Sting’s AEW arrival caused the entire pro wrestling world to take notice. He will be a featured part of the company’s programming after signing a multi-year deal. He will also have a variety of roles in the company according to Jim Ross.

During a recent Grilling JR, the WWE Hall of Fame announcer discussed the extent that Sting will participate in AEW. He said that Sting will be a part of the creative side as he is an on-screen character. There are a lot of possibilities, but Sting doesn’t need to wrestle every week to accomplish that.

“Having Sting coming to AEW for the first time, what’s really going on? What’s really going on is Tony Khan reached out, hired Sting to a multi year deal. He’s going to have a variety of roles, I don’t know what they are exactly but they will be in a creative capacity where he’s a character on television. There’s a lot of ways to be a character on T.V. thats been accepted by the audience nowadays that doesn’t include wrestling a match every week.”

“I don’t think anybody should wrestle a match every week. I think it’s a kiss of death, you want to keep your talent fresh and you don’t want to over expose them. There’s a lot of things Sting can do. These conspiracy theories, they’re rampant. We all thrive on this sh*t. ‘What’s the dirt?’ I don’t know. If you come back in 20 minutes I’ll create something for you.”


Sting piqued a ton of interest when he showed up on AEW Dynamite. Tons of fans tuned in to hear Tony Schiavone yell: “It’s STIIIIIING!” The Icon’s AEW debut brought a lot of questions, and Tony Khan plans on letting fans in on what he has in store one week at a time.

It’s unknown if Sting’s storyline will progress this week on Dynamite. The company changed up all of their plans for a tribute to Brodie Lee. You can check out preview of tonight’s show here.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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