ciampa gets free and they exchange quick reversals until Tommaso tosses him through the ropes and knees him to the floor. Ciampa then tosses Burch out as well and Thatcher hits him with an uppercut on the floor. Lorcan slides back in and rolls-up Ciampa but gets caught with a lariat.

Ciampa knocks Burch off the apron, then he and Thatcher hit a flapjack European uppercut for a near-fall. Thatcher is legal again and he goes to a rear chinlock on Lorcan. Eventually Oney fights free and chopblocks Thatcher, then tags Burch but Timothy kicks him back and belly-to-belly suplexes Lorcan. Thatcher is knocked out of the ring and Ciampa goes out to check on him as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Thatcher is being held down with a single leg Boston crab by Lorcan. Thatcher breaks free and makes the tag to Ciampa, who runs roughshod over both Lorcan and Burch. Ciampa hits body attacks over and over to both men before a flying double clothesline. Ciampa beats Burch in the corner and tags Thatcher, who hits repeated European uppercuts and tags Ciampa again. They continue to make use of quick tags until Thatcher hits an suplex and goes to a sleeper.

Lorcan runs in and kicks Thatcher but he doesn’t let go, instead smiles at him. Ciampa runs in and attacks Lorcan, then he and Thatcher batter the Tag Champions with forearms side-by-side. Lorcan tags in and knocks Ciampa off the apron, then tags Burch and they look for a double-team but Thatcher knocks Burch back, then Ciampa runs in and kicks Lorcan. All four men trade shots until all four are down. Imperium come out and stand on the stage, distracting Ciampa. Lorcan tags in and knocks Ciampa off the apron, then he and Burch hit a double-team neckbreaker for the win.

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

We see Roderick Strong walking backstage. He’s coming to the ring to get some answers from Adam Cole after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Strong comes to the ring and he demands Cole come out to the ring right now but nothing happens. Strong says that if any of them ever meant anything to Cole he’ll come out right now. Instead, the NXT Champion Finn Balor comes to the ring. Strong says The Undisputed Era was doing just fine until Balor came into the picture, so it’s all his fault. Balor says it isn’t his fault. The reason why their so-called brotherhood fell apart is because of his title. Balor says he knows how to get Cole out here… “next week, Adam Cole Vs. Finn Balor for the NXT Championship.” Balor tells Strong he’ll never be a leader. Until he gets some killer instinct he’ll never be on the Prince’s level. Strong punches Balor and they take it to the mat and brawl until referees come down and separate them.

We see a video of The Way at a psychiatric centre in Florida. Austin Theory thinks they were getting Chuck E. Cheese. Gargano says the Dexter Lumis problem is getting at them all. Theory says they don’t have an issue with him and Gargano is incredulous, saying he was kidnapped. Theory says it was a vacation and LeRae says he was trapped in a room for three days, that’s not a vacation. Indi says it would be if she was with Lumis. Gargano gets angry and sees that Indi is writing “Indi ‘Wrestling’ Lumis’ on a notepad. Gargano says he gave her that name for Christmas and now she’s ruined Christmas. Gargano is freaking out and the psychiatrist says he obviously has some deep issues. Johnny tells her to get out, that this is his room but she kicks him out. The saga will continue.

*Commercial Break*

Cameron Grimes is sitting backstage in production and he wants to change the name of the CWC to the Cameron Grimes Auditorium. William Regal appears and tells him to stand up. Regal says that, last week, Grimes hit a crew member and he may have a lawsuit on his hands. Grimes tries to pay it off but Regal says it’s not about money, he has an issue with him. Grimes says everyone has a price, so what’s his? Regal says he has a contract with his name on it and tonight he’ll be facing Bronson Reed.

Aliyah W/The Robert Stone Brand Vs. Ember Moon W/Shotzi Blackheart

The match gets underway and they lock-up but Moon soon catches Aaliyah with an arm-drag, then another and Aliyah goes to Robert Stone for advice. They lock-up again and Aaliyah grabs a headlock but Moon shoots her off. Aaliyah connects with a forearm and taunts Moon, who bends down and asks her to hit her. Aaliyah takes the bait and Moon dodges the punch and hits a back suplex. Moon forearms Aaliyah and hits a sloppy spear so they both fall out of the ring. Moon gets her right back in but Stone gets in her face until Shotzi makes him back off. Aaliyah then dives off the apron onto Moon but gets caught and rolled back into the ring.

Moon hits a dropkick to Aaliyah for a two-count. Aaliyah pulls Moon into the buckles, then hits a running kick to the back of the head before applying a rear chinlock. Moon breaks away and hits a hurricanrana, then drops her with repeated lariats and a dropkick to the ribs. Ember hits a spinebuster for a near-fall, then goes to the top rope but Aliyah climbs up with her and looks for a superplex to no avail. Moon tosses her off but then Stone and Kamea get on the apron to distract her. Shotzi runs over and dives onto them both, then Moon hits the Eclipse for the win!

