The poor ratings for WWE’s programming, especially Monday Night RAW, has been a subject of discussion in recent weeks. WWE’s flagship show received a record-low rating of 1.527 million viewers recently and that has caused the company to make some changes.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has worked in WWE for several years and knows the inner working of the company.

On the latest edition of his Grilling JR podcast, various topics were discussed. Among them, WWE’s abysmal ratings were brought up. Ross didn’t mince words as he explained the main issues that plague the company.

“They don’t have anybody hot. They have nobody that has momentum. Nobody is on the proverbial roll. You can’t start, stop, 50-50 booking, I’ll beat you with a small package and then you beat me up; how do you get any [momentum]? ‘He did the job so I have to give him something back,’ what? Bulls***. Not tonight, not now, it makes no sense. That’s 50-50 booking. You can’t have it both ways. Do you want the people to be happy or sad? Do you want them angry or do you want them laughing? ‘Well I want them both,’ well then, you’re an idiot! You can’t have that.”


WWE will be holding a special episode of RAW called RAW Legends Night on January 4th, 2021. We will have to see if it will help with the show’s dwindling ratings.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quote.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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