Dana Brooke’s career has been full of several brief periods where she received a bigger spotlight only to have it taken away. This fact is not lost on her at all.

WWE placed Brooke against Ronda Rousey for a short angle. Brooke also received a spot at Survivor Series this year, but it was taken away.

While speaking with Chasing Glory, Dana Brooke broke down her stop/start pushes in WWE. It makes her emotional because she hates stopping her momentum so suddenly. WWE tends to do that, and she knows that all too well.

“It makes me really emotional because I know I can do this and I hate the start, stop, right? I hate it because it goes deep, it makes me excited. What am I excited for if it’s always a start and stop? Why can’t I go? Why can’t I run with something? Why can’t I just go out there and show the world, show people [backstage] that I can do this? It’s always start, stop. ‘Oh, you wanna do Titus Worldwide and be a statistician?’ Okay, I never complain, I never ask for things. I just always do what is asked of me thinking that I’ll get somewhere and then it’s like no and then going out there and cutting a heartfelt promo to the fans with Ronda Rousey. I was like, ‘Wow, this is everything’ which was a great opportunity, but then I was injured and then not being able to perform and carry that story anymore. Like you said, just sitting at the sidelines and being like, ‘Alright, maybe another time. Maybe another time will come.’”


“And I’m such a team player and I’m such a WWE girl that anything I do, everywhere I possibly go in the public’s eye, any interviews that I’m doing, I try to do things as far as talk about how good this company is in general as doing the outside community work with them and always trying to put WWE on a platform and it’s like, ‘But what I am getting from [it]?’ I’m trying to be the best possible person I can be but there’s nothing behind me to drive me to the next point and being with Mandy [Rose], it’s like I hope and I pray but at this point, it’s like I try not to get my hopes up.”

Dana Brooke is more than ready for any opportunity in WWE. She recently found herself in a brief feud against Retribution’s Reckoning where she won their match. Now we’ll have to see what’s next for Brooke and her Flex Appeal on WWE television.

Outside of WWE, Brooke recently signed with new talent agency. She is obviously making moves to establish her brand without any stop/start pushes planned for that endeavor.

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