Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for WWE NXT on January 20th.

Tonight’s NXT will see the continuation of the Dusty Rhodes Classic on the men’s side, and the beginning of the first-ever Dusty Classic for women’s tag teams! The matches scheduled for tonight include Imperium Vs. Lucha House Party, Kushida & Leon Ruff Vs. Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory, and Kacy Katanzaro & Kayden Carter Vs. Toni Storm & Mercedes Martinez. Let us know below who you think will progress to the next round!

Outside of the tournaments, tonight’s NXT will feature the huge showdown between Tomasso Ciampa Vs. Timothy Thatcher in the Fight Pit. This match was supposed to take place two weeks ago at New Year’s Evil but instead we get it tonight and it could be one of the most hard-hitting matches of the year.

And that’s about all we know of tonight’s NXT. Plenty of tag team action planned and a huge gimmick match that could be the end of the feud between Ciampa and Thatcher. Let us know in the comments what you’re excited to see, follow us on the socials, and enjoy the show!


This week’s NXT opens with a look back at last week’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with the men’s matches. Tonight will see two more men’s matches, as well as the first bout in the women’s bracket.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Round 1

Kushida & Leon Ruff Vs. Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory

The match gets underway with Ruff and Theory, and Austin grabs hold of the former North American Champion and throws him. Ruff counters Theory and escapes from a crucifix attempt to hit a dropkick. Ruff grabs Theory and makes a tag to Kushida so they can snap Theory’s arm over their shoulders. Kushida twists Theory’s arms behind his back using his legs and snaps them again.

Kushida continues to work on the left arm of Theory until Austin drops him and tags Gargano. Johnny keeps Kushida grounded and stomps him over and over before taunting Leon Ruff. Kushida fires back with right hands but Gargano makes a tag to Theory, who comes in with a big shotgun dropkick. Theory whips Kushida hard into the buckles and keeps him there before tagging Gargano and they hit double-team back elbows and pose as The Way.

Theory and Gargano make use of quick tags and isolate Kushida until he counters a suplex and tags Ruff. Leon comes in hot with a dropkick, flying forearms and an enziguiri to Theory. Ruff knocks Gargano off the apron and jumps at Theory but gets caught on the shoulders and hit with a spin-out powerbomb for a near-fall.

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Back from the break and Gargano is in control of Ruff with a sleeper hold. Gargano breaks-up a rally with a neckbreaker, then makes the tag to Theory. The Way try to double-team Ruff but he avoids them both and tries to make a tag but Gargano pulls Kushida off the apron. Theory grabs Ruff and hits a backbreaker, followed by a running neckbreaker from Johnny for a near-fall.

Theory lifts Ruff up but Leon pulls himself onto the ropes and hits a springboard cutter. Kushida and Gargano get tags and the former hits a double-leg takedown and unloads. Theory comes back but Kushida kicks him over and over, followed by a springboard back elbow. Theory and Gargano roll outside and Kushida springboards onto them on the floor!

Kushida gets Gargano back inside but eats a rolling kick to the face. Gargano looks for a powerbomb but Kushida counters into an armbar. Johnny flirts with tapping but Theory breaks the submission. Kushida tosses Theory from the ring but Gargano clocks him with an enziguiri. Theory tags in and hits an Ushigoroshi, followed by a superkick for a near-fall. The Way look to hit a double team but Ruff intervenes and knocks Theory to the outside and dives onto him. Kushida and Gargano go back and forth with reversals until Kushida hits an arm-trap fisherman suplex and scores the pinfall!

Winners: Kushida & Leon Ruff

Kushida and Leon Ruff will face Grizzly Young Veterans in the 2nd round of the Dusty Classic!

We get a promo from Pete Dunne, in which he says he and Finn Balor came from the same place but Balor left NXT while he helped build it into what it is today. Balor knows he is the real threat to his reign and this time Finn can’t just run away. This time he will pass the torch and when they finally meet, people will realise Balor is just a part of Dunne’s legacy.

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Malcolm Bivens is interviewed backstage and he says Tyler Rust is the future of NXT, a future Champion. Rust comes out of William Regal’s office and says he got a match with Bronson Reed tonight. Bivens looks worried and says that’s not the way he would have went but

Karrion Kross W/Scarlett Vs. Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis W/Desmond Troy

The match begins and Ashante dives onto Kross with a headlock but Kross hits a floatover suplex, then a Saito suplex. The referee checks on Ashante but Kross quickly grabs him and hits another Saito suplex. Kross takes to the corner and readies himself, then hits the running forearm to the back of the head and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Karrion Kross

MSK cut a sit-down promo in a ring and they start off by joking. They say they are finally in NXT and they are not going to let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip by.

