WCW had a lot of moving parts backstage during the company’s run. You never knew who would be running the company because the powers-that-be changed up the decision makers on such a frequent basis. This made it hard for a lot of things to get done, including having your attorney look over a contract.

Sabu was offered a three-year contract from WCW. He would have made $400,000 on his “down year” according to Kevin Sullivan during a recent episode of Taskmaster Talks. That contract was never signed, but it was in Sabu’s hands.

Sullivan told Sabu to sign the WCW contract as soon as possible, but Sabu wanted to wait for his lawyer to have a look at it. That little bit of time he decided to wait meant another changing of the guard backstage in WCW. It also meant that his huge contract was no longer on the table.

“He was signed. I told him ‘Don’t f*ck around. Sign this thing, it’s three years.’ I think the down year was $400,000. He said, ‘I want my attorneys to see it.’ I said, ‘Sign it.’ He didn’t and a day later there was a switch in the office and they ripped his contract up. He got screwed by WCW. He could have been a huge star. Not that he wasn’t a huge star, but he should have been up there with everybody else.’

Sabu never got that high-dollar WCW contract, but he did make a lot of memories in ECW. He didn’t make nearly as much as WCW was willing to give him during that run. This story just goes to show that sometimes you need to take a good thing while it’s being offered to you before missing out completely.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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