Impact Wrestling’s Hard to Kill pay-per-view is going down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live results coverage.

The main show will kick off at 8:00 PM EST and the preshow starts at 7:00 PM EST. Match by match coverage of the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions from the show in the comment below below.


They run down the matches with preview video packages.

Kenny Omega is shown in his bus with Don Callis and The Good Brothers. They hype tonight’s match against Rich Swann, Chris Sabin & Moose.


More hype and video packages for tonight after a short break.

Sami Callahan cuts a promo about his match against Eddie Edwards tonight.

Back from another short break and the Impact panel reacts to Sami’s promo he just cut.

Preshow match: Brian Myers vs. Josh Alexander

Brian Myers comes up first, followed by Josh Alexander. The match starts off with locks and holds. Josh is in control of the match early on. He connects with a dive to the outside of the ring. The two make it back into the ring where they continue to battle. Josh climbs the top rope but is tossed to the outside of the ring. We go to break.

Back from the short break and Myers is in control. They continue to do several locks and holds. They do this one spot where they both punch each other and go down. Myers actually ends up falling to the outside of the ring.

Back in the ring, Josh connects with a huge boot. Myers goes down. Josh locks in an ankle lock but Brian escapes. Myers bounces off the turnbuckle and Josh rolls him up for a two count.

Myers comes off the top rope but Josh rolls him up for a two count. Both men are up and Josh connects with some blows. Josh gets Myers down again and he has the ankle lock hold on Myers. Myers pulls down his headgear and connects with a clothesline for the win.

Ace Austin joins the pre-show panel and he’s offended that he’s not on the card. They cut Ace off and he’s not happy about it. That concluded the preshow.

Main show

Video opening package is played.

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb vs. Rosemary & Crazzy Steve

Rosemary & Crazzy Steve are out first, followed by Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb. Crazzy Steve and Kaleb start off the match. Lots of back in forth before the women are tagged in. Tenille is visibly in control. Rosemary eventually makes the tag to Crazzy Steve.

Steve comes in full force connecting with several blows. Tenille tries to distract Crazzy Steve and he chases her around the ring before he gets caught by Kaleb when getting back into the ring. Kaleb now in control, tags in Dashwood. She puts on a wristlock before tagging Kaleb back in.

Rosemary is finally tagged in. She takes control of the match before tagging Steve back in. Tenille manages to escape and tags in Kaleb. Steve gets the upper hand before Kaleb superkicks Rosemary in the face. Steve sprays Green Mist into the face of Dashwood.

Kaleb goes after Rosemary and she sprays Green Mist into his face. Crazzy Steve connects with a tornado DDT for the win.

Video package is shown for Eric Young, Deaner, and Joe Doering vs Cousin Jake, Rhino, and Tommy Dreamer.

Eric Young, Deaner, and Joe Doering vs Cousin Jake, Rhino, and Tommy Dreamer

Eric Young’s team out first followed by Cousin Jake’s team. The match starts off with seemingly everyone in the ring attacking each other. One point of the match, Dreamer hits the cutter on Eric Young. Tommy has now brought weapons into the match. Jake, Rhino and Dreamer have Deaner surrounded welding chairs but Deaner manages to get the upper hand.

Young’s team is now in control of the match. Doering breaks a kendo stick in half over his leg before going to the outside of the ring. On the outside he charges Rhino but misses and hits the ring post. Dream is inside the ring and he pours out thumb tacks in the ring before Eric Young comes at him. Dreamer drops Young into the tacks. Deaner DDT’s Rhino inside the ring. Eric Young hits a piledriver on Cousin Jake for the three count.

Backstage segment with Moose, Chris Sabin and Rich Swann. Moose says they are going to kick some ass tonight.

Knockouts Tag Team Titles: Havok and Nevaeh vs Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz are out first, followed by Havok & Nevaeh. The bell rings and all the women start attacking each other. Eventually Havok and Hogan are in the ring.

The match is all over the place. Hogan tries to pin but only gets a two count. Don’t even think they are tagging each other. Prison Rules? Havok is in control momentarily but misses a leg drop and Hogan puts her down for a two count pinfall.

Steelz is now putting the boots to Havok as she is now in control the match. Fire and Desire has Havok in the corner and they are getting the best of her. Hogan goes for the pinfall but only gets a two count. Steelz gets Havok in several headlocks as Havok struggles to make the tag. Nevaeh now in the ring and she takes control of the match.

Nevaeh gets Steelz down for the two count. Back on their feet now, Havok does a spot where she slams both women at the same time. Hogan hits a spinning neck breaker on Nevaeh to pick up the win. Nevaeh & Kiera Hogan are the new Women Tag Team Champions.

Ace Austin out now. He doesn’t have a match tonight and he’s not happy about his interview being cut at the panel before the show. Ace is demanding that he’s named the #1 contender for the X Division title and calls Scott D’Amore out.

D’Amore out now. Scott puts over Ace Austin but denies his request for an X-Division Championship match. Scott has a special opponent for him. Matt Cordova comes out!

Matt Cordova vs Ace Austin

Ace starts off the match in control. He goes to splash Matt in the corner but Matt reverses. Ace ends up putting Matt to the ground again and remains in control. Ace runs at Matt but Matt connects with a Flapjack.

Ace in the corner and Matt hits the “re-boot” on Aces. The match comes to an end when Fulton rushes the match and it ends in DQ. Matt ends up fighting him off before he hits the rough rider on Fulton. Matt wins by DQ.

Video package is show for the X Division championship match.

X Division Title: Manic vs Chris Bey vs Rohit Raju

Chris Bey is out first, followed by Rohit Raju and then Manic. Bell rings and Rohit starts off in control early on.