Winner: Ember Moon

Thatcher and Ciampa get interviewed backstage and Tim says Imperium keep throwing his past in his face. Ciampa says his past with Imperium is just that, the past.

*Commercial Break*

Next week Toni Storm will face Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship and we get a video package to hype that match.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

(C) Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax Vs. Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

The title match gets underway with Dakota and Jax, and Nia slams her down right away before throwing her across the ring. Jax hits a running body attack in the corner before tagging Baszler, who comes in with a hook to the gut. Baszler throws Kai to the corner and runs at her but stops when Dakota flinches and laughs. Kai marches at Shayna but gets taken down and Shayna targets the arm. Baszler looks to stomp it but Kai rolls away and slaps her. Kai rolls-up Shayna for a two, then hits an arm-drag and a snapmare but Baszler catches a kick and slams her down. Baszler then throws Kai head-first through the ropes. Gonzalez goes to help Kai and Shayna and Jax go out and stare them down on the floor.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Gonzalez is beating on Shayna and whips her to the corner. Kai tags in and hits a running face wash, then looks to follow-up with a running kick from the apron but Baszler catches her foot and pulls her off the apron hard. Back inside the ring, Jax tags in and applies a stretch muffler to Kai but she eventually climbs off, only to get headbutted. Jax goes back to the muffler and swings Kai face-first into the turnbuckles for a near-fall. Baszler tags in and knocks Kai off the apron, then Jax lifts and drops Kai before Baszler follows-up with a knee for a near-fall.

Kai starts a comeback and superkicks Baszler before tagging Gonzalez. Raquel comes in with a dropkick to Shayna, then two fallaway slams and a running back elbow in the corner. Gonzalez hits a spinning body slam for a two-count. Baszler tags Jax and the two big women come face-to-face in the middle of the ring. They trade shots and Jax headbutts Raquel back into the buckles, but she turns the tales and shoulders her repeatedly. Shayna distracts Raquel, allowing Jax to knock her down and tag out.

Baszler knees Gonzalez, then applies a sleeper hold but Raquel quickly fights up and tags Kai for a kick to the face. Jax and Gonzalez get knocked from the ring and Kai and Baszler go back-and-forth. Baszler gets Kai in the Kirifuda Clutch and she fights it to get a tag to Gonzalez. Raquel rushes in and knocks Jax off the apron, clobbering the referee in the process. Jax and Gonzalez spill outside and Raquel tackles her over the announce desk. Kai and Baszler stir but the referee is down. Baszler grabs Kai with the Kirifuda Clutch again and out comes Adam Pearce with a “RAW referee” and he rings for the bell.

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Dakota Kai wasn’t legal and the announcers are saying Adam Pearce and RAW has screwed NXT.

We’re back in therapy with The Way and Austin Theory is saying he thinks Lumis needs a friend. Indi says she’ll be his friend…with benefits. Candace says Lumis doesn’t want friends, he wants victims. LeRae’s phone keeps buzzing and Johnny is texting her what to say. The psychiatrist goes to the door and opens it to find Gargano on the phone. The psychiatrist kicks them all out except for Theory. She tells him this is a safe space and asks him what happened when he was with Lumis and the segment ends.

L.A Knight is making his way to the ring and he says his time is now.

*Commercial Break*

We see Swerve Scott sitting in a music studio with a girl and he’s making a song. He talks about Leon Ruff and how he’s been handed opportunities while he scratches and claws for everything and gets nothing. He warns Ruff that he doesn’t want to go to war with someone who cares less than he does. He’s a savage, he’s different, and he just doesn’t care anymore.

L.A Knight comes to the NXT ring. He says he has waited far too long to step into that ring, stare straight down the barrel and say what’s on his mind. Knight says he isn’t about to talk about childhood dreams, this isn’t a dream for him, this is merely business. His business is whipping another man’s ass when they step in the ring with him. Everyone talks about TakeOver, well a one-man revolution just stormed through the door. And people like to say Tom Brady is the best but he’s got nothing on L.A Knight. He’ll be the guy setting all the records.

Knight looks around NXT and sees people like Adam Cole, Finn Balor, Johnny Gargano, and everyone of them has their kicks, dives, and flips. He tells them to bring that crap to his door and he’ll beat the hell out of them. He didn’t come to NXT to do anything fancy, just to get the job done. He’s the last of a dying breed and people are already saying he might be the best of all-time and he agrees. He tells people not to call him the G.O.A.T, if we want to call him anything it’s just L.A Knight and it’s his game. Just as he finishes Bronson Reed interrupts and comes to the ring and Knight does not look pleased.

Bronson Reed Vs. Cameron Grimes

As the match starts Grimes holds money up and counts it but Reed drops him. Grimes tries to fight back but gets lifted and dropped out of the ring. Grimes hits Reed through the ropes and looks to slide in and roll him up but Reed sits on him for a two-count. Grimes scurries to the corner to get away as we take a break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Reed slams Grimes into the barricade, then gets him back in the ring. Grimes catches Bronson with an enziguiri, then Grimes ducks a lariat and hits a Spanish fly for a near-fall. Grimes gets on top of Reed and pummels him with palm strikes. Reed tosses Grimes off but he comes right back with a running knee. Grimes applies a crossface and Reed looks to power out but Cameron knees him in the head, then kicks him over and over in the chest.