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Mercedes Martinez and Tony Strom cut a promo, saying they don’t give a damn about friendships. They make fun of Kacy Katanzaro and Kayden Carter and say two real women will progress tonight.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

1st Round

Imperium Vs. Lucha House Party

The match gets underway with Barthel and Dorado, and Barthel pushes him to the corner before taking a front facelock. Barthel hits a suplex and takes a wristlock. Dorado counters him but runs into a forearm. Barthel hangs Dorado on the bottom rope and chokes him with a boot. Dorado fires back with some deafening chops and flips over him to tag Gran Metalik.

Metalik jumps on Dorado’s shoulders and hits a splash to Barthel for a splash. Aichner gets a tag and catches Metalik with an arm-drag and stomps him down. Aichner catches a flying Dorado and hits a gutbuster. Metalik and Barthel get tags and the Lucha’s come in fast and furious. Dorado jumps over the ropes at Aichner but gets caught and body slammed on the floor. Imperium then hang Metalik in the tree of woe and hit stereo dropkicks to his head.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Imperium are still in firm control. Barthel tags in and takes a rear chinlock on Dorado. Barthel puts Dorado on the top rope but Lince kicks him back and hits a swinging tornado and both men are down. Tags made to Aichner and Metalik, and the latter hits a springboard crossbody. Metalik is whipped to the corner but flips over to the apron where he hits an enziguiri and a walk along the ropes into a hurricanrana. Metalik springboards off multiple ropes to hit a moonsault to Aichner for a two-count.

Barthel tags himself in and catches Metalik in a wheelbarrow so Aichner can hit a diving DDT but Dorado breaks the pin attempt. Barthel puts Metalik on the top rope and tags Aichner for an assisted suplex but Metalik lands on his feet and tags Dorado. The Lucha’s hit a dropkick into a powerbomb for a near-fall. Aichner whips Dorado to the corner and tags Barthel and they hit stereo slams. Barthel gets the tag and they hit a spinebuster/running kick for a near-fall. Dorado lands a superkick to Barthel, then goes up top for a shooting star press and the win.

Winners: Lucha House Party

We see footage of an official weigh-in for Tomasso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher from earlier today with an incredible amount of flashbulbs going off. Thatcher shoves Ciampa but referees get between them. They face off in the main event, inside the Fight Pit.

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William Regal introduces Beth Phoenix on the stage and she says she is very proud to be here as NXT makes history again. NXT has been at the forefront of the Women’s Revolution, where stars like Becky Lynch, Asuka, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Shayna Baszler, and more have originated. She says these women went on to main event PPV’s, even including WrestleMania. So, without further ado, she kicks off the first round of the Women’s Dusty Classic!

Dusty Rhodes Women’s Tag Team Classic

Round 1

Toni Storm & Mercedes Martinez Vs. Kacy catanzaro Vs. Kayden Carter

The match begins with Storm and Carter, and they lock-up. Kayden takes the back but Storm shrugs her off and hits a dropkick. Storm takes Carter to her corner and tags Mercedes. Storm and Martinez assault Carter and score a quick one-count. Kayden kicks Mercedes back, ducks a clothesline and tags Kacy. Catanzaro hits a drop-toe-hold, then her and Carter hit a double kick to Martinez. Kacy hits a slingshot tope for a two-count.

Mercedes drops Kacy with a chop to the chest, then shoves a boot in her face and drops her with a European uppercut. Martinez applies a rear chinlock and holds her down. Kacy tries to fight back but gets slammed. Catanzaro reverses Martinez with a tilt-a-whirl guillotine but Mercedes lifts her up for a powerslam and a two-count thanks to Carter’s interference.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Storm is in control of Kacy and drops her with a forearm before tagging Martinez. Mercedes hits a release suplex and Catanzaro rolls to the corner where Storm hits a running hip attack. Mercedes backs Kazy to the corner and chops her before putting her on the top rope. Merecedes gets Kacy on her shoulders but Catanzaro counters with a spinning hurricanrana off the top!

Carter gets the tag and comes in hot against Storm. Carter hits a dropkick to Mercedes that also splashes Storm on the mat. Carter drops Storm on the bottom rope and hits a running face wash. Carter with a roll-up for a two-count, then comes back with a basement dropkick to Storm. Martinez runs in but Kacy knocks her from the ring and hits a spinning crossbody. Storm meanwhile catches Carter with a headbutt, and looks to apply a Boston crab with the foot on the back.

Io Shirai appears at ringside and pulls Mercedes off the apron and throws her over the announce desk. Storm saw her but apparently the referee didn’t. Carter takes advantage of the distraction and drops Storm, then tags Kacy. Catanzaro hits an insane (and dangerous) spinning Phoenix Splash where she landed on Storm’s back with her back, and won the match.

