RVD remains one of the most technically-gifted pro wrestlers to have ever stepped foot inside a pro wrestling ring. The pro wrestling legend has competed in several promotions such as ECW, WCW, WWE, and IMPACT Wrestling during his career that has lasted over thirty years.

RVD also had a close relationship with Paul Heyman during his time in ECW and also WWE. While speaking on That 90’s Wrestling Podcast, Rob Van Dam talked about his initial reaction to seeing Paul Heyman join WWE back in 2001.

Rob Van Dam revealed that he felt sorry for Paul Heyman at first as he believed Heyman didn’t want to be in the company. RVD mentioned that he was unaware Heyman was being paid by WWE, else RVD would have changed his perspective.

“I kinda felt- in a way I think I felt a little sorry for him because I believed that he really didn’t wanna be there and that things had come to that. I didn’t know he was getting paid by them all along, otherwise I would have had a different perspective. I thought this man is eating his hat as they used to say it. And I thought what other choices does he have? There’s no ECW, I didn’t know if WWE had bought WCW at that point or were purchasing it, but either way things had come to that, so I kinda felt sorry for him. Man, he would tell us, the Paul that we knew would never do this, never do this. And there he is, and I just thought man, that just makes him like everyone else. He needs a job but there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than I knew.”


After the collapse of ECW, RVD would also follow suit and sign with WWE. He would go on to become a mainstay of the company and even hold the WWE Championship in 2006.

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