It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down
tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and
results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any
reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Hangman Page vs. Ryan Nemeth
  • Chris Jericho and MJF vs. The Varsity Blondes
  • Dr. Britt Baker vs. Shanna
  • Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston
  • Dax Harwood vs. Jungle Boy (Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard will be handcuffed to Luchasaurus to prevent outside interference)
  • The Young Bucks and the Good Brothers vs. The Dark Order
    Cody Rhodes will respond to recent comments from NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal
  • Sting and TNT Champion Darby Allin will discuss their Revolution Street
  • Fight against Brian Cage and Ricky Starks
  • Jon Moxley will discuss his Beach Break six-man match with PAC and Rey Fenix
    vs. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers

The opening package kicks of the show.

Eddie Kingston makes his entrance. Followed by Lance Archer, accompanied by Jake the Snake Roberts, however Archer tells him to go to the back. He want to do this alone.

Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston attacks before the bell. Archer overpowers him, big elbows in the corner, Kingston escapes and attacks the left knee. Chops to the corner, thumb to the eye from Kingston. Kingston cant get him down. Lots of strikes from Kingston, Archer strikes back, back and forth chops, diving shoulder tackle from Kingston. Archer gives the Pounce to Kingston.

Archer takes control. Crowd chants one more time at Archers chops to Kingston. Huge chokeslam to the outside from Archer, Kingston hit the apron hard! Archer hits Kingston on the camera. Kingston thrown into barricade. Archer scare the referee. Kingston rolls into ring, met with full nelson slam from Archer. Archer stares into the camera and delivers a splash. Kingston tries to fight back but fails, then attacks the knees to more success. Kingston gets a two count.

Archers goes for the Black Out but Kingston gets out. Choke slam from Archer and Archer talks into the camera. Old School into moonsault from Archer. Archer isnt going for pins. Claw from Archer. Butcher and the Blade come out with Roberts, Kingston gets a knuckle duster from Allie and hits Archer, Kingston pins Archer and gets the three.

Kingston Wins.

All three men attack Archer after the bell, Butcher and Blade hold Archer while Kingston hits another backfist with the knuckle dusters.

Commentators run down the card.

Moxley talks about Young Bucks and Omega. Theorised they are all working together. Says there’s always drama with them like the Young and the Restless. Moxley says he likes to have sex in the morning, its a good way to start the day. Says he loves a good six man tag, gang warfare. Say’s he doesn’t know what will happen at Beach Break but he’s looking forward to it.

Commercial Break.

Sting talks. Says Team Tazz throws out false accusations. Say they call us hoodlums? Darby is a hoodlum. Darby says its all about survival. Says he is no different from Sting, they both smash the windows behind them. Sting admits he is a hoodlum too. Says AEW Revolution will be showtime!

MJF makes entrance, with the Inner Circle. Crowd sings Judas. Varsity Blondes already in the ring. MJF says him and Sammy need to talk after the match. Says he embarrased Griff Garrison the last time they were in the ring. Garrison attacks MJF.

Chris Jericho and MJF vs. The Varsity Blondes

MJD runs away from Garrison, Garrison gets upper hand in the ring. MJF gets a chair, Inner Circle restrains him. MJF tells crowd to shut up. Tags in Jericho. Garrison takes down Jericho and tags in Pillman Jr. Pillman gets a two count on Jericho. Misses a dropkick then hits a second one. Jericho gets in heavy shots on Pillman. MJF kcces Pillman in the back, tags in MJF.

Picture in Picture. MJF punches Pillman. Jeircho and MJF attack Pillman in the corner. MJF tags back in. Double flapjack from Inner Circle. They celebrate. Inner Circle dominate. One count on Pillman. Tags in Jericho. Chops in the corner. Jericho goes for Superplex but Pillman reverses. big crossbody from Pillman like his father used too.

Back on TNT. Huge clotheslines from Garrison, big back body drop, Garrison runs wild, big splash and double spear from Garrison. Pillman tags in, huge missile dropkick. Thrust kick drops Jericho, nearly a three count. Jericho sent to the outside, big dropkick through the ropes from Pillman. Sent back into the ring. Judas effect and Lionsault from Jericho to get the three.

Jericho and MJF Wins.

Inner Circle celebrate, then argue.

Pac video package. Says Kenny is taking liberties. Saying he acts like he owns this business. Says they are like a pack of animals. Sasy bring the good brothers, he’ll bring the Lucha Bros and next week they will face the consequences of their actions.

Commercial Break.

Shaq calls out Cody Rhodes, says name the time and date, calls him a little girl with blonde hair and says lets do the match in March.

