Brodie Lee passed away, and the pro wrestling world is still in mourning. Big E lost a friend, and he recently disclosed a moment he had with Brodie Lee as they cried after George Floyd’s murder. Big E followed that up with another tweet which shared what he hopes we can all learn from losing Lee.

Big E said that he has cried with many men saying “I love you” in the past two days. This is an incredibly sad time as they remember Brodie Lee, and they are in such pain after losing such a kind man. Perhaps this could help do away with so much callousness.

I cried with so many grown men as we told each other “I love you” the last two days. This industry can be dark and callous but it can also be beautiful & resilient. I hope losing Brodie gives us something great & meaningful.

Big E later tweeted out a little joke about how Brodie Lee’s appearance always gave off the opposite impression from the man he really was. This was followed by E saying that he has reached a humorous stage of the grieving process.


If I didn’t know him, I’d think, “What a beautiful panhandler!”

(I’ve reached the “laugh to keep from crying” stage of grief.)

Our thoughts are with everyone in this situation. Brodie Lee’s loss has affected an entire industry. WWE and AEW were retweeting memories about Brodie Lee all day regardless of brand lines. Perhaps this terrible loss will help bring people together. His memory should be defined by something massive, because Brodie Lee deserves it.

Felix Upton

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