Jon Moxley is a veteran in the world of pro wrestling, where he has worked in companies such as WWE, NJPW, CZW apart from AEW.

While participating in a recent AMA session with Bleacher Report, Jon Moxley was asked several questions related to pro wrestling. One of the questions Moxley was also asked was whether he had competed inside the squared circle while ‘buzzed’ or ‘drunk.’ Moxley revealed that he did, in fact, wrestle while being intoxicated,

Moxley added that it was during his early days as a pro wrestler, especially in promotions such as CCW. Moxley noted that he wouldn’t recommend drinking before a match.

Moxley then said that drinking helped him calm his nerves before important matches such as deathmatches.

“Oh 100%. I wouldn’t do it now but back in the younger days, especially in CCW, it was as much a monthly party as it was a show. When you’re doing death matches and crazy stuff…certain things you put in your body can put you in the right mindset. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s a good combination sometimes. Sometimes you just need a shot of whiskey to calm your nerves.”

Moxley will be teaming up with Fenix and PAC and face off against Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers at AEW Beach Break on February 3rd.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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