This match is pretty face paced but Rohit is still in control. Chris Bey has spent a lot of the time on the outside while Rohit and Manic battle inside the ring. Rohit now on the outside while Manic and Bey inside. Manic locks in a Texas Cloverleaf on Bey until Rohit rushes the ring. Rohit locks in an armbar but is tossed back to the outside.

On the outside now, Rohit powerbombs Bey into the ring apron and tosses Manic back into the ring. Back in the ring, Manik attempts to slam Rohit but Rohit unmasks Manik instead.

Bey hits a double cutter on both Manik and Rohit. Goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Manik is now on the outside of the ring while Bey and Rohit battle inside the ring.

Manik is now back in the ring and goes for a pin on Rohit but only gets a two count. All men are down. Back on their feet, Rohit connects with a kick to the face on Manik. Goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

Manik his a crucifix bomb on Bey, followed by a frog splash. Rohit rushes the ring and attempts to pin Bey but only gets a two count. Rohit locks in a crossface on Manik until Bey breaks the hold. Manik manages to rollup Rohit for the win.

Knockouts Title: Deonna Purrazzo vs Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie out first, followed by Deonna Purrazzo. The match starts off. There was a brawl outside the ring before the match and the referee ejected several people to the back.

The match finally starts and Deonna is in control early on. Deonna locks in several holds. Taya is selling injuries to her arm and leg as she starts to gain control of the match. Deonna is targeting Taya’s leg.

Taya now has Deonna’s legs locked up and curb stomps her from behind as Taya locks in a modified STF on Deonna. Deonna eventually escapes. Down on the mat now, Deonna locks in a hold with her arms tied behind her back. Taya quits. Deonna retains.

Promo is shown for Karate Man vs. Ethan Page.

Karate Man vs Ethan Page

Ethan Page and Karate Man are shown in a weird setting that is enhanced by CGI. The two exchange words before they start fighting. Ethan busts Karate Man open and he’s bleeding. The fight is on. Ethan eventually connects with an upper cut on Karate Man. Karate Man up now and says he has died a thousand deaths and will never parish.

Karate Man is now bicycle kicking Ethan Page. Karate Man rips out Ethan Page’s heart. Some 80’s style Karate music starts playing as we fade to black.

Don Callis and Moose have a backstage segment. Moose says after they win tonight he’s going after the Impact Wrestling Championship. Moose then teases that he will show up to AEW to take that championship as well.

Barbed Wire Massacre: Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan out first, followed by Eddie Edwards. This ring setup is insane.

The bell rings and the two tie up. The two exchange blows. Sami is hung up in the barbwire right off the bat. Eddie goes to the outside of the ring to secure more barbwire. Eddie wraps the barbwire around Sami’s head. This is nuts.

Sami is bleeding as the action is now going on outside the ring. Sami is now in control. Sami picks up a sheet of wood and throws it at Eddie. Sami tosses Eddie back into the ring.

Back inside the ring, Sami hangs Eddie up on the barbwire rope. Sami tries to open up Eddie more with additional barbwire while he’s trying to get up to his feet. Both men are bleeding from their faces now. Eddie tries to regain control of this match. Eddie goes for the chair wrapped in barbwire and clocks Sami with it across the back as he was attempting to get up.

Eddie slams Sami on the barbwire chair and goes for the pin. Eddie gets a two count. Eddie charges Sami but Sami side steps and Eddie goes crashing into the cage. Both men continue to battle it out before both end up on the mat struggling to get up.

Sami goes for a kendo stick wrapped in barbwire while Eddie gets a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire. The two trade weapons. Eddie wacks Sami with the Kendo stick. Eddie goes up to the top rope but Sami shoved him off and he landed on some sort of chain that is strung up across the ring.

Sami sets up some wood cross two chairs before putting Eddie up on the top rope. Sami thumbs him in the eye before piledriving him through the wood. Sami goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

Back on his feet now, Sami smashes a chair across Eddie’s back. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party on Sami. Goes for the pin but only gets a ONE count. Eddie drops Sami on the chair again. He covers him for the three count.

Kenny Omega & Good Brothers vs Rich Swann, Chris Sabin & Moose

Moose, Chris Sabin and Rich Swann out first, followed by The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega. Omega didn’t have any of his women with him tonight and Don did his ring introduction.

Sabin and Anderson start the match off. The two lock up and do a series of holds. Moose and Gallows are tagged in. The two have a big man fight off, seeing who could knock each other down first. The two exchange blows but no one goes down.

Omega and Swann are tagged in. The two go at it until everyone is in the ring at one point. Another tag is made and its now Omega and Sabin. Team Impact is in control of a lot of this match. Omega gets the upper hand and connects with a sitdown power bomb. He goes for the pin on Sabin but only gets a two count.

Everyone is now active in the ring and several spots are going down where people are getting their moves in. Moose did a standing C4 on Omega. Sabin picks up Omega for the slam and pins him but only gets a two count.

Doc Gallows is now in the ring and he kicks Sabin in the face. Gallows tags in Anderson and they continue to double team Sabin. Omega and Swann are tagged in now. The two exchange blows. Bam, Bam Bam.. They are going back in forth. Snap suplex on Swann. Omega goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

Back on their feet, Omega puts Swann on the top rope and is going for a suplex but Swann is fighting him off. Swann hits a headbutt and Moose tries to get involved. Moose picks up Omega and they connect with a Doomsday Device. Pins Omega but only got a two count. Rich Swan gets the upper hand and connects with a 450 splash but only gets a two count. Magic Killer on Swann and Omega gets the cover but only got a two count. Omega and Moose are now going at it. V-Trigger on Moose. V-Trigger on Swann. One-Wing Angle on Swann for the win.

After the match they celebrate as the show goes off the air.

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