It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite “The Crossroads” will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite “The Crossroads” is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Chris Jericho & MJF Press Conference
  • Paul Wight will debut on AEW Dynamite
  • Matt Hardy & Marq Quen vs Hangman Page & John Silver
  • Face of the Revolution qualifying match: Max Caster vs Dark Order’s 10
  • The Jurassic Express vs FTR & Tully Blanchard
  • Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet vs Shaquille O’Neal & Jade Cargill

Dynamite is kicking off with the Cody/Velvet vs Shaq/Carghill! Cody Rhodes is the first to enter with his grand entrance. A recap off the feud so far plays before Red Velvet makes her entrance. Velvet and Cody shake hands. “A storm is coming”, Jade Carghill’s music says as she makes her way to the ring. Shaq makes his entrance and poses with Carghill.

Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet vs Shaquille O’Neal & Jade Cargill


Shaq and Rhodes start the match. Lock up, Rhodes gets the wrist but Shaq powers out. Shaq plays tot he crowd and dances a little. Another lock up, Cody gets him in the corner and chops to no effect. Shaq chops Cody in the corner to much more effect. Shaq does a big back body drop. Shaq with knees in the corner. More chops to the chest from Shaq. Carghill tags herself in. Velvet stares her down and carghill kicks her in the gut. Carghill goes for a samoan drop but Velvet elbows her way out.

Carghill poses while Velvet is down. Velvet with kicks in the corner, Carghill fires back and chokes her in the corner. Carghill shows off with some push ups. More posing from Carghill. Big diving crossbody from Velvet but Carghill catches her and fallaway slams Velvet. Cody runs into the ring and knees Shaq. Austin Gunn attacks Shaq from behind. Shaq bodyslam’s him and attacks the rest of the Nightmare Family. red Velvet moonsault’s from the top rope to the outside taking everybody down.

Velvet and Carghill back in the ring. Figure Four from Carghill. Velvet turns over to reverse the pressure. Carghill turns back and poses to the crowd again. Carghill goes tot he outside and gets a table. She sets it up on the outside and Velvet throws her back in the ring and gets another table. QT Marshall helps her set it up next to the other table. Big kick from Velvet. Cody Rhodes tags in. Shaq gets in slowly. Shaq poses and goes from the test of strength. Cody kicks low, Shaq gets a knee lift. Shaq hits a huge powerbomb. Cody gets a slam and a 2 count as Shaq powers out. Women tag back in. Back and forth strikes, Velvet gets the upper hand, dropkick from Velvet. Carghill gets a spinebuster. 2 count as Cody breaks the count.

Cody crossbody’s Shaq out of the ring and through the two tables! Velvet with a spear in the ring for a 2 count. Arn Anderson coaches Velvet from the outside. Carghill blocks a strike and hits a front slam for the victory.

Shaquille O’Neal & Jade Cargill win.

Shaq is laid out at ringside, Carghill celebrates in the ring.

Commercial Break.

Shaq is loaded into an ambulance. They close the doors. Tony Schivone is backstage, he opens the door to the ambulance to get a word with Shaq and Shaq has disappeared…

Pac and Fenix vs Jon Skyler and D3

Pac and Fenix dominate Skyler. Huge superkicks and dives. Pac with a 450 splash. Fenix hits a Fenix Driver for the 3 count. Dominate win.

Pac and Fenix win.

Recap of the Jericho/MJF beatdown of Papa Buck from last week. Jericho and MJF make their entrance. Crowd sings Judas.

Commercial Break.

Dasha is with the Inner Circle in the ring for the press conference. Mic doesnt work for the first question as Jericho says it has been one year since he lost the AEW World Championship. Jericho says he is a 7 time Tag Team Champion, with partners included The Rock and Paul White. Says MJF is better than them both and they will win the tag titles at Revolution. Conrad Thompson asks what are the odds of letting Sammy back in the Inner Circle, MJF calls him turkey tits and they makes fun of him and send him away. Barstool Sports asks why they attack Papa Buck last week. MJF says it was self defence. and he got Papa Bucks blood on his custom suit. MJF says what they will do to the Buck at Revolution will be much worse. Santana says do you really think it was a good idea to bring their father out last week.

Eric Bischoff introduces himself and asks if Jericho knows the condition of Papa Bucks and where does pissing off the Young Bucks rank in his bad ideas, says he doesn’t care about Papa Bucks condition. Young Bucks music brings out the Bucks. Nicks says he knew they would try to hurt them but had no idea they would hurt his father. Matt says his father is greatest father in the world. He taught them about love and fairness and all the thing Jericho and MJF’s father didn’t teach them. Matt says their father built them their first ring when he could afford to send them to wrestling school. That DIY spirit is what makes the Young Bucks what they are.

