Hulk Hogan has his Hulkamaniacs, but that doesn’t mean he pays his tab after a big meal.

Dan Kroffat is a retired professional wrestler who worked for the NWA and Stampede Wrestling during the 1960’s and 1970’s. He had some dealings with Hulk Hogan that were not so pleasant, and he even witnessed The Hulkster dine and dash on one occasion.

Hannibal TV recently spoke to Dan Kroffat who spoke about a dinner experience he had with Hulk Hogan. WCW brought him in to give some advice, and he had a rather unpleasant experience with The Hulkster

“I was flown in, it was after Owen Hart’s death, he died in 1999, so I was flown in to WCW for a Monday Night Nitro and they wanted me to talk about angles. Bret Hart set that up for me and we had a meeting. I discussed some angles with them and what have you. I suggested that some of the things they could do to make the show more popular. I had a great time with Bobby Heenan, may he rest in peace as well.”


“Then we had a dinner at the end of that we went to a restaurant and Hulk Hogan was there, god it was a big table, Bret [Hart] was there. I remember sitting at the table and Hulk Hogan, he’s an interesting guy, Hulk Hogan. I’ve been around him numerous times and he’s not one of my favorite people. I just found him to be somewhat arrogant and you could tell the vanity and ego was a big piece of his personality.”

“I kinda wish I had a chance to know him better. So, I could have an opinion based around more experience, but I recall the fact that he ordered a big steak and we’re all sitting at the table and we’re all sitting at this restaurant which was closed off to the public. At the end of the dinner he just got up and walked out of the restaurant and when the bill came Mr. Hogan just got up and walked out of the restaurant and didn’t even pay his bill. I don’t even know if they ever pursued him to pay the bill, but I thought that was rather arrogant on his part.”

Dan Kroffat also said that Hulk Hogan snubbed fans and didn’t sign autographs. Kroffat didn’t have the best opinion of Hulk Hogan, but he’s not alone. CM Punk also said that his opinion of Hulk Hogan dwindled after meeting him.

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