Tony Schiavone introduces Cody Rhodes. Recap from Waiting Room segment two weeks ago. Tony askes Cody to respond. Cody says he’s rather just give the pitch on March 7th it should be him and Brandi against Shaq and Carghill, but that cant happen because Brandi is pregnant. He defers to Arn Anderson. say he got chewed out backstage by Arn and JR. Anderson says he deserved getting chewed out. Says Cody is about to be a dad and that is the most important thing in his life. Talks about see Dusty fight Tully Blanchard before seeing the birth of Cody Rhodes back in the day. Says if he choses March 7th match with Shaq he should do it with no regrets. Says the match with Shaq is once in a lifetime. Says Shaq proves he was a world class athlete. Says Jade dominate when she walks into a room. Arn introduces Red Velvet.

Says Red Velvet has fire. Red Velvet says she is fed up of getting attacked, is fed up of Carghill. says Cody would never lay a hand on Jade but she would. Say she will stir Jades bitch ass up! Schiavone says the ball is in Shaq and Jades court.

Video Package of Kip and Penelope. They are excited to get married. They invite us to the Break Break wedding. Miro bullies Charles. wedding will happen next week.

Hangman Page makes entrance. Ryan Nemeth already in the ring.

Hangman Page vs. Ryan Nemeth

Nemeth wear same attaire and blonde hair as brother Dolph Ziggler. Feeling each other out to start with, Headlock from Nemeth, Hangman delivers huge dropkick. Chops in the corner. Nemeth escapes, and taunts Hangman. Page delivers stomps in the corner. Springboard clothesline and dive to the outside from Page. Nemeth throw back into the ring. Misses a cloithesline and Nemeth delivers huge dropkick.

Matt Hardy enters to scout. Nemeth does a balancing wristlock. Chop from Page. Knees from Nemeth. Neck breaker from Nemeth who is definitely acting like Dolph Ziggler. Page gets upper hand. Spinebuster from Page. Sliding lariat from Page to a two count. Nemeth does Ziggler style DDT. Page reverse german suplex then hits a spinning fist. Page hits buckshot lairat to win.

Hangman Page Wins.

Matt Hardy cheers on Page. Tony enters ring and asks Matt and Page what is going on. Matt says he is just here to support Page. Says Page seems lost and conflicted. Matt says Page is a good person and deserves to be happy. Matt says Page is welcome to dress in Matt’s own huge dressing room as opposed to dressing in the hall.

Commercial Break.

FTR enter. Recap of lasts week’s confrontation between FTR and Jurassic Express. Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard will be handcuffed to Luchasaurus to prevent outside interference. Jungle Boy makes entrance. Marko Stunt sent to the back.

Dax Harwood vs. Jungle Boy

Lock up. Dax forces them into the corner. Jungle Boy reverses headlock. Dax gets Jungle Boy down with a headlock. Jungle Boy reverses into a pin. Shoulder tackle from Dax. Jungle Boys ups the pace, Dax rolls to the outside. Jungle Boy throws him back in. Crowd sings Jungle Boys entrance theme. Dax elbows Jungle Boy in the corner. Jungle Boy fights out. Low knee from Dax. Whips Jungle Boy into corner and misses spear in the corner. Jungle Boy attacks injured left arm. Armbar from Jungle Boy. Dax fights out with big uppercut.

Suplex from Jungle Boy and sends Dax to outside, misses a baseball slide and gets driven into barricade.

Picture in picture. Dax dominates in and out of the ring. Jungle Boy reverses sleeper but gets hit with a backdrop, Dax goes for multiple cover to no avail. Dax rakes face of Jungle Boy. Snapmare from Dax into another headlock. Jawbreaker from Jungle Boy, big forearm, Dax reverses and forces Jungle Boy into corner. Jungle Boy escapes. Jungle Boy climbs to top rope. Dax follows and delivers a super back body drop from the top rope, get a near fall.

Dax stomps on Jungle Boy. Jungle Boys goes face to face with Dax and fires up. huge punch from Dax and Jungle Boy flips out of a suplex and hits big superkick. Dax goes for a powerbomb but Jungle Boy revers but Dax hits a slingshot Liger Bomb to a two count.

Back stabber from Jungle Boy hen a series of suplexs, Dax fights out and hits a DDT to a two count. Great match so far. They go to the top rope. Jungle Boys knocks Dax down but Dax reverse to get a pin on Jungle Boy. Series of pinfalls from both men. Crowd chant this is awesome. Jungle Boys locks in Snaretrap. Dax taps out.

Jungle Boy Wins.

JR says its Jungle Boy’s biggest win of his career. Tully throws pwoder in Luchasaurus’ face, Cash Wheeler attacks Jungle Boy. Triple team to Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus tries to help but he gets triple teamed as well. FTR wipe out Jurassic Express. They handcuff Luchasaurus to rope and cut the horns of his mask. Stunt comes out with a chair and SCU and Top Flight to see off FTR.

