This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW opened with a graphic of Brodie Lee, as the company paid tribute to the former Luke Harper. Throughout the night, several RAW Superstars also honored Lee’s memory.

However, Lee did not receive a ten-bell salute which other deceased wrestlers have received. More recently Pat Patterson received the salute. This decision did not sit well with several fans, who took to social media and complained about WWE.

Former WWE Superstar Brian Myers also showed his displeasure on Twitter.

On a recent episode of Legion of RAW, former WWE writer Vince Russo talked about Lee not getting a ten-bell salute. Russo said that he is unsure how WWE determines who gets a ten-bell salute.


Russo added that the wrestling community is very tight-knit and not just anyone could become a professional wrestler. Russo has a problem with them not doing a ten-bell salute despite it not taking much time and that every worthwhile wrestler deserves it.

No one really talks about things like this, but these are things we need to talk about, okay. How do we determine who gets a ten-bell salute and who doesn’t? That really bothers me because you always hear wrestlers talk about, ‘Oh, we are a family. We’re a fraternity. How do you decide who gets the ten-bell and who doesn’t? We know that the great Pat Patterson passed away a couple of weeks ago. Pat got the ten-bell salute. Luke Harper gets a, you know, a photo. Chyna got a photo. I never understood this.”

“This really is a tight-knit community, a fraternity. There aren’t a lot of people that can say, ‘I was a professional wrestler for a living. I made money wrestling.’ I have a problem with that it doesn’t take a long time. So, how do we decipher who gets what? This guy is worthy of a ten-bell, and that guy is not worthy? I never understood it. Just do the ten bell. Do it. If they are in the fraternity. Even if they worked for you at one time, just do it. It doesn’t take a lot of time. You can even pre-record it before the show even starts. Just roll it in and then get right into the show. But, how do you decipher who gets that and who doesn’t?”

Russo ended it by saying that life is simply too short to determine who should receive the honor and who should not. WWE should do it for everyone.

h/t to SK Wrestling for the quotes.

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