Steve Austin is one of the few WWE Superstars to get his own custom title belt during his reign as champion. This is the kind of thing that has the possibility of rubbing people the wrong way backstage.

During an interview with Not Sam Wrestling, Steve Austin revealed the locker room’s reaction to his custom smoking skull belt. He said that it was accepted by his coworkers and nobody thought he was an asshole for having his own custom title.

“It was special. When you get that belt, it’s not about you being bigger than the business, because you’re not, but it’s pretty special and unique and doesn’t happen often, and it was accepted. The rest of the guys in the locker room, you care what they think, ‘this guy has really turned into an asshole, he’s got his own belt.’ You don’t want that. I don’t think anybody thought that.”

Steve Austin actually got two custom smoking skull belts. Click here to find out what happened to the missing silver smoking skull title.


Austin’s belt is iconic, and WWE has made a mint selling replicas as well. It didn’t rub anyone the wrong way when the company gave it to them either. If it did, then they kept that sentiment to themselves.

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