Commercial Break.

Tazz responds to Sting and Darby. Says Rocky and Brain are ready to destroy Sting and Darby. They attack a merch stand. Throw the workers into barricade. They rip up Sting and Darby merch. throw workers threw table and into truck. Tazz says they are gonna beat Sting and Darby’s ass in the Street Fight.

Britt Baker enter. Shanna makes her entrance afterwards.

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Shanna

Lock up to start. Back and forth wristlocks. Shanna gets upper hand. Britt forces her into the corner. Huge forearm from Britt, rolls threw into a hammerlock. Shanna hits some armdrags into a step up superkick. Shanna misses dropkick threw the ropes. Britt hits Shanna from behind and throws her into barricade.

Picture in picture. Britt dominates with arm offence. Rebel applies make up to Shanna. Elbow strikes from Britt. Shanna forces out but gets shut down by Britt with a handful of hair. Stomps from Britt. Knees to face from Britt, pin fall to a one count.

Shanna get the upper hand. Huge clothesline, two count. Crucifix pin from Britt. Snap swinging neck breaker from Britt. Britt gets the glove from Rebel. Shanna almost steals the win, two count. Shanna plays to the crowd and hits a dropkick, Rebel distracts referee, Britt applied Lockjaw and Shanna taps out.

Dr Britt Baker Wins.

Britt and Rebel attack Shanna and hit a curbstomp. Applies Lock Jaw again. Thunder Rosa comes out to make the save. Britt and Rebel run away. Britt adn Rosa will fight at Break Break next week.

MJF looks for Sammy. They talk and MJF say he didnt tell Wardlow to attack him, say he will never get involved an Sammys matches again. Sammy says MJF is a great manipulator. but Sammy sees through him. MJF asks if he really wants to play it this way. Sammy says hes not playing.

Commentators run down next week’s Break Break. Main event coming up next.

Commercial Break.

Dasha interviews Young Bucks and Good Brothers. Anderson says its a Bullet Club party. Gallows says they are gonna beat up Jon Moxley. bucks say they hope Callis doesn’t get involved. Omega enters. says he ned to talk to the Buck but Callis interrupts, they all argue to end segment.

Young Bucks make their entrance. followed by Good Brothers. commentators say Callis is intent on causing friction in the Bullet Club. All of the Dark Order enter next.

The Young Bucks and the Good Brothers vs. The Dark Order

Evil Uno and Anderson start. Shoulder block from Uno then a atomic drop, Uno stomps on the hand, tags in Silver. Silver asks Gallows to be tagged in. Silver flexes. Gallows laughs at him. Silver steps up to Gallows. Gallows goes down to one knee. Silver punches him in the face and attacks Nick Jackson. Matt Jackson tags in and attacks Silver. Silver tags Reynolds, who gets the upper hand before Nick tags in. Double hip toss from Young Bucks.

Young Bucks dominate. Tag in Anderson they all attack Dark Order. Reynolds fights back but Anderson sweeps the leg. Uno does the same to Matt. Reynolds tags in Greyson. Anderson throws him out but Greyson hits missile dropkick and dominate all four opponents. Gets a two count of Anderson.

Picture in picture. Bucks dominate. Suplex to Greyson. Gallows tags in. Big punches in the corner. Nick tags in, headlock to Greyson. Greyson fights out hits huge slam on Nick, sit out facebuster. Young Bucks attack Dark Order in their corner. Match breaks down. Dark Order avoid triple powerbomb.

Greyson hits bicycle kick on Nick. Silver tags in and runs wild on Nick Jackson. Silver attacks all four opponents, plethora of kicks and suplex on Nick to a near fall. Uno tags in. Hits cutter on Nick, misses Swanton. Bucks take over. Matt hits double northern light suplex. Matt hits clotheslines in corner, Dark Order take over, hit double team move to a near fall. Good Brother send them outside. Matt hits superkicks and dives to the outside to hit Silver and Reyonds.

Nick and Anderson hit powerbomb on the apron. Bullet Clubs hits quadruple superkicks to Silver, Uno interrupts 3 count. Young Bucks hit Meltzer Driver on Greyson for the win.

Young Bucks and Good Brothers Win.

Matt Jackson say whoever wins the Battle Royal at Break Break will get a title shot. Bucks say they have inserted themselves into the Battle Royal and if they win they will hand pick their opponents.

Fenix runs out to attack, Moxley also comes out to attack the Good Brothers. Kenny Omega tries to attack Moxley but gets hit with a Paradigm Shift. Moxley celebrates

Dynamite ends with the commentators running down the card for next week’s Beach Break.

Martin Dickinson

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