Reed gets angry and starts no-selling, then chops Grimes and delivers some big forearms. Reed whips Grimes to the ropes and hits a body attack. Bronson hits a splash in the corner then turns Grimes inside out with a lariat. Grimes moves to the apron and he grabs his hat and makes to leave but Bronson Reed wipes him out with a suicide dive! Reed gets Grimes back inside but LA Knight comes down and throws Grimes’ hat into the ring, distracting the referee, then shoves Reed off the ropes. Grimes quickly hits the running double stomp for the win!

Winner: Cameron Grimes

A camera is backstage, spying on William Regal and Adam Pearce, who appear to be arguing about what happened in the Women’s Tag Team Championship bout.

Kayden Carter is interviewed backstage and she says it pisses her off the Xia Li badly hurt Kacy Catanzaro last week. She took her girl out and now she needs to take her out. She isn’t scared. Xia pushed her buttons to far and now all she sees is red. Next week it’s on.

*Commercial Break*

We see the highlights of last week’s No DQ match between Karrion Kross and Santos Escobar.

Once again we’re in therapy with Austin Theory and he explains that for the three days Lumis had him, he was in a tiny room with boarded-up windows. All he did was watch cartoons and eat cereal. The psychiatrist asks Theory if he knows why Lumis brought him back, and she said she spoke to him earlier that day and he told her he couldn’t wait to get rid of Austin. Lumis was disgusted by him and Theory starts crying and runs out looking for Gargano. The Way come into the room and Johnny calls her a monster. They all leave and Gargano thanks the women, then pays her for the acting gig.

Ever-Rise are in the ring, awaiting their opponents: Breezango. However Raul Mendoza and Joquin Wilde attack the former NXT Tag Team Champions on the stage. They beat them down the ramp and slam Fandango into the barricade, then run Breeze into the ring post. Ever-Rise applaud Fantasma but they rush into the ring and attack them too. Ever-Rise escape largely unscathed but then Santos Escobar attacks them from behind and slams them into the steel steps. Escobar gets in the ring alongside Wilde and Mendoza. He says people should not mistake last week’s event for weakness. If anyone does, what happened to Breezango and Ever-Rise is what will happen to them.

Next week is a loaded NXT, with Finn Balor Vs. Adam Cole for the NXT Championship, Toni Storm Vs. Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship, and Kayden Carter Vs. Xia Li.

*Commercial Break*

William Regal is interviewed backstage. He says, because of what happened in the Women’s Championship match tonight, he’s going to make an announcement next week that will change NXT.

Finn Balor Vs. Roderick Strong

The match begins hot with a stiff lock-up and Finn takes Roderick down but they struggle back and forth for control. Finn Attempts an armbar but Strong rolls him back for a one-count. Balor takes a side headlock. Strong tries to fight up but Balor rolls him up for two, then goes right to a wristlock. Balor transitions to a modified choke and holds Strong in the middle of the ring. Strong forces Balor to the corner and breaks free, then hits a backbreaker as we head to the final break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Balor is having his head slammed into the top turnbuckle. Strong chops Finn in the corner but Balor fires right back with an arm slam and starts kicking the arm of Roddy over and over. Balor holds Strong down with an armlock and twists it. Balor snaps the arm and Strong rolls to the apron. Balor brings him back in and goes right back to the arm but Strong hits a backbreaker to create some distance. Strong forearms Finn in the back, then catches him with some knees to the gut. Strong lands a backbreaker for a near-fall, then lifts Finn for another.

Balor catches Roddy in a triangle choke but Strong gets his feet to the bottom rope. Balor whips Strong to the corner and follows-up with a stiff chop, then does it again in the opposite corner. Strong fires back and chops Finn a few times before lifting and slamming him. Balor leans on the ropes and Strong hits repeated running forearms, then an Angle slam. Roddy hits a double-arm powerbomb for a near-fall. Balor looks for the shotgun dropkick but Strong catches his legs and applies the Stronghold. Balor yells in pain and tries to turn over but Strong pins him for two.

Strong attempts a gutbuster but Finn reverses with a double stomp in mid-air! Balor knocks Roddy back against the ropes and follows-up with the Pele kick, then a reverse DDT. Balor hits the shotgun dropkick that knocks Roddy into the buckles. The NXT Champion goes up top for the Coup de Grace, then connects with 1916 for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor

We see replays of the match and Balor poses with the NXT Championship in the ring. He looks to the stage and Adam Cole is watching, so Finn points the trigger at him. They go one-on-one for the NXT Championship next week.

That’s it for this week’s NXT. Next week is sure to be a huge show, but before then be sure to check out our results for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe!

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