Matt says without their dad their would be no Young Bucks and no AEW. Matt says without AEW MJF will still be waiting for a call from the Rosie O’Donnal show. Matt says without AEW Jericho would be jerking the curtain at the performance centre. Young Bucks superkick MJF and Jericho, Inner Circle attack as Brandon Cutler and referee’s break up the brawl. Gallows and Anderson come out and set up a table on the ramp. Nick climbs up on the entrance tunnel and Swanton’s Ortiz through the table.

Video package of Moxley vs Omega.

FTR make their entrance for the six man tag accompanies by JJ Dillon.

Commercial Break.

Jurassic Express enter the ring.

The Jurassic Express vs FTR & Tully Blanchard

Marko Stunt and Tully Blanchard start. Blanchard powers Stunt into the corner. FTR and Jurassic Express come out of the corners for a faceoff. Dax and Jungle Boy tag in. Dax dominates Jungle Boy in the corner. Jungle Boy chops his way out. Big dropkick from Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy runs wild on both FTR. Jungle Boy locks in a snaretrap on Dax. Cash breaks it up and Jungle Boy locks in a snaretrap on Cash on the outside as Cash taps out. Dillon passes a shows to Dax and Dax hits Jungle Boy with it for a near fall. Blanchard tags back in with a big ring hand to Jungle Boy. Blanchard teases a suicide dive but struts instead.

Picture in picture. FTR wear down Jungle Boy on the outside. Throwing him into the barricade again and again. Cash beats down Jungle boy in the ring. Tully tags back in for a quick beatdown before tagging Dax back in. Headlock from Dax. Elbows rights between the eyes. Chops in the corner but Jungle Boy fights out with a back suplex. Cash tags in and stops the tag. Cash drives Jungle Boy in the corner. Jungle Boy gets the feet up blocking a top rope move from Cash. Luchasaurus tags in and runs wild on FTR. Luchasaurus throws Stunt onto Tully Blanchard. FTR double team Luchasuarus but Luchasaurus hits a double suplex on both FTR. Dax dodges a spear and Luchasuars drives himself into the post. 2 count. Jungle Boy tags back in. Swinging DDT on the outside from Cash.

Jungle Boy climbs to the top rope. Dax hits a superplex and Cash hits a splash for a 2 count. Cash hits a german suplex then a dragon suplex. Stunt breaks up the 2 count. Blanchard hits a slingshot suplex. Luchasaurus hits the tail whip on Blanchard. Thurassic Express for a 2 count. Jungle Boy witha dive to the outside, confusion to who he hit. A camera man hits Luchasaurus. Spike piledriver from FTR and Tully Blanchard gets the 3 count.

FTR & Tully Blanchard win.

Shawn Spears is revealed to be the camera man. Arn Anderson watches on from the entrance tunnel. Tony interviews FTR on the stage. Tony plugs Dark Elevation. Brings out Paul White. Tony says it will be great working with him. White says raise you hand if you saw this coming. Says he is happy to be in AEW. Says its an honour to be here and cant wait to work with all the talent. Says commentary is is passion. Says he has the biggest scoop ever. says AEW will sign a Hall of Fame worthy talent at “Evolution” this Sunday.

Video package of the women’s eliminator tournament.

Nyla Rose makes her entrance with Vickie Guerrero. Ryo Mizunami enters next.

Ryo Mizunami vs Nyla Rose

Lockup to start, Rose overpowers Ryo, driving her to the ropes. Ryo gets some strikes in to no effect. Back and forth strikes Rose with a shoulder block. Rose dances to show off. Ryo reverse a powerbomb and hits elbows in the corner. chops to the chest. Ryo shows off and hits a clothesline for a 1 count. Big boot from Rose, standing senton from Rose. Rose with a big powerslam for a 2 count.

Picture in picture. Vickie screams in Ryo’s face while Rose dominates. Rose throws Ryo into the barricade. Shida stand up in the crowd while Rose shows off. Back in the ring, Rose locks in a camel clutch. Ryo gets the upper hand with clotheslines in the corner. Rose slams her down to get back the advantage. Rose climbs to the top and misses a swanton. Rose misses a clothesline and falls onto the apron. Ryo knocks her to the outside but Rose powers her into the apron. Ryo sweeps the legs on the apron. Gillontine leg drop on the apron from Ryo, Rose is out. Ryo goes for the count out victory, 9 count. Ryo with another leg drop for a 2 count.