Winners: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

Finn Balor approaches William Regal backstage and asks for Dunne and Co. He says he wants Lorcan and Burch first, so he can cut off the arms, then the head. Regal tells him he needs friends but Balor says that’s the old him, he doesn’t have any friends anymore. Regal tells him to keep his friends close…

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Catanzaro and Carter get interviewed backstage and reiterate that they’re going to win the whole Dusty Classic. They say they just took out two of the toughest women in the tournament and they’re going to win.

Bronson Reed Vs. Tyler Rust W/Malcolm Bivens

The bell rings and Rust takes the wrist but Reed no-sells it and turns the tables. Reed takes a headlock and Rust tries to shoot him off but he can’t. Reed hits the ropes and hits a massive shoulder tackle that sends Rust flying out of the ring. Bivens gives Rust some advice and sends him back inside but Reed immediately kicks him and hits a military press into a gutbuster. Reed hits a reverse fallaway slam and Rust rolls to the apron.

Reed pulls Rust up by the hair but gets his arm snapped over the top rope. Rust then gets inside and targets the arm with kicks and uppercuts. The camera cuts to the backstage area where Io Shirai and Toni Storm are brawling with referee’s trying to separate them. Bronson Reed fires back with forearms, then hits a big body block and a chokeslam for a near-fall.

Reed heads to the top rope and Rust hits him with a pump kick. Rust gets Reed on his shoulders and hits a Samoan drop for a two-count. Rust looks to hit a Skull Crushing Finale but gets shoved off and hit with a senton. Reed heads up top and hits the Tsunami for the win.

Winner: Bronson Reed

*Commercial Break*

Finn Balor walks into the locker room with Undisputed Era. Balor says he’s looking for payback. He says they’re all grown men and they know why he’s here, so are they in or is he still sucking meals through a straw? Roddy gets angry but Cole holds him back. O’Reilly says he’s in.

Santos Escobar is walking around the ring and he says a real Champion does what he wants, when he wants. He is the NXT Cruiserweight Champion for life. A true Champion doesn’t have curses like Johnny Gargano, or a glass jaw like Finn Balor. They act like Champions but it’s all pomp and circumstances and they can’t even defend the title. Like Karrion Kross. It must be a heavy chip on their shoulders but he backs up everything he has said and beat everyone that stepped in his way.

Escobar congratulates Joaquin and Raul for winning their first match in the Dusty Classic, and they’re on track to being Tag Team Champions. Together they will be real Champions. Lucha House Party run down to the ring and brawl with Legado del Fantasma but the numbers get the better of them. Curt Stallion runs down and evens the numbers and they clear the ring.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain are interviewed backstage but Maverick commandeers it and says they’re best friends. Best friends who will run through their competition in the Dusty Classic. Dain says he said it well and slaps him on the back, which hurts Maverick.

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Fight Pit Match

Tomasso Ciampa Vs. Timothy Thatcher

The bell rings with both men standing on the platform above the pit. Ciampa makes for Thatcher and they start brawling. Ciampa attempts to hit Willow’s Bell on the platform but Thatcher counters him and chokes him on the railing. Thatcher delivers European uppercuts, then hits a snap suplex on the wooden platform. Ciampa slams Timothy into the railing and starts putting the boots to him over and over. Ciampa chops the chest repeatedly against the railing, then puts him under the metal bar and chokes him before hitting a catapult!

*Commercial Break*

We return to find both men inside the Pit and Ciampa slams Thatcher into the cage before hitting a running knee to the face! The referee starts counting – you can only win by tap-out or knock-out. Thatcher does get up and manages to run Ciampa shoulder-first into the corner of the cage. Thatcher bends Ciampa’s hand around the steel girder but Tomasso kicks him away.

Thatcher bounces Ciampa into the cage and hits a belly-to-belly. Thatcher applies a Kimura and tries to get the tap but Ciampa wriggles free. Thatcher grabs Ciampa’s fingers and slams them into the mat. Ciampa tries to fight back but Thatcher grabs him with a sleeper hold. Ciampa can’t get away and grabs the cage, then delivers a low blow to break the hold. The referee checks on Thatcher but Ciampa drags him over the referee’s back and hits Willow’s Bell!

The referee counts but Thatcher gets to his feet at nine. Ciampa hits a running knee against the cage and looks for the Fairytale Ending but Thatcher breaks free. They trade shots in the middle of the ring, back and forth, until Thatcher backs him into the cage. Ciampa grabs him by the head and slams Thatcher into the cage, then hits the Fairytale Ending. The referee starts counting but it’s not enough for Ciampa, who grabs a sleeper and tries to make Thatcher tap. Thatcher struggles and breaks free, then applies a stretch muffler to Ciampa around the corner of the Pit and Ciampa taps!

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

That’s it for this week’s NXT. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to check out our results for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay tuned to Ringside News and stay safe!

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