Batista is an impressive man, but he’s only human. He might not play a human in Guardians Of The Galaxy, but Drax The Destroyer is currently on earth where gravity is very real.

The WWE Hall of Famer sent out a selfie on his 52nd birthday. In the caption, he said that the expectation is there that he will start drooping any day. That fear is counteracted by a lot of hard work to stay in shape. It might be a challenge, but Batista has taken those on every day of his life already.

I’m 52 today so I figured I’d post some gratuitous shirtless shots for posterity. I’m expecting everything on my body to start sagging any moment now…It’s a constant struggle. I’ve given up on above the neck but thankfully everything below the waist is holding strong and functioning properly. For now! Counting the days on that as well. Anyway without further adieu I present to you “Douchey Shirtless Selfies #52” … and on a serious note I thank god every day that I’m in good health and I’ve lived to be another year older. Especially this year. 🙏🏼Being the best me I can be. Peace,love and cheers to better days ahead. #DreamChaser

It’s good to see that Batista is doing well during this time. He has a lot of acting roles in the pipeline and will portray Drax The Destroyer once again. Until he gets to the point when his roles don’t involve so many shirtless scenes, the struggle is real for Batista and it shall continue.

H Jenkins

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