Elbow strikes from Ryo. Rose hits a big clothesline. Back and forth strikes. Big lariat from Rose and a death valley driver from Rose. 2 count. Rose hangs Ryo on the ropes. Rose climbs to the top and hits a diving knee strike. 2 count! Ryo hits an exploder suplex. Climbs to the top. Rose climbs up too and hits a superplex. 2 count. German suplex from Ryo. Ryo hits a spear, climbs to the top and hits a leg drop, 3 count.

Ryo Mizunami wins.

Shida presents Ryo with the trophy. Handshake and Ryo strikes Shida. Shida strikes back and raises her AEW Woman’s Championship.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone brings out Sting. Schiavone says he knows Sting is prepared. Sting says he thought he was ready until Cage powerbombed him through the ring. He wants to thank Cage for shaking off the ring rust. Starks interrupts and says last week he torn this ring up. Says he saw fire from Sting and Sting still has it. Says he is no icon and slaps him. Sting with a big right hand and clothesline. Stinger Splash and Scorpion Death lock, Starks tags out. Hobbs and Hook break up the submission and Team Tazz attacks. Darby comes out and jumps of Cage’s back. Stinger Splash to the back of Cage. Darby with a shotgun dropkick to clear the ring of Team Tazz.

Commercial break.

Dark Order enter with Negative 1. Scorpio Sky is on commentary. The Acclaimed enter with a disstrack on 10. 10 holds back Negative 1.

Face of the Revolution qualifying match: Max Caster vs Dark Order’s 10

10 with a quick roll up for a 2 count. Shoulder block from Caster, clothesline from 10, 2 count. Shoulder block from 10, then a crossbody, 2 count. Chops in the corner from 10. 10 hits 10 punches in the corner. Caster is clotheslined to the outside. caster driven into the apron.

Picture in picture. Back in the ring, Caster locks in an armbar. Caster with shots to the back, locks in another armbar. Caster continues to work the arm. Caster tries to pull off 10’s mask. Wristlock into a takedown from Caster, 2 count. 10 hits a big cutter. Clothesline from 10, back body drop, spinebuster. 10 with a spear through the ropes form a 2 count. Caster with a take down and continues to work the arm. Caster with a brainbuster. Caster misses an elbow drop from the top rope. Powerbomb from 10, 2 count as Caster gets a foot on the rope. Jack Evans comes from under the ring and hits 10 with the boombox. Caster gets the win.

Max Caster wins.

Matt Hardy give Jack Evans $4200 on the stage. Commentary runs down the Revolution card. Miro says he will give the people what they want. Destruction. Miro says he will give the people what they want and become serious, says it will be game over.

Matt Hardy makes his entrance. All of Dark Order enters next, followed by Hangman Page.

Matt Hardy & Marq Quen vs Hangman Page & John Silver

Silver and Quen start. Silver with a single leg and powers Quen to the ground. Hardy with a kidney shot to Silver. Hardy tags in. Silver with a headlock, Hardy reverse into his own headlock. Hardy throws Silver into Page. Matt tags out to Quen.

Picture in picture. Page puts the boots to Quen. Page hits a back body drop and tags in Silver. Silver hits his own back body drop. Quick tag back to Page, double back drop from Page and Silver sending Quen flying. Suplex from Page. Silver tags in, kidney shots, elbow strikes. Hardy hits a side effect on Silver on the apron. Silver is thrown back in the ring for a 2 count. Quen tags back in and wear Silver down in the corner. Body slam from Quen, tags in Hardy, Hardy hits an elbow from the second rope. Silver hits a standing sliced bread. Page tags in and hits some clotheslines and lays out Quen with a spinebuster type move. Quen with a kick to the knee and accidentally hits Hardy. Page with a dive to the outside on Hardy.

Back in the ring, Page hits a death valley driver on Quen. Page throws Quen into Hardys corner, asking him to tag in. Hardy drops to the floor and rolls Quen back into the ring. Quen with a dropkick to the knee. Tags in Hardy, neckbreaker from Hardy and goes for the Twist of Fate. Page counters into a back suplex. Quen spills to the outside, Silver hits a spear. Silver rolls through a Twist of Fate and hits a brainbuster for a 2 count. Hardy hits a backdrop and tags in Quen. Quen goes to the top and hits a shotgun dropkick. Silver tags in Page, Page with a pop up powerbomb, Silver with a german suplex, Page with the buckshot lariat for the victory.

Hangman Page & John Silver win.

Hardy attacks Page with a microphone from behind. Hardy says he hates Page and he and Silver will not make it to Revolution. Dark Order run out to make the save. All the other teams from the casino battle royale run out form a huge brawl. Death Triangle come out to join the brawl. Matt Hardy runs away as Dynamite ends.

Martin Dickinson

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